Have difficulties with Rainbow Siege? You’ll need some tips. Do not worry, as we have brought a Rainbow Siege Six Extraction guide.

Among the greatest competitive shooters, Rainbow Six Siege stands out. Those facts aren’t likely to change any time soon with the release of a new Rainbow Six game. At first, the claustrophobic maps and complicated mechanics might seem daunting, but the Siege community has built and honed a delicate meta over time. 

Rainbow Seige Six Extraction is a three-player cooperative multiplayer game. The operatives in Extraction must penetrate an alien-infested area and perform missions including collecting samples, extracting items from computers, and acquiring data. Each “incursion” is made up of three interconnected sub-maps, with players being allocated one of the twelve objectives in each sub-map at random.

After completing a goal, the player has the choice to either retreat or explore the next submap. The new region will be tougher than the previous one, but players that successfully complete it will earn more prizes. By withdrawing early, all operators’ safety is assured. Players cannot play as an operator who was killed by hostile forces before being rescued during an extraction mission. Below are the top 10 tips for you.

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Rainbow Siege Six Extraction Guide: Setup

If you want to enter Rainbow Six Siege, the first thing you should realize is that the majority of operators demand teamwork. As a result, you must be able to interact with your team. There are methods to accomplish this in-game, but you should be able to communicate audibly to guarantee the adversary isn’t alerted to anything you know and you’re not pausing to write. Rainbow Six Siege gamers should be required to use a headset with a microphone.

Rainbow Siege Six Extraction Guide
Rainbow Siege Six Extraction (Image credit: Ubisoft)

If you don’t have one readily available, attempt to reach out by SMS. To do so, hit the Y key on your keyboard to launch Team Chat. Memorize certain significant places; room names are ideal at higher levels. But alternative shoutouts, such as “Stairs left/west” if you’re near that portion of the map, can be just as effective. If you’re a player like Lesion, whose gadget includes symbols that only display that player if a trap has been sprung, make sure you’re pointing out where the adversary is to your teammates.

Rainbow Siege Six Extraction Guide: Pre-fire

When firing from cover, a frequent strategy is to look down sights before popping out, then strafe out of cover, fire a burst, and then strafe back into cover. This cuts down on the amount of time you’re exposed to radiation. 

Pre-fire your weapon to increase your chances of success. This entails firing before leaving cover, so you’re already firing when you’re exposed. This not only gets the shots out faster but also eliminates any network latency advantage the opponent may have. This one tactic may appear easy, but it may significantly improve your odds in a gunfight.

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Rainbow Siege Six Extraction Guide: Drones

Drones are far more significant than you give them credit for. Drones should be employed in every round – as an attacker, sneak your drone inside the building through vents and then conceal it somewhere that opponents won’t notice, such as in plants or beneath a tiny table. When you need to discover adversaries in the middle of a game, you may utilize your drone to ping them for your team.

Rainbow Siege Six Extraction Guide: Firing Range

Rainbow Siege Six Extraction Guide
Rainbow Siege Six Extraction (Image credit: Ubisoft)

As an attacker, you must move cautiously towards the bomb locations while avoiding any traps set by the defensive squad. If at all feasible, you will need to pick off foes from a distance, therefore scoped guns with extended range are ideal. For defenders, the converse is true: the attackers must approach you, which allows you to draw them into range for a fast shotgun blast or SMG burst.

Rainbow Siege Six Extraction Guide: Communicate

You must communicate with your team in every way you can. Pings are useful, but you should utilize voice chat if you can. If that fails, typing is an option, although it is rarely possible to do so in a stressful situation. Effective communication with your team is essential if you want to play at a high level. Even if you can’t party with your buddies, prepare to talk to strangers on the mic.

Hug the wall

Rainbow Siege Six Extraction Guide
Rainbow Siege Six Extraction (Image credit: Ubisoft)

This is a strategy used by the military and law enforcement to clear an area fast and safely. Essentially, it entails hugging the wall adjacent to the door or window, aiming for the farthest corner, and making your way across the room in a semi-circle. This method provides you with cover while you inspect the room.

Organizing your loadout

Before starting a game, go into the operator selection menu and experiment with the attachments. You do receive some time before each encounter, but not enough to completely build up an operator beyond swapping items like gadgets and perhaps one or two sights. It will spare you some unnecessary tension before things become really tight. If you grab the starting set right away, you unlock all the attachments as well as a set of operators, so it’s worth testing to find what works best.

Make the best use of your attachments

Make the best use of your attachments
Rainbow Siege Six Extraction (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Depending on the weapon, attachments are quite useful. Some higher-powered guns might benefit from a reduction in attack force in exchange for the use of a silencer, and the muzzle brake is extremely effective for recoil management. The laser sight, on the other hand, is an addition you should avoid. 

This does help with shooting from the hip, but it’s just situational at best, and because you’re primarily aiming down sights, it’s not really beneficial for more advanced play. Laser sights also have the drawback of calling attention to themselves, much like a pet with a laser pointer, so only use them if you know exactly how to operate them.

Understand the Maps

When you reach Rank 5 in the game’s progression system, the first thing you should do is create a new multiplayer game and explore the maps. This will allow you to get a sense of the environment you’ll be exploring, as well as which walls are destructible and where the goals may be. 

It may even avoid some situations when opponents surprise you, such as firing through the floor from above. Our map guides in the first part go over a handful of the maps in-depth, but there are so many older maps to check over for cameras, objective placements, and other vantage positions.

Utilize cameras while defending

Utilize cameras while defending
Rainbow Siege Six Extraction (Image credit: Ubisoft)

When the game starts, you may check the cameras to see where they’ll be coming from, then work with your teammates to deal with the scenario as it happens. There are cameras positioned around the perimeter and within the facility, but they are all exposed to enemy shooting. 

Some defensive operators have their own cameras. However, they should only be utilized if the player in question is no longer alive. If you die, you can still utilize the cameras, but you should attempt to verbally indicate where the opponent is rather than using the command to locate them, as this notifies the enemy of the camera, which they may then shoot at.

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