Your search for an Operator and Sheriff in Valorant has led you to the right place. Chamber is just for you.

Chamber is presently Valorant’s most fashionable agent. He understands how to appreciate the finer things in life as a French weapons designer, as seen by his smart suit, distinctive watch, and unique armament.

Valorant Chamber can be used as a Sentinel agent in the way that he is described. Players were concerned that he might be another hybrid agent like KAY/O and Skye after it was revealed that his agent powers included weaponry, yet he thrives on defense.

Valorant Chamber Guide

Q — Headhunters

Chamber Q ability
Q — Headhunters (Image credit: Valorant)

Chamber equips a hefty pistol when you press ALT, and you may aim down sights with your right-click. Headhunter is a one-of-a-kind weapon that players can deploy at any time throughout the round. Each bullet costs 100 credits, with a total of eight bullets available. Bullets that aren’t used in one round transfer over to the next, but they don’t stack, thus players can only buy eight bullets per round.

Leg shots do 46 damage, body, and chest shots deal 55, while headshots deal 159. Like the Sheriff, for example. It’s worth noting that long-range has no drop-off damage, while Sheriff does. Chamber excels in eco rounds because, along with his ultimate ability, he almost always possesses a weapon.

C — Trademark

Chamber C Ability
C — Trademark (Image Credit: Valorant)

Chamber can set up a trap akin to Killjoy’s alarm bot that checks the area for adversaries, counting down until it finds one, then creating a slow field around it. It has a cost of 150 credits and two charges.

The trap has a 360-degree scan range of 10 meters. You can pick it up before the buy phase finishes, not before the game starts if you plant it during the buy phase. When playing defense, position them in the common passages where adversaries would rush through while guarding the other. This isn’t a brand-new mechanism.

You’ll use this ability on the flank passageways when playing assault so that foes can’t flank you from behind while you’re pressing the other one. Enemies will either be revealed and slowed by it, or they will destroy it and alert you to their presence. There is, however, a trick. A Jett may smoke the bot, and it will not expose here if the smoke is blocking the line of sight.

You may reserve it if you do not require it to cover flanks for any reason. It will remain available until the spikes are planted and placed at the entrances. These are usually behind walls, so when someone enters the site, it will activate.

E — Rendezvous

chamber E ability
E — Rendezvous (Image Credit: Valorant)

By reactivating the abilities, Chamber can teleport between two beacons. The maximum distance between beacons that you may disseminate is 30 meters, and the greatest range from which you can reactivate and teleport is 10 meters.

To utilize this skill, you’ll normally put one beacon behind you, out of reach of attackers, that will act as a haven if you need to flee quickly. The second one’s frequently placed in an extremely aggressive location, such as a peeping spot, where you aim to pick up kills. Then you may look, shoot, and teleport back in a fraction of a second to avoid being struck back. In addition, the beacon can see you through barriers even if you are not in its direct line of sight.

Another application is for faster defensive rotations. Simply, you place one near an A site and the other close to a B site, and when you hear a rush call, you may teleport to the other side much faster. You may even utilize it for vertical transportation by placing one beacon on Haven and the other one level below.

Finally, the great placement of a single beacon on one side of a site and another on the opposite side of the site. This will be very useful in defense. Whenever an enemy comes in, you stand at the back of the site defending. But once they go through and push through, you can teleport to an alternate site and destroy them.

X — Tour De Force

chamber ultimate ability
X — Tour De Force (Image Credit: Valorant)

You summon a large sniper that one-shots foes wherever you hit them and generates a lingering slow field around any deceased enemy by utilizing your ultimate, which costs 7 points to charge.

Wall-banging is similar to Operator in that you can one-shot individuals in the head through thinner walls but not through thicker ones. Tour De Force, like Headhunter versus Sheriff, is stronger than Operator because of the far higher fire rate, which is incredible. As a result, after you kill someone, the folks surrounding him slow down, and you’re ready to shoot again, much more quickly. To cut a long tale short, things might turn ugly for the opposing squad.

How do you deal with Chamber?

Chamber (Image Credit: Valorant)
Valorant Chamber (Image Credit: Valorant)

Keep an eye on Chamber’s credit balance at the start of each round. Expect Chamber to engage in long-range aim duels if he’s utilizing his Headhunter gun or Tour De Force. By using smoke to narrow the gap between you and him, he will have a difficult time hitting you at close range. If you’re having trouble facing the chamber while he’s on defense, the best thing you can do is avoid the spot he’s guarding. Unless he takes them up and sets them up somewhere, his Rendezvous and Trademark skills will be rendered ineffective. 

KAY/O would be a tough counter against Chamber since his ZERO/POINT suppression blade and NULL/CMD pulse quiet would negate his agent ability.

Which map makes the Valorant Chamber effective?

Valorant Chamber Bind Map
Bind Map (Image credit: esports)

Bind, a massive terrain with two teleporters for players to utilize. This is ideal terrain for Chamber, as he can make the most of the teleporters by using his Rendezvous (E) to fool opponents or spin quickly.

But that’s not all; as a Defender, Rendezvous also permits him to guard Sites A and B at the same time. As a result, using the anchors, Chamber may quickly transition between sites.

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