3 Secret Tips on How to get Umbreon in Pokemon Go?

How to get Pokemon Go Umbreon with a different name? What’s the trick? Find the best ways to unlock Umbreon.

Pokemon Go is an ultimate adventure and one of the all-time best Pokemon games in the world. With tons of Pokemon, trainers can fight against online players and take part in raids and events. In Pokemon Go, trainers can use candies and evolve Pokemon to their best forms. Some Pokemon have 2 forms, while some have 3 evolution and some have multiple evolution forms. Many Pokemon don’t have an evolution form as well. 

Umbreon is a rare Dark type Pokemon that can be evolved using Eevee. Eevee is a normal Pokemon and has 8 evolution forms. One of these Eevee forms will help trainers to unlock Umbreon and add it to their squad. Umbreon in Pokemon Go is one of the best options for PvP raids. Here’s all about how to get Pokemon Go Umbreon and ways to utilize its powers.

How to Get Umbreon in Pokemon Go?

How to get Umbreon in Pokemon Go

Umbreon is a strong dark Pokemon and one of the best units like Kyurem. There are different methods to unlock Umbreon from other Pokemon in the game. Here are the best ways to unlock and evolve Umbreon,

  • Unlock Eevee and use it as your buddy companion. Walk 10km with Eevee at night and evolve it to a dark-type Umbreon. You have to spend 10 Eevee candies to unlock Umbreon in Pokemon Go
  • The other option to unlock Umbreon in Pokemon Go is to change the name of Eevee to Tamao. Once it’s done, you can relaunch Pokemon Go and evolve Umbreon for 25 candies

These are the two best ways to evolve Umbreon in Pokemon Go. Umbreon is a top-tier Pokemon with high CP, Attack, Defense and Stamina. Umbreon’s skills are boosted by Fog weather. With the Shiny Eeeve, trainers get a chance to evolve Shiny Umbreon as well.

Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Umbreon Counters, Moves, Weakness and Strength

Umbreon Strength Dark, Ghost, Psychic 
Umbreon Weakness Fairy, Fighting, Bug

Umbreon is a dark Pokemon and it’s immune to Ghost, Dark, and Psychic moves. You can counter Umbreon using Fighting, Bug, and Fairy Pokemon. The best counters are Keldeo, Mega Rayquaza, Mega Blaziken, and Terrakion. The best movesets for Umbreon are required to beat the strongest Pokemon in the game.

  • Feint Attack – The fast move uses 9 energy and deals over 20 damage
  • Snarl – Another dark-type fast moveset that deals heavy damage
  • Foul Play – The best charge move of Umbreon deals more than 70 DPS
  • Dark Pulse – The dark-type charge attack deals 80 damage and gets boosted by windy weather

That’s everything you need to know about getting Umbreon in Pokemon Go. As you evolve Pokemon Go Eevee using candies, you can find the Umbreon Silhouette. You can simply tap it and add Umbreon to your squad.

Can you Get Shiny Umbreon in Pokemon Go?

Yes, trainers can get shiny Umbreon in Pokemon Go. There’s no direct way to catch a shiny Umbreon, but players can evolve the shiny version of Eevee to unlock Shiny Umbreon.

How to get Umbreon in Pokemon Go with name trick

Longing for an Umbreon in Pokemon Go? The name trick is your answer! Rename your chosen Eevee to “Tamao” and then, crucially, evolve it during nighttime in-game. Presto! Your Eevee will bypass the usual randomness and transform into the sleek, dark-type Umbreon. Remember, this name trick only works once per Eevee, so choose wisely!

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