Valkyrae and YouTube Drama Explained

Finally, after all the mystery and confusion, everything is clear. Below we are explaining in detail the Valkyrae and the YouTube drama.

Valkyrae has held the title of the most-watched female streamer on YouTube since making the transition from Twitch in early 2020. After a series of cryptic tweets, fans were wondering what Valkyrae’s next move would be, especially with streaming contemporaries like Ludwig making major career shifts. Now, the co-owner of 100 Thieves has hinted that a departure from YouTube might be in the cards, citing a piece of exciting news on the way.

She inked an exclusive streaming arrangement with YouTube in early 2020, which has helped to boost the video platform’s overall streaming prominence. Because that contract has expired, Valkyrae is once again a free agent. While Valkyrae appears to already know where she will be broadcasting next, viewers will have to wait a little longer.

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Valkyrae and YouTube History

Valkyrae announced to her viewers during a recent live stream on her channel that, January 15, will be her farewell stream for the foreseeable future. Valkyrae’s absence is due to the fact that the announcement video revealing where she would be streaming exclusively in the future has yet to be aired, according to her. 

Valkyrae clarified that the video hasn’t even been shot yet, which means she’ll have to take a vacation from streaming for at least a few weeks. “Until the announcement video is uploaded, I can’t truly stream on said platform,” she explained.

Valkyrae has hinted at a huge reveal on Twitter to commemorate two years of YouTube broadcasting. She wrote, “Will perform a brief adios broadcast and chat about future plans.”

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What the fans were expecting?

Valkyrae (Image credit: YouTube)

Fans had speculated that Valkyrae may be relocating from YouTube to another streaming site, such as Twitch, as a result of this scenario. While this is a distinct possibility, it appears more probable than not that she will stick with YouTube in the future. 

Valkyrae, as previously stated, has had tremendous success on YouTube and is by far the most popular female streamer on the platform. It wouldn’t make sense for YouTube to let her quit and go to another site, especially considering how much Valkyrae has complimented YouTube in the past.

Valkyrae’s departure from YouTube would be surprising, given that she recently stated that it was the “only true choice” for streaming celebrities. Many admirers have asked her to return to Twitch, and their voices were amplified when she stated that her YouTube arrangement was coming to an end soon. However, we’ll have to wait and see.

Valkyrae and YouTube: The Streamer and the Platform stays together

Valkyrae originally joined YouTube in early 2020 and spent the following two years primarily streaming on the Google-owned platform as her audience grew. There were doubts about whether the 100 Thieves creator would continue with YouTube once her 24-month contract expired, especially when she rushed to complete all of her agreed-upon hours before the end of 2021. These doubts were only exacerbated after she released a cryptic teaser in January.

She did, however, announce her intention to stay on January 31. Furthermore, Valkyrae’s agreement will keep her on the red platform until January 2024 – the 100 Thieves actress has inked a two-year extension.

Valkyrae’s new contract is expected to be similar to her earlier 2020 agreement, in which the 30-year-old pledged to broadcast a particular number of hours in YouTube’s Gaming category each calendar year. After realizing she still had 198 hours to serve, she found herself racing against the clock late last year. It also solidifies her position as YouTube’s stream-queen.

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