Minecraft reaches 1 trillion views on YouTube

Minecraft reaches 1 trillion views on YouTube in a record-breaking performance.

With 35,000 active creator channels spread in 150 different countries, Block Building Sim is the most-watched video game on the platform. Minecraft, the block-building sim that has been purchased over 200 million times and is still one of the most played video games in the world after ten years, has reached yet another milestone: YouTube videos of Minecraft have surpassed 1 trillion views, making it the most-watched game on the platform.

Minecraft has long been popular on the video-sharing site, because of its open and very creative character. It was first published in 2009. In the blocky landscape, players may construct whatever they want, and creative modelers have taken to YouTube to show off their most astounding creations, which range from scale replicas of Hogwarts and the Starship Enterprise to working computers.

Minecraft History

Minecraft was created by a small Stockholm-based team led by programmer Markus Persson. That group became Mojang, a game development firm that published an early version of the game in 2009 before launching the full version two years later. Persson departed the firm in 2014 when Microsoft purchased it for $2.5 billion (£1.9 billion).

Since then, Mojang has continued to update Minecraft, adding new characters, stories, and construction blocks to the world as well as improving the game’s signature visual aesthetic. Meanwhile, the Xbox Minecraft Marketplace allows users to sell the goods, models, and minigames they’ve produced to other players, creating a functional economy for the world.

YouTube’s celebrity influencers also helped Minecraft to reach 1 trillion views

The game was also extremely popular among the initial generation of YouTube celebrity influencers. Stampy Cat, DanTDM, and PewDiePie gained large followings by playing Minecraft and developing their own tales, events, and challenges because to the game’s open architecture. According to Microsoft, there are currently over 35,000 active Minecraft creator channels on YouTube, with creators from 150 countries.

YouTube has published an animated movie highlighting Minecraft’s history on the site, as well as altering the logo on the YouTube homepage for 24 hours to commemorate the one trillionth view. There will also be curated playlists with videos and creators from all around the world.

It’s fascinating to watch how different Minecraft video genres evolve over time as they gain and lose popularity. Music video parodies by Minecraft popular names like CaptainSparklez were multi-million view smashes in Minecraft’s early years. Dream (who just received a Game Award for content creator of the year) is currently dominating the charts with his Minecraft manhunt series, in which his pals attempt to stop Dream from completing the game by any means possible.

Minecraft is the most-watched video game on YouTube. It has almost 200 billion views as of 2020. Surprisingly, another sandbox game, Roblox, came in second. It only made around a quarter of that amount. Minecraft’s nature accounts for some of its apparently insurmountable appeals. In a manner that no other video game can match, it’s an open canvas ripe for all types of invention and iteration on that creation. Pettie also mentions the community as a factor.

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