The Only Baby Pokemon List You Need – Baby Pokemon Ranked

How many Baby Pokemon are available in the Pokedex? Which is the best baby Pokemon? Find out everything about the Pokemon Baby tier list and evolution.

Pokemon games have been sensational over the years as it’s being loved by kids and youngsters. Be it Pokemon games or Anime, they have been the favorite for fans. There are a plethora of Pokemon games and fans can play as their favorite characters and catch new Pokemon as well.  The Pokédex has more than 1000 Pokemon and it’s surprising that there are only 19 baby Pokemon.

Baby Pokemon are creatures that can’t breed and they have an evolution form as well. Baby Pokemon can be earned as rewards or trainers can breed and catch them. Moreover, Baby Pokemon can be caught in their pre-evolution form and then you can transform them to their first-stage and final stage evolution. Here’s all about the Baby Pokemon list, evolution and more.

Pokemon Baby Tier List – All Pokemon Ranked

Right from Pikachu to Snorlax, trainers can find the baby Pokemon for their favorite species. Here’s the tier list for all baby Pokemon and their evolution forms,

Baby Pokemon list
Tier Baby Pokemon 
STogebi, Pichu, Mime Jr, Igglypuff, Elekid, Chingling
AMunchlax, Riolu, Cleffa, Magpy, Azurill, Budew, Bonsly, Mantyke
BToxel, Tyrogue
CSmoochum, Wynaut, Happiny

Baby Pokemon Evolution

Baby Pokemon First StageFinal Evolution Pokemon Type 
AzurillMarillAzumarillNormal and Fairy 
ToxelToxtricityElectric and Poison 
Igglypuff Jigglypuff WigglytuffFairy 
MantykeMantineWater and Flying 
Tyrogue Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, HitmontopFighting 
Smoochum JynxIce and Psychic
Chingling ChimechoPsychic 
BudewRoseliaRoseradeGrass and Poison 
Mime Jr.Mr. MimeMr. RimePsychic and Fairy
Bonsly SudowoodooRock 

3 Best Baby Pokemon 

Some Baby Pokemon are cute and stronger as well. But you have to evolve baby Pokemon to unleash their best skills. Here are the top 3 Baby Pokemon from the Pokemon Universe,

  • Mime Jr. – The Fairy and Psychic Pokemon was first launched in Generation IV. Mime JR. hails from the Sinnoh region and excels in the supporting role. Mime Pokemon has 2 special skills and a hidden skill. Mime Jr has two evolution forms including Mr.Mime and Mr.Rime.
  • Pichu – Pichu is an all-time classic baby Pokemon from generation II. With two special abilities, this tiny electric type mouse Pokemon excels in the tank role. Pichu is an incredible offensive Pokemon that gets better in its evolution form, Pikachu and Raichu.
  • Smoochum – Known as the kiss Pokemon, Smoochum deals ice and psychic damage. Smoochum can freeze and stun targets for a while. Smoochum is one of the best defenders in baby Pokemon

That’s everything you need to know about the Baby Pokemon list and their evolution forms.


Can you use Baby Pokemon for Battles?

Though Baby Pokemon have skills, it’s better to not use these pre-evolution forms for battles. Baby Pokemon are vulnerable to all types of attacks. You can complete the evolution and then take these Pokemon for combat.

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