For all the FPS fans, we have brought you the Ready or Not Guide. Follow the tips and tricks to improve your gameplay.

Ready or Not is a brand-new tactical first-person shooter that puts you in the shoes of a SWAT cop. The game was recently launched on Steam on December 18, 2021, and was developed by VOID Interactive. 

Any tactical shooter in the gaming world has the best RoE and score system. Ricochet, ballistic penetration, projectile expansion & momentum, and kevlar plate dynamics were all included in the game. Given the game’s complexity, there’s a lot to cover, so in this tutorial, we’ll go over the basics so you have all you need to start playing as soon as you’ve completed installing it.

It is now Steam’s best-selling game, with a player base that is steadily rising. Because it’s a new game, everyone is a newcomer. As a result, here is a Ready or Not guide with all the important tips and tricks.

Things you should know before you start

You can choose missions from the Map table. To use the key, walk over to the table and press it. A map will appear, with possible mission locations highlighted. You can access and customize load-outs in the Locker Room or Quartermaster. If you’re playing alone, you’ll be able to change the battle gear of all your AI officers.

Table with Guns allows you to personalize the weapon you’re currently wielding. A kill house, also known as a range, is a place where you can practice with your weapons.

Ready or Not Guide: Chem lights

Ready or Not Guide
Ready or Not (Image credit: Steam)

Chem lights allow you to designate rooms you’ve already scouted/cleared while going through a building, in addition to providing illumination. Chem lights are useful even if you are familiar with the layout of the building. Dropping a chem light in a room will alert the second team that it has previously been checked if two teams are assaulting the same building.

Ready or Not Guide: Boobie Traps

Occasionally, grenades are used to boobytrap doors. Always utilize the mirror cam to check under the door for potential traps when scouting. Use a lockpick to unlock the door and “peep” through if you discover one. The ‘equip wire cutter’ prompt will appear when you squat. Before charging in, cut the wires to deactivate the traps.

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Ready or Not Guide: Prioritize capturing

Unless the captives or cops are terminally hurt, the game’s rules of engagement prioritize capture over killing. So, in order to obtain the S level, you must apprehend suspects, and the easiest method to do so is to force them to comply. To force suspects to comply, use a pepper ball, bean bag, and a taser, and only put them down if they resist.

Ready or Not Guide: Door wedges

Ready or Not Guide
Ready or Not (Image credit: Steam)

Door wedges may not appear to be a game-changer when compared to the rest of the armory, but they do keep unwary crooks out of a room and may even allow you some time to arrest them. They’re also reusable, so keep one on hand in case you need it.

Ready or Not Guide: Freelean

Freelean is a more advanced version of leaning around corners. While you’re still learning, you’ll need to press Alt + directional buttons to peek around corners, move about, and even crouch. When scouting perilous passages and peering into rooms, it’s much faster and offers you a stronger tactical advantage.

Ready or Not Guide: Pie Slicing

Always try to survey each area from every angle imaginable before entering it while hiding behind the doorway. Pie Slicing is when you move from one side of the doorway to the other while keeping an eye on what’s inside the room.

This is a true CQB approach for assisting operators in identifying threats without putting themselves in harm’s way. This works in every tactical shooter, unsurprisingly, and should be employed whenever possible.

Keep this in mind while breaching a room

Ready or Not Guide
Ready or Not (Image credit: Steam)

When breaching, attempt to stack up on the long side of a door to avoid causing unnecessary harm to the team. When employing a battering ram or shotgun, avoid standing directly in front of a door. A breacher should take command, with a second guy preparing a stinger or flashbang. 

Break down the door, throw the grenade, and enter. While shielding the rest of the squad or neutralizing immediate threats, the point man should move to the farthest corner of the room. Other team members should focus on controlling the rest of the room by moving to different corners while keeping an eye on their teammates and potential dangers.

There is no sprinting in the game

There is no sprinting in the game
Ready or Not (Image credit: Steam)

Now, I know a lot of you want to sprint in the game, but I don’t think it’ll happen. Bind Low Ready to Shift to go a little faster in this situation. Now, the reason we want to place it on Shift is that we all automatically hit Shift sprint as gamers.

So, if you want to move faster, you’ll instinctively press Shift. Switch to Low Ready mode and walk a little faster. However, use caution when doing so, as you don’t want to come around a corner when in Low Ready. Bind the Hold option to the Low Ready, not Toggle. It’s not too hard to do, and you’ll just have to lift your finger off the Shift button if necessary.

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Battering Ram

The shotgun and these essentially perform the same thing, however, the battering ram currently opens the door all the way, whilst the shotgun does not. So, for the time being, put the shotgun away. It could be patched in the future, but for the time being, the battering ram is the best option.

Switch to SMGs

Switch to SMGs
Ready or Not (Image credit: Steam)

On severely armored targets, one or two extra shots are enough. However, since you’ll be firing more shots, it will all work out in the end. The SMGs with all the accessories, including grips, are essentially laser beams. As a result, shooting enemies with the SMG should be a lot easier than shooting them with an assault weapon.

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