Genshin Impact Lisa Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks

We have brought you the Genshin Impact Lisa Guide which has some of the best tips and tricks to help you understand her even more. 

Lisa is a Knights of Favonius librarian and a very intelligent witch who always knows what to do when trouble arises. She enjoys sleeping and manages to stay calm and in control at the same time. Despite the fact that her Vision provided her with the information she desired, the gods failed to explain the cost, and she began to fear the truth. Her haphazard, carefree demeanor resulted from this.

She became increasingly paranoid due to this and left Sumeru for fear that she was paying too much for knowledge, relegating herself to library categorization and administration, and refusing to take on any other duties unless it was essential. Black gloves with pale purple trim, a large witch hat, black lace stockings, and black high heels compliment her purple and white dress with open slits at the sides and gold embroidery. An earring hangs from the left ear. Additionally, her Vision is attached to her dress’ collar with a gold necklace.

Lisa gameplay
Lisa gameplay (YouTube)
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If you want to know more about this character, then read our Genshin Impact Lisa Guide below as it has some great tips and tricks for you. 

Genshin Impact Lisa Guide: Elemental Skill

Violet Arc is Lisa’s elemental skill. Upon tapping, she releases a lightning orb that deals Electro damage to its target, as well as a stack of Conductive damage. You deal massive electro damage to nearby enemies when you hold to attack, and more damage based on how many stacks of conductive you have on those getting hit.

Genshin Impact Lisa Guide: Elemental Burst

Lightning Rose is Lisa’’s elemental burst. In this, she deals electro damage to the enemies around her and also summons lightning rose. This lightning rose will periodically launch enemies for electro damage.

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Best weapon for Lisa

Skyward Atlas is a fantastic choice for Lisa. Why? Because it increases the elemental damage bonus by 12% and gives the normal attack a 50% chance. This will allow you to attack for 15 seconds and deal 160 percent attack damage to your opponents. Remember that it can happen once every 30 seconds.

Lisa gameplay
Lisa gameplay (YouTube)

What artifact should you go with?

If you’re trying to push her to a more supportive role, Noblesse Oblige is a great fit to maximize Lisa’s burst damage. Otherwise, Instructors or Exiles are equally effective in maximizing utility and Lisa’s Elemental Burst frequency.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the latter two sets, make sure you prioritize Energy Recharge – you want her Burst to appear as often as possible.

Lightning Rose is the best option

Now you already know that the best you can use is the Lightning Rose. An elemental burst is an amazing option and you can use it against the enemies that will definitely give you an upper hand in combat. Stacking up Violet Arc’s shocked status on as many priority targets as possible will maximize Lisa’s burst and DPS. 

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Use Constellation 4

As Plasma Eruption C4 increases her Elemental Burst’s lightning bolts by 1-3, it’s considered a good stopping point. So, this is a great option when there are more enemies around you. The C3 and C4 will increase the level of the elemental burst and elemental skill by 3 respectively. However, it does not give a massive change.

Genshin Impact Lisa
Genshin Impact Lisa (YouTube)

Her Passive talents are great

Although her stats aren’t the best, her passive abilities make up for it. In addition to crafting potions, she has a 20% chance of refunding the materials used. The potions increase your resistance to certain elements and buff your levels of Elemental damage.

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Best characters to pair with Lisa

  • Kaeya
  • Barbara
  • Noelle 
  • Sucrose
  • Mona

Hit the three-stack shocked status

With three Shocked stacks in AoE at Level 6, you’re looking at 682 percent of your attack damage going to enemies. Violet Arc has absurd attack scaling that’s why you want to hit three stacks. Combined with Lightning Rose and Static Electricity Fields that debuff enemies’ defenses by 15%, you can wipe the field clean pretty quickly.

Increase her damage

Sands and Circlets can have ATK% as the main stat since her attacks are based on her Attack stat. In order to amp up her damage, you can use an Electro damage goblet. This will add some additional damage as well.

So, this is all you need to know from our Genshin Impact Lisa guide. Follow the tips and tricks so that you can use Lisa at her full potential in the game. 

Lisa gameplay
Lisa gameplay (YouTube)

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