Cookie Run Kingdom active codes for free crystals – July 2022

Want some free crystals in Cookie Run Kingdom? Check out our Cookie Run Kingdom active Codes guide for some free stuff.

Cookie Run Kingdom is a mobile RPG game where the players choose characters that are literally candy or treats and then embark on adventures in the fantastical land of desserts filled with cookies, gingerbread man, Chocolate River, jelly houses and candy forest, etc. 

What does everyone love more than anything in a game as well as in real life? Well, it’s free stuff, free currency, crystals, valuable relics, and items these if a player gets it for free he/she would want to grab it. Most of the time these free item codes are very intricately hidden and even if someone finds the codes they have a hard time figuring out where to enter these codes to finally receive all the free perks. 

After the hype of all the Halloween festivities of October, Cookie Run Kingdom is back again with new events, new challenges and new codes to unlock free crystals and rewards. Cookie Run Kingdom, like many other mobile RPGs, occasionally every month releases a series of codes that allow players to unlock special rewards. It is always important to use these codes as soon as possible so as to receive these rewards in time before the code expires. 

How To Redeem Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

Many players are unaware of where to enter the codes and redeem these goodies, players can use the links provided by Cookie Run Kingdom or they can access the coupon screen in-game by going to the hamburger menu. The players can then redeem all the active coupons and redeem the rewards and crystals for free. If a player uses several accounts then they can redeem as many coupons as they want through their different devplay handles. It is applicable for both android and apple users. 

cookie run kingdom coupon page
Cookie Run Kingdom Devplay coupon page

Some players may have questions like if there is a requirement to be able to use these codes and unlock rewards such as being at a certain level or something similar but these codes can be used by any player regardless of their position in the game. The only limitation is that a player can use a code just once to unlock the rewards, these codes are not reusable. 

Active Codes Cookie Run Kingdom

  • FOLLOWUSINEUROPE – Get 2,500 crystals
  • CRKBEHINDNFUTURE – Get experience, aurora items, gold, cookie cutters, rainbow cubes, gems, and radiant shards
  • TIKTOK1MFOLLOWER – Get free rewards
characters cookie run kingdom
Cookie Run Kingdom characters
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Cookie Run Kingdom Expired Codes

  • 2021KRGAMEAWARDS (Reward: 1,000 Rainbow Cubes, 1000 Cold Crystals & 5,000 Crystals) (New!)
  • 30MILLIONKINGDOM (Reward: 3,000 Rainbow Cubes & 3,000 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMNBLUECLUB (Reward: 500 Crystals)
  • REALTOUGHCOOKIES (Reward: 500 Crystals) – Update the game and then try to redeem the code
  • KINGDOMWITHSONIC (Reward: 1000 Crystals)
  • Log in until December 31, 2021 and check your inbox – (Reward: 1,500 Frost Crystals & 3,000 Crystals)
  • PARFAITSUBSCRIBE (Reward: 1000 Crystals)
  • BESTGAMEAWARDTHX (Reward: 3000 Crystals)
  • COOKIERUNTWITTER (Reward: 1000 Crystals)
  • XYOKSPZLLUJYFKJN (Reward: 12,000 EXP)
  • CHIMNPERLKINGDOM (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • TIYSVCUKYDPPHTNP (Rewards: 50000 Coins)
  • COOKIECHICKENRUN (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • HAPPY100DAYSGIFT (Rewards: 1000 Crystals, Exp Jellies)
  • IELLBHSLKSKZHBGD (Rewards: 3 Cookie Cutters)
  • POONGDENGKINGDOM (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMIAMSIXTAN (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMBERYLLULU (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • 2CHAMCOOKINGDOM2 (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMYUNIKO720 (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • WELCOMETOKINGDOM (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMWELOVEYOU (Rewards: 3000 Crystals and 100 Stamina)
  • COOKIEFOOLSDAYS2 (Rewards: 401 Crystals)
  • TAMAGIFT500TOYOU (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • SOQCESWVJWEKZDVB (Reward: 1000 Crystals)
  • RUSWKGMLKINGDOM6 (Reward: 300 Crystals)
  • 12THBRAVEDAY0612
  • JJONDEUKEECOOKIE (Rewards: 300 Crystals)
  • COOKANGJIKINGDOM (Reward: 300 Crystals)
  • DOMINOCOOKINGDOM (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • WELCOMETOCRKMATT (Rewards: 300 Crystals)
  • WELCOMETOCRKJACE (Rewards: 300 Crystals)
  • OPENSILVERBUTTON (Reward: 1,000 Crystals, 20 Tower Keys & 200 Horns)
  • WELCOMETOCKSANNA (Rewards: 300 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMOKING5927 (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMSWAMP0130 (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMSUNBA0128 (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMYANGDDING (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMLILKA2021 (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMNAMDOBLUE (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • 50CAFEREWARD1000 (Rewards: Unknown)
  • COOSEBOMEKINGDOM (Rewards: 300 Crystals)
  • TK2PO5GA87DBJALQ (Rewards: 500 Crystals)

These are the latest codes to unlock rewards at Cookie Run Kingdom but there may be more codes and events released in the future, to keep track of these deals and rewards players can follow official Twitter and YouTube feed. You can download Cookie Run Kingdom from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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