We have brought you a Valorant Cypher Guide with all the best setups you can use on maps. Read it carefully and follow the instructions.

Cypher is one of the most adaptable and distinctive characters in the VALORANT universe. Cypher is one of the most powerful agents in the game when it comes to pure reconnaissance, thanks to his ability to gather unrivaled amounts of information through his many traps and tripwires, as well as his famous SpyCam. We’ll go over the three mandatory setups that every Cypher player should know in order to acquire a basic sense of how the character should operate—especially on defense—in this guide. Cypher’s skillset will flourish when your squad has more time to set up a defense plan since he identifies as a Sentinel.

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Valorant Cypher Guide: Setup for Split B Side

Valorant Cypher Guide
Valorant Cypher (Image credit Valorant wiki fandom)

Split’s B-site is likely the most basic, yet rewarding, configuration for Cypher players, as you can see each entry point into the site in detail. You can not only put your cages around the garage to slow the opposition team’s push and give your squad more time for a retake. But you can also set up your camera in B-heaven to ensure as much visibility as possible.

By positioning your camera in B-heaven, you’ll be able to determine whether the opposing team rushes towards B-site or A-ropes from their mid-push – just in case your fellow defenders lose a gunfight in the middle. You’ll also want to have wires put up near the rope under B-heaven, as well as near the green box on the site itself if you see them on your cam heading to your site.

With this configuration, you’ll provide your team enough knowledge and time to rotate from A-site to B in a decent manner while also delaying the opposition team to a certain extent. You can also position your wires near the back-site in case the attacking team decides to hold down the site from a different angle when your squad rotates from B-heaven. Because B-site on Split is rather small, attacking players will have limited space to dodge Cypher’s gadgets and traps.

Valorant Cypher Guide: Setup for Haven

Haven will undoubtedly be the most difficult map in VALORANT due to the fact that the attacking team has three alternatives. As a Cypher (or a Sentinel in general), you should ideally be playing A-site or C-site, as these are the easiest sites for the other side to retake in the event of a numerical disadvantage.

In comparison to A-site, winning a gunfight in C is a lot easier. If you’re under pressure to surrender the site to the other team, a retake situation may be forced upon you. You’ll want to position your camera so that you can see all of the site’s access points. Because there are only two very clear entry points for A-site on Haven, Cypher players will normally position their camera near heaven in the corner, giving them a view of both short and long potential entries.

Valorant Cypher (Image credit Valorant wiki fandom)

It is best to place your wires at strategic points of the site, especially in areas where players plant spikes. The best and safest places are directly in front of the main building and the exit from short. Traps should be situated on the site, behind that same main structure, so they cannot be seen from beneath. In the event that the attacking team occupies such a predictable spot, your cage can force them from the field when your team retakes. Additionally, you should have another cage blocking short’s view of the field.

In most cases, your team will reclaim the defenders’ spawn, and having short blocked off will provide cover as your squad makes their way onto the site for a possible gunfight. Essentially, you’ll have completed your task on this site if you’ve covered the critical sightlines that will allow your crew to return to A in a safe and timely manner.

Valorant Cypher Guide: Setup for Bind

Bind is one of the more straightforward maps in VALORANT, particularly its A-site, because attacking players only have two basic routes for getting to the site. While they can reach mid from two different angles, a pushing team’s only (non-rotating) access points onto the site are out of the toilets and straight out of mid. As a Cypher player, you can simply lock down both of these entries with a simple camera setup and a few basic traps and tripwire placements.

To begin, set your camera beneath the pipe close to the boxes at the restroom exit. By positioning the camera here, you’ll be able to see the attackers’ feet as they exit the restrooms, as well as anyone entering the area from the middle. You’ll usually have another player watching midfield, so you won’t need to keep a close eye on that aspect, but having a view of both entry points is obviously advantageous to your cause.

