Are Unova region Pokemon good for battles? Which Pokemon is powerful in Unova? Find out everything.

Pokemon games are based on different regions and generations. The Pokedex has more than 1000 Pokemon with Pokemon from 9 generations and regions. Unova is the fifth region in the Pokemon franchise and Pokemon from this region appears in Gen 5 games. The Unova region is also the main setting for Pokemon Black and White games.

In Pokemon Black and White games, trainers travel with Pokemon throughout the regions of Unova. All towns and cities are interconnected by different routes and Unova is based on New York City. Trainers have to defeat all 8 Gym Leaders in Unova to join the Unova region Pokemon League. Also, you can collect all 8 badges by defeating these gym leaders.

Pokemon Unova Region – Everything You Need to Know 

Unova region Pokemon

Unova is the fifth region in the Pokemon game. Right from Pokemon Black and White to Pokemon Go, hundreds of Pokemon have Unova as their home. In Unova, trainers can claim in-game battle items on the ground and the other way is to get them from Poke Marts. There’s a ship called Royal Unova and it sails from Cruise Dock of  Castelia City and travels via the Skyarrow Bridge.

Trainers can board the Royal Unova cruise ship, win side-quests, take part in battles, play games and unlock rare items. The Skyarrow Bridge in Unova is inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge. 

What’s the Unova League?

The Unova League is the Pokemon League that trainers can participate in after unlocking all 8 badges by defeating Gym Leaders. Once you win all gym battles, you will be able to fight against the Elite Four and Champion. Alder and Iris are the featured champions in the Pokemon Unova region League.

Best Pokemon from Unova


Pokemon Victini, the Psychic and Fire type Pokemon is heralded as the strongest Pokemon from Unova. Victini is an all-rounder and known as the victory Pokemon. There’s a myth that trainers who play with Victini will only see victory in battles. Victini generates and passes energy to its companions.


Pokemon Pansear is one of the best defenders in Unova. Pansear is a high temp Pokemon and it gets angry frequently. Pansear loves to eat berries by roasting them with its head tuft and it’s an intelligent Pokemon. Its species are found in caves and volcanoes.


Pokemon Emboar is a beast and has the powers of fire and fighting. Emboar fire punches its enemies with fire moves on its fist. The Pokemon also has powerful and fast fighting-type abilities.


Watchog resembles a squirrel and this normal type Pokemon is available in Pokemon Black and White games. When watchog spots targets, it will spit berry seeds and stun them with glowing eyes using the luminescent matter. Tails of watchog stand high when it sees an enemy and this Pokemon is strong in close-range battles.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Unova region, Unova Pokemon and Leagues. Just like the Kalos region Pokemon, Unova Pokemon are stronger as well.


Are Pokemon from Unova Good for Raids?

Pokemon from Unova are stronger in ranged battles. Units from Unova are excellent attackers and have special traits to win raids efficiently.

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