0647 Pokemon Go – Master Keldeo Pokemon Go With this Guide

What’s Pokemon Go 0647 and Keldeo? Find out everything about Keldeo, Pokedex and moves.

In Pokemon Go, it’s very hard to find and catch a Mythical Pokemon. As these creatures spawn only during events and special research tasks. Keldeo is one of the strongest Mythical Pokemon from the Unova region. Keldeo is the #0647 Pokemon in the Pokedex of Pokemon Go. Pokèmon Go 647 has become very popular since Keldeo was launched in the game.

Trainers can catch keldeo only through a special event. You have to spend some cash and purchase the event ticket from the in-game shop in Pokemon Go to take part in tasks where Keldeo is available as a reward. Also, you can use this code to unlock Rotom. In Pokemon Go, there will also be a Keldeo event that provides an opportunity for trainers to catch Keldeo. Here’s all about Pokemon Go 0647 Keldeo skills, movesets and playing style.

Pokemon Go 0647 Keldeo Movesets

Pokemon number 0647 in Pokemon Go is very special as it belongs to Keldeo, the  Water and Fighting type Pokemon. Keldeo doesn’t have a shiny or evolution form as well. But players can counter Keldeo and unlock its two forms, Ordinary and Resolute. Here are the best movesets for Keldeo in Pokemon Go raids, special research tasks and PvP battles,

Pokemon Go 0647 Keldeo
  • Sacred – This fighting type charge move deals 50 dps and will be the strongest move for Keldeo in special raids
  • Low Kick – The fighting type fast move is good for go battle leagues and PvP raids
  • X-Scissor – X-Scissor is a powerful bug type charge move and it’s the best move for tier raid battles
  • Poison Jab – The poison type fast move will be an excellent option for gym raids. Keldeo’s damage gets increased with Poison Jab 
  • Aqua Jet – The water type charge move deals lethal damage every second. Aqua Jet increases both attacks and defense for Keldeo
  • Hydro Pump – Hydro Pump is one of the strongest moves of Keldeo as this water type charge move deals explosive damage and stuns opposite Pokemon for a while. With Hydro Pump, keldeo’s damage will be 130+ on average

Is Keldeo Good in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Keldeo is a lethal Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Just like Giratina, Keldeo is strong in tier battles. This mythical Pokemon has high ATK and Stamina. Keldeo doesn’t spawn regularly and trainers can catch it during special research tasks.

How to Get Keldeo in Pokemon Go?

As of now, trainers can catch Keldeo Pokemon from the special research task called the Something Extraordinary. The ticket for this special task will be available from the in-game shop once the event goes live in Pokemon Go. This is the only way to catch Keldeo in Pokemon Go.

Which Form of Keldeo is Powerful in Pokemon Go?

Keldeo doesn’t have an evolution form or a shiny form, but trainers can catch the Ordinary and Resolute form of Keldeo in the wild. All three forms of Keldeo in Pokemon Go have the same stats and skills. These three Keldeo forms boast equal powers and their abilities don’t change. 

That’s everything you need to know about getting Pokemon Go 647 Keldeo moves, build and different forms. Find the best tips for the “A Ripple in Time” event 2024.


Does Pokemon Go Keldeo have a Shiny Form?

No, there’s no shiny variant for Keldeo in Pokemon Go. The shiny version for Keldeo is not available even in events. But trainers can unlock the other two forms of Keldeo in the wild.

Is it Difficult to Beat Pokemon Go Origin Forme Dialga?

Origin Forme Dialga is a new variant of the legendary Dialga. The Pokemon is not available in a five-star raid through the Sinnoh Tour event in Pokemon Go. Origin Forme Dialga has plenty of moves and it also uses its powerful charged move, Roar of Move.

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