Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Beginner’s Guide

Here is a Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Beginner’s Guide for those of you who love battle royale games as well.

The First Soldier is not only a significant step forward for the whole Final Fantasy brand, but it is also the company’s first foray into the mobile battle royale industry. As a result, they have achieved considerable success because this game has gained a cult following among gamers. It’s frequently used as a stand-in for ordinary Final Fantasy games with an RPG concept. 

This game is a unique fusion of fantasy features and traditional battle royale aspects, which they’ve melded together to create a battle royale that’s unlike any other. This is definitely one of the more unique approaches to the mobile battle royale scene that we’ve seen so far. It also presents us with a unique style and mix of battle options and battle types that you can explore further and decide which style you want to play! 

We’ve put up this Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier beginner’s guide to help you get started, as well as a number of tips and techniques to help you get the most out of your game.

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The First Soldier Beginner’s Guide: Gain experience

Playing on the unranked maps and gaining experience is advised for genuine games. In your early games, we encourage jumping in with other players to become acquainted with the fast-paced action. You’ll undoubtedly die a lot, but compared to the alternative of lurking on the periphery, you’ll learn about the many possibilities accessible to you far faster. 

Grab a Chocobo if you see one on the road. These mobile birds may be utilized to kill people with a quick kick assault, in addition to providing you with a second health bar. You will be knocked down temporarily if your Chocobo is defeated, but you will not be eliminated from the game. 

If you come across Cure Materia, make it a habit to store it and learn how to utilize it efficiently. Cast it when you’re hidden because the casting animation makes you a lot easier to spot. We also suggest having a utility Materia on hands, such as Blind, Aero, or Gravity. Probably the most effective damage-dealing Materia is Blizzard because it auto-targets anyone nearby.

The First Soldier Beginner’s Guide: Weapons

The First Soldier Beginner's Guide
Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier (Image credit: Final Fantasy)

As soon as you drop into Midgar, you will only be able to use melee weapons. To succeed in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, you must search around the map for better weapons and gear, but you must know how much you can carry in your inventory. The assault rifle is the recommended firearm in addition to your melee weapon, so you can carry a second weapon that you feel comfortable with as well. 

The weapons available to you include snipers, sub-machine guns, shotguns, and pistols with high power. With the over-the-shoulder camera, you can shoot down gun sights, even though it’s third-person. You can carry three Materia when it comes to using magic. Magic may be extremely powerful, but it can also be quite harmful if used improperly. 

In Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, there is friendly fire and self-fire, so target your fireballs and lightning strikes carefully. The cure is a great item to have on hand because you can use it a limitless number of times if you have adequate MP. You can carry three Potions of each type for healing.

The First Soldier Beginner’s Guide: Shooting methods

The First Soldier Beginner's Guide
Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier (Image credit: Final Fantasy)

Some Final Fantasy VII veterans may find the use of machine guns in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier uncomfortable at first, but that discomfort will fade soon. Long-range weaponry, such as guns, will be essential to winning the 75-player conflict. In the game, you may pick between three distinct firing methods:

  • Autofire: When your crosshair is on a target, it will automatically fire.
  • Fire Button Floats on the Screen: The fire button floats on the screen and follows the camera.
  • Fixed Fire: A fixed placement for the fire button.

We advocate utilizing Auto Fire regardless of whether you’re a novice or a seasoned gamer. It’s difficult enough to aim at a mobile device, let alone click to shoot unless you’re using an associated controller. Auto Fire allows you to focus just on aiming while the game takes care of the rest. Your gun will hit its target as long as the crosshair is on the adversary.

The First Soldier Beginner’s Guide: Searching for Loot

The First Soldier Beginner's Guide
Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier (Image credit: Final Fantasy)

After landing in Midgar, it’s a mad dash for better weapons and gear. It’s always a good idea to choose parts of the map where most people won’t land so you may pillage freely without worrying about being assaulted. Chests, supply drops, and death boxes all include loot (the remains of fallen enemies). When it’s close, the center reticle on your screen will begin to glow a chest icon, so keep an eye on it.

A supply drop will be announced in-game, so plan accordingly. When a drop lands, looting can start quickly or you can use it to trap unsuspecting soldiers. You can also upgrade weapons and purchase items from vending machines in addition to finding loot. The vending machines here are the same ones that appear in Final Fantasy VII Remake, so those who played that game will recognize them. Gil is collected by beating enemies, monsters, or by opening chests, which is the way you can buy items and weapons from the vending machines.

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Additional tips

Additional tips
Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier (Image credit: Final Fantasy)
  • Vehicles that are not Chocobo should not be used. These are not only loud, but they also display a notification when you approach, providing gamers an advantage. If you are very far from the safe zone and will not be able to get it before the Mako Gas reaches you, this rule does not apply.
  • Make sure that any athlete tries out all of the different styles before committing to one. Because unlocking skills is a time-consuming procedure, players must be certain that they truly want to play that style before spending.
  • In this game, movement and positioning are huge advantages that anyone may have! As a result, they must keep the high ground and roam around when performing any task. Do not remain still.
  • When you’re not fighting other players, you may raise your level by killing monsters! Players must, however, avoid becoming trapped in the middle of monster combat, since this will make them an easy target for other players. As a result, if there are any signs of other players around, flee.

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