Here is the Raid Shadow Legends Scion guide with some of the best tips and tricks. Follow the guide to learn more about Scion in detail.

The story of the game takes place in Teleria, an imaginary realm conquered by the Dark Lord Siroth. As a Telerian warrior, players must defeat the Dark Lord and restore harmony to the land. You will assemble an army and fight in settings such as castles, dungeons, deserts, and temples, defending yourself against enemies and possible allies. There are many champions in the game. Scion is one of them.

Scion is a Demonspawn-affiliated Epic Magic damage dealer in Raid: Shadow Legends. In addition to being fast, he has a high attack stat. The only problem is that he lacks HP and defense. Your tanks should protect this champion, and your support characters should heal him. Daily Login Rewards allow you to acquire Scion. So, it’s not really expected that he will be able to deal game-breaking damage. In time, a stronger replacement will become available for Scion.

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Raid Shadow Legends Scion Guide: Skills

As a squishy damage dealer, Scion in RAID: Shadow Legends can remove his own debuffs and apply those of his opponents. He increases the critical rate of your squad in dungeons with his Aura skill. An Incarnate is a passive ability that prevents opponents from reducing Scion’s turn meter if they have an active skill such as a block, a block buff, or a heal reduction debuff on them. It goes well with this champion’s active skills.

Nightmare Khopesh is the best option

Scion gameplay
Scion gameplay (YouTube)

It attacks a single target. The Nightmare Khopesh has a 20% chance of placing a debuff for one turn which blocks active skills. On levels 2 and 3 the damage increases to 5%. The damage is then increased by 10% on level four. It also has a 10% buff or debuff chance at level five.

Evil Seed

Nightmare Khopesh is Scion’s auto-attack. Damage is dealt with one target and a debuff is applied to Block Active Skill. The first skill is called Evil Seed. A single target is dealt damage to and shield buffs are ignored. The target is also dealt a 100% Heal Reduction debuff and a Block buff.

Crawling Chaos

Scion's ability
Crawling chaos ability (YouTube)

Crawling Chaos is the second skill. As a result, all opponents are dealt AOE damage, Scion’s debuffs are removed, and he is buffed with 50% more attack power and 30% more critical damage.

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Things to keep in mind about Scion

  • The A1 of this character places block active skills, but it has a low chance of doing so, while the A2 places block buffs and heal reduction. Unfortunately, he does not place enough hits to earn a spot on a top squad, since all of his abilities are single hit. 
  • However, it loses the benefit of his buffs because his AoE is so strong. If you prefer, you can cleanse, buff, and then attack, but you will need to bring another Increase Attack champion since he will apply those buffs AFTER attacking. 
  • You will need two months to collect all of Scion’s fragments.
  • It is probably true that he isn’t the best champion to learn those abilities, but at least he enables a player to learn them through the application.
  • A player can use this champion against waves in PvE locations, and against Hydra until better alternatives become available.

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