Valorant Cypher guide
Valorant Cypher (Image credit Valorant wiki fandom)

Furthermore, when it comes to cages and wires, you’ll want to set up your traps so that they not only slow the pushing team’s spike plant but also give your team ample time to retake the area. Wires should be placed on the usual plant places to allow your team a few extra seconds, and cages should be placed in between natural boxes and buildings on the site so that when your team returns to the site, they have some cover between them and the attacking team.

It’s best to avoid planting cages right on top of sightlines and entrances like “U-haul” or “heaven,” as you don’t want your teammates to have to return to the location blindly through your own smoke.

Valorant Cypher Guide: Setup for Ascent

Valorant Cypher
Valorant Cypher (Image credit Valorant wiki fandom)

Ascension is an excellent map for initiators and sentinels. The large space provides plenty of opportunities to make complicated moves and deceive opponents. This Cypher wall bang lineup is a great illustration of one of Cypher’s numerous rewarding tactics.

To draw adversaries into the trap, you’ll need Tripwires and a Spycam. Stand near the control button and place the first wire along the edge of the boat. Set up the second wire so that it forms a perpendicular angle with the first. Once this is completed, opponents will be unable to enter critical locations at point B. After that, mount the Spycam on top of the B entrance to gain a clear view of adversaries in the vicinity of the control shelter.

As soon as adversaries step inside point B, they will be caught in the trap by the two wires. If they manage to avoid the first trap, the second, which leads to the catwalk, will undoubtedly knock them out. Turn on your camera and acquire intel on vulnerable enemies whenever you get the cue. Make use of the knowledge to spam the neighboring paper-thin walls.

Through the walls, enemies will take a lot of damage, making it easier for your allies to finish off wounded opponents. Even if you miss your wall bangs, your friends near the defender’s spawn and in the mid-market may be able to take advantage of the setup by picking off a concussed enemy. 

When you have enough creds to spend on utility and a heavy-duty weapon like Odin or Vandal, this combo works best in full-buy rounds. The best guns for causing damage with wall bangs are these two. When it comes to deterring attackers from attempting to hit the A site, this setup will be extremely effective.

Valorant Cypher Guide: Setup for Fracture

Valorant Cypher Guide
Fracture map (Image credit Valorant wiki fandom)

Fracture favors the attacking side entirely. Defenders, on the other hand, can use strategic play to reverse the tide in their favor. While taking possession of a site, players can choose Cypher, which can help them hold it using tripwires and cages, as well as block off opponent rotations. Apart from that, Cypher’s Spycam can be used to find out where the opponent is.

Cypher gamers may acquire information from the entire A-site, as well as A-rope, A-Link, and A-Main areas, using this spycam set-up at A-drop Area. Over the Planting Area on A-site is another spycam placement. In the A-rope, A-Link, and A-Main areas, Cypher users can gather information using their surveillance tools.

Cypher players can set their cameras to the default location on the B-Site, which will allow them to see the entire site as well as the B-Canteen, B-Tower, and B-Generator sections. Another ideal Spycam site to capture information about the entire B Site is over the B Generator area. This Spycam Location allows players to obtain information from the B-Arcade, B-Link, and B-Main locations.

Valorant Cypher Guide: Setup for Breeze

Breeze map (Image credit Valorant wiki fandom)

Breeze is one of the most powerful maps in the game. It’s tough to take care of all the places at once when a site has two-way doors, a one-way mid-chute, and various entrance paths.

When defending, a good Spycam position is on the middle tank next to the Mid Door, as it allows the players to gain a comprehensive view of the A site. Knowing where the adversary is will be extremely useful while retaking the spot. Cypher players can position their Spycam in the Double Green box on the Double Green box. This will allow the players to see the attacking team’s aggressive pushes from both the A-main and mid positions.

The finest spycam site in mid is on Mid-Stack. Players will be able to gather information about the enemy’s location in mid-pillar and mid-top sections as a result of this. There are very few Spycam positions on B site. Cypher players, on the other hand, can place their cameras over the ladder on the B-Back. They will be able to see the entire site as well as the mid entrance as a result of this. Another fantastic position to deploy Spycam to collect data from the entire B Site is on the B Wall area. The B-Wall section is where players can set their Spycam.

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