Do you want to find the best fire moves for fire-type Pokemon? Scroll down and find out the top 7 fire-type skills.

In Pokemon games, the key to win battles is to utilize strategies along with your Pokemon. Trainers can use skills of Pokemon and other battle items as well. As there are plenty of elements in the Pokemon universe, it’s important to choose the ideal skills for every Pokemon. Fire-type Pokemon are the best offensive units and these units can utilize the fire attacks on priority.

Fire-type Pokemon are vulnerable only against ice and water attacks. A fire-type Pokemon can use fire skills and other skills as well. But a Pokemon’s build gets stronger when it uses moves of its type. There are tons of fire-type abilities in Pokemon games. Here are the top 7 fire moves for Pokemon in battles.

7 Best Fire Type Moves for Pokemon 

Pokemon Fire moves

Fire Fang

Pokemon Fire Fang move has high accuracy, power and control. Fire Fang was first launched in Gen 4 games. With this move, you can flinch and burn targets within radius. Fire Fang is also the best counter against Ice Fang and Thunder Fang moves.


Eruption explodes targets with high HP. As Pokemon’s hp reduces, the powers of Eruption will reduce automatically. Pokémon with Eruption moves will attack adjacent enemies and stuns them with burned effects. Eruption is a special move to counter the Water Spout move.

Heat Wave 

The accuracy and power for this fire-type move is one of the best for fire-type units. Heat Wave deals damage to long-range enemies and also burns them by exhaling a hot breath. With Heat Wave, you can also destroy round rocks.

Blue Flare

The dragon and fire type unit, Reshiram, uses this move. Blue Flare is mainly used by this legendary unit and other fire units as well. Blue Flare inflicts massive damage to nearby enemies and applies burning status ailment effects. Pokémon with this move shoots blue flame to stun the targets.

Blast Burn 

Blast Burn is hailed as an all-time powerful moveset in the Pokemon franchise. This fire-type attacks stuns enemies with a fiery explosion which also leaves the targets unable to move or act. Blast Burn thaws frozen units and you have to recharge for the following turns to use this moveset.

Pyro Ball

This Gen 8 fire skill is a physical ability. Pokemon with the Pyro Ball skill throws a fiery ball by igniting a small stone. Pyro Ball skill can be used only once and it has a small chance to burn the target Pokemon. Pyro Ball will thaw units that are frozen. This is the signature moveset for the Cinderace Pokemon.

Sizzly Slide 

Another top-tier offensive fire-type move that lets you explore nearby units. Pokemon that use Sizzly Slide will cloak itself in fire and charge through enemies. The skill applies burn effects and stuns enemies. Eevee Pokemon primarily uses this Gen 7 moveset.


Which Pokemon Can Use Fire Skills?

Fire-type Pokemon can use fire abilities and Pokemon that are strong in offense can use these moves as well.

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