Final Fantasy XIV different classes and playstyle

The FFXIV classes and playstyle will affect the storyline as well as your multiplayer experience.

In every MMORPG, finding your role and playing style is crucial. Even if all the characters can be categorized into three categories (DPS, tank, and healer), there are still considerable variances between them. They frequently express themselves in purely mechanical components of the game, such as combinations and special abilities. They do, however, have a significant aesthetic influence. The design of armors and weapons, as well as ability animations, may all contribute to a fantastic theme for each character.

FFXIV advanced character classes are Jobs. After attaining level 30 in the respective class, players can access the original ones. The occupations that were added later (in expansions) to the game need a significant amount of advancement in the Main Story Quest. Final Fantasy XIV has a unique employment structure. 

On a single character, you may level all the classes and occupations, then freely switch between them by equipping different weapons. Final Fantasy XIV has far fewer negative effects of misclassing than most other MMORPGs. Below is a breakdown of FFXIV classes and playstyle.

FFXIV Classes and Playstyle

The classes you have access to at the start of the game serve as a primer for the many roles you’ll play in the game: tank, healer, or damage dealer (DPS).

These three characters play crucial roles in the game’s multiplayer mode. When you’re playing dungeons, trials, or raids, you’ll be partnered up with other players according to which role you’re performing. Dungeons, for example, need a healer, a tank, and two DPS players. These three archetypes apply to all the game’s many classes and occupations.

Symbols representing tanks are blue. In dungeons, they lead the assault by absorbing the brunt of enemy blows. They battle at the front of the group like live shields. They can defend themselves with formidable armor and spells. While they can have the ability to hit powerfully, their primary objective is to endure enemy attacks so that healers and DPS can accomplish their tasks.

Character symbols for healers are green. They provide backline assistance for the party by casting spells that replenish health or offer vital shields. They can deal considerable damage on their own with magical strikes, but they usually serve as the team’s rescuers. Healers may also remove bad effects that adversaries have placed on their party, and some can even resurrect party members who have been knocked out.

Character icons for DPS characters are red. These damage dealers use weapons or magic to attack at close range or from afar. Their main purpose is to annihilate adversaries with devastating strikes. Some are better at doing massive damage to a single enemy, while others can take on several foes at once. While the rest of the team relies on them to eliminate all the opponents in their way, DPS characters require tanks and healers to stay alive.

FFXIV Classes and Playstyle: Tanks

Final Fantasy XIV (Image credit: FFXIV on Steam)

Consider one of the four tank jobs: Warrior, Dark Knight, Gunbreaker, or Paladin if you want to lead the charge in battle.


Warriors are formidable brutes who are difficult to defeat. They are ferocious fighters that cut their foes with enormous axes. Their combat style consists of hard-hitting techniques that get even more powerful when they gain abilities that increase their strength. They feature excellent healing and sustaining abilities, as well as a large burst damage window that allows you to slash down adversaries with ferocity. If you’re seeking an outnumbered and able to withstand attacks, warriors are a splendid option. Warrior can only be played after being a Marauder and leveling them up to level 30.

Dark Knight

Dark Knights are the polar opposite of Paladins, being dark, moody, and armed with enormous swords. To gain power, their combat style emphasizes maintaining pressure on foes using darkness-infused physical and magical strikes. The Blackest Night, which places a large shield over a party member and is one of the finest types of mitigation in the game, is one of Dark Knight’s most well-known abilities. It doesn’t have as many talents to restore HP as the other tanks, therefore it’s often seen as the “selfish” tank. Dark Knights are ideal for gamers that desire to play as a well-rounded and edgy tank.


Gunbreakers are tanks with a more complex moveset that resembles that of a DPS character. They battle with a gunblade, which is, as you might expect, a sword that can fire bullets. The purpose of combos in this profession is to collect resources and perform even more combos. This is the job for you if you enjoy weaving. Gunbreakers are an excellent choice for gamers that want to play a tank but desire a more engaging playstyle than their peers.

FFXIV Classes and Playstyle: Healer

Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy XIV (Image credit: FFXIV on Steam)

Consider playing a healer if you wish to be the magical backbone of your group, keeping everyone alive. The job has four responsibilities: Sage, White Mage, Astrologian, and Scholar.


Sages heal and shield their companions with magical, floating laser-shooting rifles. You’ll choose a party member to be your focus with Kardia, and that party member will heal as you perform damage-dealing abilities. Sage is a great choice for someone who likes to cause more harm than good. (However, you should still keep an eye on your HP and heal!) You’ll need the Endwalker expansion and a level 70 character to play as a Sage.

White Mage

White Mages in Final Fantasy XIV suit the traditional image of a healer in most other games. They wield their canes to perform healing magic on comrades and pull upon nature to strike adversaries. With various spells, they may heal their allies in big spurts or over time. Their lily system allows them to repair massive quantities of harm while simultaneously healing massive amounts of health. They are good options to defend your group. First, you must level up to level 30 of the Conjurer class before you can become a White Mage.


Astrologers are healers that help their team using magic and unique cards. They use their skills to restore health over time. They can also use cards from a deck to cast powerful bonuses for their party. Buffs should be distributed wisely and effectively since various cards boost different roles. Astrologians are ideal for healers who wish to be able to help their party in a variety of ways. You’ll need the Heavensward expansion and a level 50 character to play as an Astrologian.


