Alchemy Stars Tier List – Best Characters in the Game (July 2023)

We have brought you the Alchemy Stars Tier List that will tell you who are the best characters in the game right now that you can choose from.

Alchemy Stars allows players to assemble teams of five characters (Aurorians), each representing a different element. Turn-based combat stages feature players guiding a character along pathways connecting as many connecting tiles of the same element as possible. The attack powers of the characters increase with the length of the path. 

In addition to changing the elements of tiles, teleporting, and healing, characters can also activate abilities to influence the battlefield. Players can also interact with their characters, build up a base, and level up their characters outside of combat. However, you will need the best and the strongest characters in your team in order to win. How will you know who is the best, and who is an average character in Alchemy Stars? Do not worry, our Alchemy Stars tier list is just for you. 

Alchemy Stars Tier List 

You’ll know who the best characters in the game are because our tier list divides them from S rank to C rank. This is based on their overall performance in the game. Without a doubt, the S rank characters are the best in the game. Take a quick look at the tier list for the best characters below.

The characters have different elements so we have divided the tier list according to their elements so that you can understand it in a better way.

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Alchemy Stars Tier List: Fire

  • Rouge (S)
  • Novio (S)
  • Sinsa (S)
  • Eicy (S)
  • Jona (S)
  • Charon (S)
  • Uriel (S)
  • Victoria (S)
  • Frostfire (S)
  • Smokey (S)
  • Gram (S)
  • Genevieve (S)
  • Cordy (A)
  • Barbara (A)
  • Faust (A)
  • Istvan (A)
  • Maggie (A)
  • Brock (A)
  • Patty & Patsy (A)
  • Nails (A)
  • Tiny One (A)
  • Momo & Anzu (B)
  • Brock (B)
  • Chandra (B)
  • Regina (B)
  • Leona (B)
  • Alice (B)
  • Reggie (B)
  • Chainsaw Rick (C)
  • Joanie (C)
  • Sork & Bekk (C)
  • Pepi (C)
  • Joanie Boom (C)
  • Benny & Curo (C)
  • Taki (C)
Alchemy stars
Alchemy stars (YouTube)

Alchemy Stars Tier List: Forest

  • Yao (S)
  • Siobhan (S)
  • Nikinis (S)
  • Pact (S)
  • Sikare (S)
  • Odi (S)
  • Areia (S)
  • Hiiro (S)
  • Migard (S)
  • Mythos (S)
  • Beryl (S)
  • Pasolo (S)
  • Uriah (S)
  • Louise (S)
  • Robyn (A)
  • Sylva (A)
  • Cuscuta (A)
  • Dawn (A)
  • Wendy (A)
  • Gabriel (A)
  • Lester (B)
  • Clover (B)
  • Dove (B)
  • Jola (B)
  • Ophina (B)
  • Jomu (C)
  • Leah (C)

Alchemy Stars Tier List: Thunder

  • Florine (S)
  • Tessa (S)
  • Beverly (S)
  • Revy (S)
  • Eve (S)
  • Beverly (S)
  • Gronru (S)
  • Irridon (S)
  • Michael (S)
  • Wrath (S)
  • Bonacie (S)
  • Luke (S)
  • Amemori (S)
  • Erica (A)
  • Dayna (A)
  • Schwartz (A)
  • Mia (A)
  • Nemesis (A)
  • Vivian (A)
  • Kafka (A)
  • Pittman (A)
  • Ansia (B)
  • Lilliam (B)
  • Nadine (B)
  • Rabbie (B)
  • Keating (B)
  • Hachi & Gin (B)
  • Eho (C)
  • Amy (C)
  • Angel (C)
  • Unimet (C)
Alchemy Stars
Alchemy Stars (YouTube)

Alchemy Stars Tier List: Water

  • Regal (S)
  • Barton (S)
  • Bethel (S)
  • Raphael (S)
  • Sharona (S)
  • Carleen (S)
  • Chloe (S)
  • Bethlehem (S)
  • Sariel (S)
  • Fleur (S)
  • Bethlehem (S)
  • Kleken (S)
  • Philyshy (S)
  • Allura (A)
  • Kuma & Pengy (A)
  • Hydrad (A)
  • Vice (A)
  • Constantine (B)
  • Tweety (B)
  • Jane (B)
  • Michenny (B)
  • Ms.Blanc (B)
  • Noah (B)
  • Connolly (B)
  • Corax (C)
  • Korgon (C)
  • White Dwarf (C)
  • Zoya (C)
  • Seleucid (C)

The tier list you’ve been looking for is above. Our character tier list ranks them according to their overall game power. It’s not necessary that these characters are a perfect match for you. It’s possible that the situation is reversed. As a result, it’s best to try out different characters and see which ones work best for you. The list’s purpose is to show you who is currently the game’s most powerful character. You can experiment with different characters at any time.

Gronru (YouTube)

Best Characters in Alchemy Stars

You can decide on the best characters on your own by looking at the tier list. However, if you ask us, we feel Sharona (Water), Charon (Fire), Migard (Forest), and Michael (Thunder) are the best you can try out with. 

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