We have brought you the Dead Cells Weapon Tier List. Decide the best weapons and unlock them first so that you can use them against the enemies. 

The Prisoner, an amorphous creature that can possess human corpses, is the protagonist of Dead Cells, a side-scrolling 2D game. As part of The Prisoner’s journey, the Prisoner enters a fictional island festooned with mutated monsters that the Prisoner must overcome so the island’s King can be killed. Your weapons and weapons upgrades are lost upon death, except for a few permanent items.

You can also dodge attacks from enemies by crossing the ground or jumping over them. Furthermore, you can move through an enemy’s space and attack from behind by dodging through their space. If you fall from a height, you will slam into the ground, allowing you to stun the enemies.

While the player is in the dungeons, he can upgrade the Prisoner’s abilities with mutations, which grant him unique abilities until he dies. During this time, the player can reforge weapons, giving them new capabilities. Inside the dungeons, Power Scrolls can be found as well, which increase the hit points of the Prisoner and increase the damage of weapons based on whether the tool is classified as Tactics, Brutality, or Survival. You will need the best weapons in the game so read below to know about them.

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Dead Cells Weapons

A sword, a bow, a shield, and a trap, you can use these against the enemies in the game. You will have the ability to use melee weapons to attack enemies or ranged weapons to harm enemies from afar. 

If you want to defeat all the opponents in Dead Cells then you will surely need the best weapons in the game. Deciding the best one is surely time-consuming. To know which is the best, we have brought you the Dead Cells Weapon Tier List for the best weapons. Therefore, without wasting any time, read our tier list for best Dead cells weapons below.

Dead Cells gameplay (YouTube)

Dead Cells Weapon Tier List 

A sword, a bow, a shield, and a placeable trap that harms enemies will be the primary weapons. Prisoners have the ability to use melee weapons to attack enemies or ranged weapons to harm enemies from afar. 

With the tier list, you will know the best weapons in the game because our list divides them from the S tier to the D tier. This is based on their overall performance in the game. Obviously, the S tier is the greatest in the game. There are some of the best ranged and melee weapons in the game and we will rank them according to their powers. Take a look at the tier list below without spending any time.

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S Tier

  • Heavy Crossbow (Ranged)
  • Barrel Launcher (Ranged)
  • Giantkiller (Melee)
  • Scythe Claws(TBS) (Melee)
  • Flint (Melee)

A Tier

  • Repeater Crossbow (Ranged)
  • Nutcracker (Melee)
  • Rhythm n’ Bouzouki(TBS) (Melee)
  • Blowgun(TBS) (Ranged)
  • Lightning Bolt (Ranged)
  • Spite Sword (Melee)
  • War Spear (Melee)
  • Valmont’s Whip (Melee)
  • Spiked Boots (Melee)
  • Assassin’s Dagger (Melee)
  • Marksman’s Bow (Ranged)
  • Impaler (Melee)

B Tier

  • Vorpan (Melee)
  • Symmetrical Lance (Melee)
  • Frantic Sword (Melee)
  • Crowbar (Melee)
  • Meat Skewer (Melee)
  • Broadsword (Melee)
  • Flawless (Melee)
  • Rapier (Melee)
  • Nerves of Steel (Ranged)
  • Explosive Crossbow (Ranged)
  • Hayabusa Gauntlets (Melee)
  • Twin Daggers (Melee)
  • Sadist’s Stiletto (Melee)
  • Oiled Sword (Melee)
  • Tentacle (Melee)
  • Flashing Fans(TBS) (Melee)
  • Swift Sword (Melee)
  • Infantry Bow (Ranged)
  • The Boy’s Axe (Ranged)
  • Quick Bow (Ranged)
  • Electric Whip (Ranged)
Dead Cells gameplay
Dead Cells gameplay (YouTube)
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C Tier 

  • Fire blast (Ranged)
  • Hemorrhage (Ranged)
  • Wrenching Whip (Melee)
  • Balanced Blade (Melee)
  • Pyrotechnics (Ranged)
  • Sonic Carbine (Ranged)
  • Bow and Endless Quiver
  • Shrapnel Axes (Melee)
  • Ice Shards (Ranged)
  • Hokuto’s Bow (Ranged)
  • Throwing Knife (Ranged)

D Tier

  • Alchemic Carbine (Ranged)
  • Firebrands (Ranged)
  • Spartan Sandals (Melee)
  • Torch (Melee)
  • Blood Sword (Melee)

So, this was the tier list that will help you to decide who is the best. Our tier list for best weapons ranks them on the basis of their overall power in the game. It is not necessary that these will suit you totally. It might be the other way around. So, it is best to try out and explore the ones that suit your gameplay. 

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The list is just to inform you which weapon is currently the strongest in the game. You can always experiment by selecting different weapons. However, unless and until they are nerfed, we recommend sticking to the one and becoming an expert.

Melee weapons are great too
Dead Cells gameplay (YouTube)

Best Weapons to use and unlock first

When it comes to using the best weapon and unlocking it first, it does not totally depend on the tier list. It is not necessary that the S Tier weapons are the best and you should just use them. The below list will tell you about some weapons that you should use and unlock first in Dead Cells.

  • Barrel Launcher
  • Throwing Knife 
  • Lightning Bolt 
  • Nutcracker 
  • Giantkiller

These are some of the best weapons that you should use and unlock first. Try out these weapons and see if it improves your performance or not. 

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