Godfall Challenger Edition is confusing for some players. For a better understanding of the game, here is a Godfall Challenger Edition guide.

Featuring flashy melee combat and a wealth of loot, this RPG is sure to intrigue RPG fans. In Godfall, you’ll be able to wear a Valorplate – a supercharged suit of armor packed with powerful magic. You can tailor both Orin’s combat style and abilities by combining these with various weapons and upgrades in order to defeat the Macros.

If you’re used to loot-based role-playing games, Godfall shouldn’t be too difficult to grasp. However, underneath the hacking and slicing, there are certain subtleties at work. This Godfall guide will give you some pointers on how to get the most out of this PS5 launch release and strengthen your Valorian fighter.

From December 7, 2021, through January 3, 2022, Godfall Challenger Edition will be available on PlayStation Plus. This implies that only PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to get this version for free from the PlayStation Store. There are currently no specifics on what would happen when the promotional time has ended.

If players choose to, they can go to Player Level 50 right away in Challenger Edition. It will have many skill points as well as numerous lethal weapons for the Valorplates to pick from. You may still start at level 1 and progress through the game using the three-game modes available.

Godfall Challenger Edition Guide for Endgame game modes

In Challenger Edition, you may play in three different game types. Although there is no campaign or story mode to experience, and the new expansion Fire and Darkness is not yet available, these options will keep you occupied.

Godfall Challenger Edition  Guide
Godfall Challenger Edition (Image credit: Playstation)


The game Lightbringer pits you against an all-consuming evil that threatens to extinguish all light in Aperion’s world. Players who endure through certain banes will gain ever bigger prizes and fight increasingly difficult hordes – and finally defeat the blighted Heart of Darkness at the grand finale.


Every time you play Dreamstones, you will relive the memories of Orin and gain unique rewards. By completing challenges in Dreamstones, you can lift the curses bestowed on the Cursed Loot tier.

Ascended Tower of Trials

In Ascended Tower of Trials, you’ll put your talents to the test in an increasingly difficult ascent to the top of the tower, receiving boons and confronting ferocious enemies along the way in search of lucrative loot drops.

Godfall Challenger Edition Guide for Gifts

Once they try this out, players of the original game receive freebies. In addition to the free Challenger update, you also get new cosmetics when defeating campaign bosses, as well as capabilities to replay story missions to grind.

What is missing?

Godfall game
Godfall Challenger Edition (Image credit: Playstation)

The basic game’s single-player story content will not be included in the Challenger Edition of Godfall. It also won’t include the Fire & Darkness expansion for Godfall. August saw the release of the Fire & Darkness expansion for Godfall, and it adds new story objectives to the game. As well as introducing the Fire Realm, new Dreamstone tasks will be assigned there as well.

For others, Godfall: Challenger Edition may appear to be nothing more than a glorified demo designed to convince gamers to buy the full game. A substantial section of the game has been eliminated due to the lack of story-mode material. Additionally, the Challenger Edition could annoy PlayStation Plus subscribers, who would view it as a poorer version of Godfall. 

Others, on the other hand, may enjoy Godfall’s powerful combat and swiftly reach Player Level 50 without having to endure a long grind. The Challenger Edition might also help to extend the game’s user base by bringing new players to the game.

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Godfall Challenger Edition Guide for Quests and Rewards

With the Challenger update, players will be able to experience additional challenges after finishing the campaign. They’ll be able to participate in the new tasks, which are all one-of-a-kind challenges that will reward players with a legendary treasure. These new Challenger features are available to both original and Challenger Edition players.

Playing on PS4 is also possible

In matchmaking and endgame co-op, gamers on PS4 and PS5 may play together without difficulty. They may also play with the original game’s characters and on Challenger Edition.

Gamers who download Godfall: Challenger Edition and then decide that they enjoy the game and want to explore all of its features can upgrade to the Deluxe Edition. This edition includes the entire version of Godfall as well as the Fire & Darkness expansion. For PlayStation Plus customers who aren’t interested in Godfall, there’s also Mortal Shell and Lego DC Super-Villain on December’s schedule.

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