It’s time to decide which class you should start with! We have brought you a list of the best class in FFXIV.

Which FFXIV classes are the greatest for newcomers? Tank, Healer, and DPS (melee, ranged physical, or ranged magical) classes are available in FF14, as they are in most MMORPGs. Final Fantasy 14 classes, however, are later upgraded to ‘jobs,’ unlike prior games. As a new player, your job is to pick the best starting class while simultaneously thinking about your future job.

Finding your role and playing style is vital in any MMORPG. Even if all the characters can be divided into three groups (DPS, tank, and healer), there are significant differences between them. They typically manifest themselves in the game’s purely mechanical elements, like combos and special powers. However, they have a considerable aesthetic impact. Armor and weapon design, as well as ability animations, may all add to each character’s spectacular theme.

Even though you may alter basic classes very early on, you’ll have to commit to your first option for at least a few hours (depending on your pace). So, when it comes to picking your basic class in Final Fantasy XIV, don’t be too fast.

Before starting the leveling process with your favorite, test out a couple of FFXIV classes. Perhaps you’ll uncover a secret aptitude for acting as a living shield. Of course, you may opt to level each class individually, but this would take a very long period. It’s recommended to focus on a single class until you unlock that first job after trying out a few.

Here are the Best Class in FFXIV

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Best Class in FFXIV: Gladiator

Best Class in FFXIV
Gladiator (Image credit: ffxiv.consolegameswiki)

At the beginning of the game, the Gladiator is one of two tanking classes. It’s your responsibility to make sure that every enemy’s gaze is fixed on you and only you. Until you reach level 15, you won’t be doing any partying. However, you must know how to control groups of adversaries from that point onward. Despite your party members’ best efforts to inflict as much damage as possible on the adversary, you should know how to keep them focused on you. 

The distinction between a Gladiator and a Marauder (the other tanking class) is that a Gladiator has a stronger defense, less health, and relies on a few spells (most notably Flash) to keep hatred at bay.

A Gladiator must pay more attention than any other employment, making it unappealing to the majority of people. You will virtually never have to wait to enter a dungeon if you play as a Gladiator. Because Final Fantasy 14 has so few tanks, whatever you perform via the Duty Finder (nearly all dungeons) gives you quick access to Gladiators. When you reach level 30, you’ll see that virtually nothing has changed. You get a few additional instruments for storing hatred, but you’re still a tanker.

Best Class in FFXIV: Arcanist

Best Class in FFXIV
Arcanist (Image credit: ffxiv.consolegameswiki)

Because it is the only class that serves two functions, the Arcanist is the most flexible of the four. The Arcanist, as one of only two classes with a true healing spell, may need to back-up heal on occasion. An Arcanist, on the other hand, is primarily a damage-dealing class that employs damage-over-time (DoT) spells in conjunction with their summoned companion, Carbuncle.

An Arcanist can summon two copies of Carbuncle by the time he or she reaches level 15. The first summon is a ranged damage dealer (acquired at level four) (DPS). The second summon is a tanking pet that can be gained at level 15. This is extremely useful in the early stages of dungeons. If a tank dies or becomes overwhelmed by the number of opponents, Arcanist can utilize the tanking carbuncle to keep the hatred under control until the tank regains control.

An Arcanist can become a Scholar or Summoner when they reach level 30. (or both). Scholars are primarily a healing class, replacing Carbuncle with a healing fairy, although they may also employ DoTs to deal damage. Summoners receive new and improved pets, as well as more powerful powers. However, as your level rises, having a tanking pet becomes less necessary in groups. However, it’s still excellent for solitary play.

Best Class in FFXIV: Lancer 

Best Class in FFXIV
Lancer (Image credit: ffxiv.consolegameswiki)

Lancer (Dragoon) is a major class we would recommend if you’re looking for fast-paced combat with a lot of mobility. To inflict the most damage, Lancer/Dragoon, like other melee DPS, requires positional and combinations. However, with its plate armor and the speed and leaping assaults it can weave in between strong melee attacks, this position has a greater defensive edge. With its prolonged AOE combos, it’s also one of the stronger DPS when it comes to clearing enemies in a dungeon, making it the best Final Fantasy XIV best class for anybody looking to inflict damage and move quickly.

Best Class in FFXIV: Conjurer

Best Class in FFXIV
Conjurer (Image credit: ffxiv.consolegameswiki)

The Healer class is by far the most straightforward of the bunch. In fact, you may find the leveling process to be rather painless, since the skills you acquire and improve along the way simply serve to make your Healer position simpler. White Mage has individual and group healing, damage buffs, and offensive talents that are just as important for clearing tasks as they are for keeping your team alive. White Mage is a wonderful place to start if you’re interested in healing but don’t want to be under a lot of pressure.

Best Class in FFXIV: Rogue

Final Fantasy
Rogue (Image credit: ffxiv.consolegameswiki)

Rogues rely on their daggers to strike when their foes are least expecting it. They’re assassin-trained combatants who are exceptionally mobile and nimble. They ultimately join the Ninja Job, and the Rogue is the greatest method for them to learn how to use the tools they’ll need.

Rogues rely on quick-battle skills like Hide, Trick Attack, and Death Blossom because of their expertise in stealth and deception. They do greater damage in specific positions, similar to the Pugilist and Lancer. Furthermore, they use a variety of status diseases to weaken opposing forces. Despite the Rogue’s value as a DPS class, it may be difficult for newcomers to understand.

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Best Class in FFXIV: Archer

Final Fantasy
Archer (Image credit: ffxiv.consolegameswiki)

An Archer is a ranged DPS class, as the name implies. It is the only class that can attack from afar while moving, making it extremely useful in some encounters. As they level up, they get many DoT attacks, but when they reach level 30, they switch to the Bard job. Bards keep all the Archer’s DPS skills, but they also get songs that benefit the group. Some songs, like Mage’s Ballad, lessen their DPS by replenishing MP for all party members within range.

Despite the fact that Bard is a support career rather than an offensive one, it is nevertheless one of the finest DPS jobs in the game. Simply remember that your first responsibility is to support the party. You should play Mage’s Ballad if the mages are low in MP. You might need to play Army’s Paeon to refill TP if the combat has been going on for a while. These melodies are more important than inflicting harm.

Best Class in FFXIV: Marauder

Marauder (Image credit: ffxiv.consolegameswiki)

Apart from Gladiator, the Marauder is another tanking class. The Marauder’s main goal, like that of a Gladiator, is to keep the adversary (or group of adversaries) focused on him. A Marauder differs from a Gladiator in that it has substantially more HP but much less defense. This indicates it is more vulnerable to damage but has higher HP to compensate.

Marauders also have numerous abilities that enable them to do significant damage. A Gladiator gains a handful of skills that enhance damage when they reach level 30. But in the appropriate conditions, a Marauder, particularly a Warrior (level 30), can dole out damage almost as good as a melee DPS. As a result, the Marauder is an excellent choice as an off-tank or in any circumstance where you need just one tank for a portion of the battle.

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