We have brought you the Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Guide which has some of the best tips and tricks for you.

The free-to-play Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is a modified version of the franchise’s previous games. It offers players a new story that can be experienced on their mobile devices. Collect your favourite characters from the series to create the most powerful hero team ever. Play multiplayer quests with your friends for a chance to win incredible prizes.

If you are new to the game or even have some experience, you will need some tips to have a better gaming experience. In our Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia guide, we have some of the best tips and tricks that will help you in the game. Therefore, without wasting any time, read the guide below.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Guide: Support Items

The Relic of All Knowledge, the Book of Treasure, the Book of Fortune, and the Book of Training are some of the support items in Dissidia Final Fantay: Opera Omnia. Each of these items will start a 30-minute timer to indicate their effects. You should complete all of your other tasks before enabling any of the support items to get the most out of them.

Use Auto Equip

You will have a variety of equipment to choose from in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. It’s pointless to go through each piece of equipment one by one to determine which is superior. It is not necessary for you to waste your time on it. Don’t worry, the game’s equipment selections are always reliable. The game has a useful Auto Equip feature that instantly equips your characters with the best gear.

Complete daily missions

If you have a good team, then it’ll only be a matter of completing your daily tasks. Since the game provides a variety of player missions and events, you can find out what the various quests are for the day under the Missions tab. Make sure that you collect your Daily Login reward as well.

Final Fantasy Opera Omnia gameplay
Final Fantasy Opera Omnia gameplay (YouTube)
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Focus on the map

By progressing through the story you’ll unlock more areas of the map. Once you’ve accomplished that you’ll find side quests to accompany the main narrative. Don’t hesitate to complete everything on the map. You’ll get more experience with your characters, and you can receive new characters as well.

Streamlining the main storyline will work if that’s all you care about, but using every tool at your disposal is extremely worthwhile. So if there’s an icon on the map you haven’t seen yet, explore it and see what happens.

Hard Mode

If you complete a chapter, you’ll be able to unlock the Hard Mode for levels. The battles will be harder, but you’ll earn more experience. If you farm in this mode, you can advance your party level faster – the higher your party level, the higher your total rank will be, and the more rewards you will receive.

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Final Fantasy is incomplete without summons, so the game gives you a Chocobo summon when you are introduced to the system. Afterward, you will be free to choose one on your own. It is recommended to choose Sylph since he is capable of restoring 300 HP/Bravery to your party, which will be extremely useful while you learn all the ropes. You can use different combinations with your team as your summons become more abundant. They all have different effects, so your best choice will depend on your team composition.

Dissidia gameplay
Final Fantasy Opera Omnia gameplay (YouTube)

Bravery Points/Break/Attack

You can gradually reduce the amount of Bravery Points that your enemies have by using Bravery Attacks. In order to trigger a Bravery Break, try to bring their points to zero. Your own heroes will be able to deal more damage by using HP Attacks once you earn more Bravery Points. When you start out, you have a lot of simple enemies. When you advance, the enemies become more difficult, so focusing on one at a time can be a great advantage. In later levels, you will need to figure out when you should distribute Bravery Attacks among the enemy party members.

Event Quests

Event quests are Seasonal quests, that occur every so often. You cannot take these quests lightly as they can surprise you at any time. They are every bit as challenging as Hard Mode, if not more, so be sure you are prepared before embarking on them. 

Dissidia gameplay
Final Fantasy Opera Omnia gameplay (YouTube)
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Invite characters

Several different types of Support Fighters can be selected by players for use in battles. Support Fighters help others during battle by inviting other players’ characters. When starting out, you will find it useful to look for the strongest player and choose them. Having Support Fighters on your side will allow you to progress through many early battles. 

You can see the enemy information

You can check your opponent’s information in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia before the game begins, so before picking your own party, you will know their strengths and weaknesses. Your roster will eventually include dozens of heroes, so you can choose characters that will expose your opponents’ weaknesses. 

So, this was everything you need to know from our Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia guide. If you follow all these tips and tricks, it will definitely help you in the game to progress.

Final Fantasy Opera Omnia gameplay
Final Fantasy Opera Omnia gameplay (YouTube)

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