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Demon’s Souls includes a plethora of playable classes that may be selected at the start of the game when creating a character. Whether a player decides to be a Thief or a Wanderer, class limits in Demon’s Souls are quite lax. The only significant distinction between classes is their starting equipment and stats. 

Choosing the appropriate class at the start, on the other hand, will launch a player into the game faster than if they spend time finding out their preferred playstyle. When first starting out in the game, it’s best to stick to the basic classes, while more proficient players may make excellent use of more specialized classes as well.

Demon’s Souls class guide: Priest

priest class
Demon’s Souls Classes (Image credit: Sony)

The Priest begins with good damage, as well as the necessary gear and Faith to perform the healing miracle. Because of the high Faith, many players base their characters on it, as well as weapons that scale damage with it. That includes employing sanctified weapons, such as the Blessed Mace +1 found early on in the Valley of Defilement region.

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Demon’s Souls class: Royalty 

royalty class
Demon’s Souls Classes (Image credit: Sony)

The Royalty class, or Royal, is sometimes referred to as the ‘easy’ class. Usually by folks who have played the game multiple times and have forgotten they have to start someplace. The biggest advantage is that they begin with a ranged magic strike called Soul Arrow. Due to the lack of established classes in Demon’s Souls, you can easily construct a proficient fighter in the pattern of a battle mage. If you level them up in that manner, especially if you employ weapons that cause magical damage.

While it takes time to wind up, the bulk of early foes may be one-shotted with Soul Arrow. Royals also start with the Fragrant Ring, which recharges the MP power used by magic, removing the need for consumables. They also receive the Silver Catalyst (similar to a magic wand) and Silver Coronet, both of which increase maximum MP. The disadvantage is that they start with limited health and stamina. 

However, because they begin at Soul Level 1, you may level up and adjust the build for less money, as the cost of boosting a stat increases with Soul Level. Other builds may have better health at the start, but they will also have a higher level, therefore leveling up will be more expensive.

Demon’s Souls class guide: Temple Knight

temple knight class
Demon’s Souls Classes (Image credit: Sony)

The major benefit of the Temple Knight class is that it comes with some strong armor as well as the heal miracle and the talisman required to perform it. This allows you to regenerate health anywhere you choose as long as you have enough MP to cast it, as well as giving you early access to miracles in general. 

Rather than attacking foes, this is a more utility-focused style of magic that benefits the player or transforms the world. It also comes with and can utilize the Meridian Set of armor, which will go you almost the entire way through the game but is heavier than the Fluted Set the Knight receives.

This class isn’t quite as well-rounded as the normal Knight, with somewhat lower Intelligence and Magic – which it balances with one of the strongest Faith values in the game. Its beginning weapon, the long, pokey Halberd, is perfect for cautious rookie players who want to keep their distance, but it may pose issues in confined locations where you don’t have enough room to swing it.

Demon’s Souls class: Thief

Demon’s Souls Classes (Image credit: Sony)

Because of its poor starting damage and protection, this is one of the most difficult builds to learn. This class is designed to rely on ripostes and backstabs for additional damage, as well as the bleeding effect of daggers, rather than direct assaults. It implies you’ll need some significant talents to employ a thief well, which is why many return players see it as a “challenge.”

Demon’s Souls class: Knight

Demon’s Souls Classes (Image credit: Sony)

The major advantage of the Knight class is a set of well-rounded stats. It doesn’t shine in any one area, but it does provide several useful starting skills without requiring you to pay souls to level up. Choosing this option will allow you to immediately handle several heavier weapons and armors. It also has the Fluted Set armor, which, when paired with a high physical defense number, means you can take a beating right away. If you have a good magic stat, that is also a possibility if you have the necessary equipment.

Knights start with decent all-around stats, armor, shield, and sword, making them a solid overall starting that can take a hammering, dole it out, and hopefully live long enough to be molded into anything you wish. If you desire a class with different gear or more specialized beginning stats, don’t allow the Fluted Set armor to be a deal-breaker for you. This class has one of the lowest luck values, which means you may miss out on item drops.

Demon’s Souls classes: Magician

Demon's Souls Classes
Demon’s Souls Classes (Image credit: Sony)

Many believe the Magician class to be one of the most difficult classes to begin within Demon’s Souls. It has low numbers in almost every category except Magic and Intelligence, making it very soft throughout most of the game.

What the Magician loses in survivability, it makes up for with spell access. It all begins with the Flame Toss attack and the Water Veil self-buff, as well as the Short Sword, Leather Shield, Wooden Catalyst, and Wizard’s Armor set.

Demon’s Souls classes: Soldier

Demon's Souls Classes
Demon’s Souls Classes (Image credit: Sony)

In Demon’s Souls, the Soldier class is a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. It starts with average stats, a Broad Sword, Short Spear, and Soldier’s Shield, as well as a Plate armor set, and physical stats that are greater than magical numbers. The Soldier class has few drawbacks other than the fact that it isn’t particularly engaging. It’ll get you through the game, but it’ll be a little mundane for the first several hours.

Demon’s Souls class guide: Wanderer

Demon's Souls Classes
Demon’s Souls Classes (Image credit: Sony)

The Wanderer class is quite similar to the Thief class, except that it has a greater Dexterity stat instead of access to Magic skills. It all starts with a fast-swinging Falchion and Dagger, followed by a Wooden Shield, Leather Armor, and even a pair of Hard Leather Boots.

Demon’s Souls class guide: Barbarian

Demon's Souls Classes
Demon’s Souls Classes (Image credit: Sony)

Some Demon’s Souls fans see the Barbarian class as the game’s “deficient” class. As there is no class that begins with nothing, the Barbarian comes the closest in Demon’s Souls, beginning with only a club and a wooden shield.

The Barbarian, on the other hand, has the greatest Strength of any beginning class in the game. Barbarians are brutally destructive characters when coupled with Two-Handed weapons like Greatswords. Unfortunately, their lack of armor causes them to be squishy at the start of the game.

Demon’s Souls Classes: Hunter

Demon's Souls Classes
Demon’s Souls Classes (Image credit: Sony)

In Demon’s Souls, the Hunter class is similar to a ranger in that it has access to both close combat and ranged combat weaponry. The Battle Axe is a powerful one-handed weapon, while the Long Bow grants the Hunter access to ranged physical damage before any other class. It has minimal access to magic or miracles, but it compensates with outstanding fighting stats like strength and agility, as well as a very high luck score.

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