Scholars are special healers with the ability to conjure fairies to aid the squad. A Scholar’s companion supports them by utilizing their talents to protect the group, in addition to casting healing abilities and lifesaving shields for the party. To keep shields up, you must control both your fairy and yourself.

Scholars are ideal for gamers who enjoy the concept of having a summoned ally provide passive support. To play as a Scholar, you must first level up as a DPS Arcanist, then convert to the Scholar healer job when you reach level 30.

FFXIV Classes and Playstyle: Physical Ranged DPS

FFXIV Classes and Playstyle
Final Fantasy XIV (Image credit: FFXIV on Steam)

A physically ranged DPS character’s primary purpose is to deal damage, but they also possess abilities that support their party members.


Machinists employ technology to inflict massive amounts of devastation. They may fire firearms at their opponents and send numerous automatons to battle with them. Though, their support for their party may not be as high as other physically ranged DPS heroes. They summon a strong robot to do more damage to compensate. Machinists must also perform a lot of skill weaving to get their high damage numbers. 

Machinists are an excellent choice for gamers who wish to battle alongside a robot. You must own the Heavensward expansion and have a character leveled up to 50 to play as a Machinist.


Dancers are elegant combatants who battle using dance skills. While their skills aren’t as powerful as those of other physical ranged DPS, they can choose a “dancing partner” to boost their damage output. Their battle style is rhythmic, and to perform their most essential skills, you must hit precise buttons in a specific order.

Dancers are ideal for gamers who prefer a fighting style that is both engaging and useful for their whole group. You’ll need the Shadow bringers expansion and a level 60 character to play as a Dancer.

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Bards amplify their skills by utilizing the power of song. Their bows can strike adversaries and play melodies that enhance their abilities and help their group become stronger. They use poisons and wind bites to harm their enemies, and their varied songs can help their party during a fight. Bards are ideal for players who desire to add to their party’s fighting capabilities while yet being mobile. To play as a Bard, you must first reach Lv. 30 in the Archer class.

FFXIV Classes and Playstyle: Melee DPS

FFXIV Classes and Playstyle
Final Fantasy XIV (Image credit: FFXIV on Steam)

Choose one of the four melee DPS classes: Monk, Dragoon, Ninja, or Samurai if you want to deal damage up close and personal. Players of melee DPS characters have one advantage over others: their positional abilities. There are certain angles from which each of these jobs’ attacks is most effective, for example from behind.


Monks are live weapons that battle directly in front of their foes. They employ martial arts to kick and punch their opponents and inflict injury. Because most of their powers have positionals, monks must move a lot. It does damage in a variety of forms and combinations. Monks are ideal for gamers that desire a combat style that involves a lot of mobility and combinations.


Dragoons are damage dealers who soar high in the air. They stab adversaries with their polearms and may fly through the air with jumping assaults that impale foes. Their fighting strategy centers on a limited number of combos and positionals, with specific buffs allowing you to improve your abilities. They’re famed for their leaping powers, which cause them to leap toward the opponent. Dragoons are ideal for those looking for a simple yet strong job.


Ninjas use magical techniques to enhance their strikes and do more harm. Their ninjutsu talents allow them to mix and blend various seal jutsus to vanquish adversaries with a variety of strikes and close-range spells. To master all of their techniques, players must remember how to combine diverse powers, which may either terrify or thrill them. Ninjas are ideal for gamers that seek a fighting style that is both involved and adaptable, with a wide range of possibilities. To become a Ninja, you must first reach level 30 in the Rogue class.


Samurais are formidable combatants who use heavy weapons. They wield katanas that do huge amounts of damage to single targets, as well as a few area-of-effect attacks. Their combat strategy is to accumulate resources through a variety of combinations and use various amounts to execute numerous special strikes. Players that wish to deal a lot of harm should use samurais. To play as a Samurai, you’ll need the Heavensward expansion and a level 50 character.

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As well as wielding a scythe, Reaper summons a demonic avatar to assist in combat. You will need to manage buff stacks, a resource bar, and your avatar to be successful in Reaper. Their movement ability is unique as well, being able to move through portals they create. For players who like to manage a wide range of combos and resources, reapers are great. To play as the Reaper, you must have the Endwalker expansion and a job Lv.70.

FFXIV Classes and Playstyle: Magic Ranged DPS

FFXIV Classes and Playstyle
Final Fantasy XIV (Image credit: FFXIV on Steam)

Casting spells takes time, so these characters aren’t as mobile as their physically ranged DPS counterparts, but their attack power compensates for this.

Red Mage

The Red Mage is a one-of-a-kind class that combines melee damage with black magic for assaults and white magic spells for defense and healing. They strike and swipe at adversaries with a rapier while casting spells. These characters can do a variety of elemental magic damage, as well as heal and even perform a resurrection spell. Players who desire a character that can accomplish a little of everything will enjoy Red Mages.

Blue Mage

The Blue Mage is a one-of-a-kind restricted job with specific limitations. Their playstyle entails learning monster attacks to expand their skill set. Blue Mages, on the other hand, cannot be deployed in most scenarios, such as main plot missions or dungeon roulettes, due to this unique mechanism.

Black Mages

Black Mages can unleash very powerful magical spells. Because they cast for longer than others, anticipate to maintain an excellent position while delivering explosive and devastating magic. These mages must vary the sort of magic they cast to restore their mana at higher levels, so they can keep attacking the opponent. For those who want to unleash devastating spells on their enemies, Black Mages are ideal.

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