A Complete Guide to Pokemon Sleep Salad Recipes

Do you want to find the recipes to craft Salads in Pokemon Sleep? Scroll down and find the best Salads and required items to make them.

Pokemon Sleep is an idle simulation and a sleep-tracking game. The goal in this game is to place your smart phone beside your pillow and keep track of your sleep. The Pokemon Sleep app lets you record your sleep, snoring sound, and sleep talking. You can create a record in this app by simply sleeping for a long time.

You can connect Pokemon Sleep with Pokemon Go Plus+ to unlock new features after pairing with another device. Professor Neroli will be the guide for trainers and everyone will start playing with a sleeping Snorlax. You have to sleep for a long time to unlock new sleeping styles, Pokemon and food. With berries and food items, you can increase powers and stamina for Snorlax.

Pokemon Sleep rewards

Pokemon Sleep is a unique idle simulation game where sleeping is the main target for players. Dozing, Slumbering, and Snoozing are all three types of sleep in the game. With more records, your sleep score gets increased. Players will also unlock new Pokemon based on their sleeping style. You can make new friends, increase friendship levels, and gift berries as well. Salad is one of the best recipes in Pokemon Sleep. Here’s all about Pokemon Sleep Salad recipes and crafting.

Pokemon Sleep Salad Recipes

Pokemon Sleep salad recipes

Salad increases Snorlax’s strength and  drowsy power. In Pokemon Sleep, players can feed food three times on different hours. Here are the best salad recipes in Pokemon Sleep,

  • Snoozy Tomato Salad – 8 Snoozy Tomatoes
  • Heat Wave Tofu Salad – 6 Fiery Herb, 10 Greengrass Soybeans
  • Gluttony Potato Salad – 9 Fancy Eggs, 14 Soft Potatoes, 6 Fancy Apples, 7 Bean Sausage
  • Immunity Leek Salad – 10 Large Leek, 5 Warming Ginger
  • Spore Mushroom Salad – 17 Tasty Mushroom, 8 Snoozy Tomato, 8 Pure Oil
  • Fury Attack Corn Salad – 9 Greengrass Corn, 8 Pure Oil
  • Ninja Salad – 15 Large Leek, 12 Tasty Mushroom, 11 Warming Ginger, 15 Greengrass Soybeans
  • Overheat Ginger Salad – 10 Warming Ginger, 17 Fiery Herb, 8 Snoozing Tomato
  • Fancy Apple Salad – 8 Fancy Apple
  • Calm Mind Fruit Salad – 21 Fancy Apple, 12 Greengrass Corn, 16 Honey
  • Contrary Chocolate Meat Salad – 14 Soothing Cacao, 9 Bean Sausage

These salads are highly recommended to increase your drowsy power for Snorlax. Drowsy Power and Strength will enhance your chances of catching more Pokemon and increases Snorlax’s skills and stats.

Professor Neroli

Eating berries and securing maximum sleep score are the other best ways to increase drowsy power stats for Snorlax. Salads also unlock more sleep styles and raise Snorlax. With more cooking recipes, Snorlax becomes larger and stronger.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Sleep salad recipes and effects. Find out everything about the new Pokemon Legends Celebi game.


Are Salads Good in Pokemon Sleep?

In Pokemon Sleep, salad is one of the best cooking recipes for snorlax. Salads raise snorlax levels, improves sleep, unlocks new sleeping styles and grants more buffs. Along with Salads, you can craft curries and desserts as well.

Who can Play Pokemon Sleep?

Pokemon Sleep is a fun simulation and sleep-tracking game for Android and iOS. In this idle simulation game, players have to sleep and record their sleeping and snoring sound, craft recipes and feed them to snorlax to catch new types of Pokemon.

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