Are you in search of the WoW Dragonflight Magmashell Snail Mount? We will tell you the best way to find it easily. 

There are a range of new mounts that players are eager to obtain and showcase at the auction house in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. Among these mounts, the Magmashell fire snail has become a popular choice. Acquiring this mount from the Dragon Isles is a confusing process. So it can be very difficult for a few players. Therefore, we have the best way to find WoW Dragonflight Magmashell Snail Mount. 

WoW Dragonflight Magmashell Snail Mount
WoW Dragonflight Magmashell Snail Mount

WoW Dragonflight Magmashell Snail Mount

In order to obtain Dragonflight’s Magmashell mount, the first step is to travel to the Waking Shore. It is the initial questing area of the Dragon Isles, and acquire an Empty Magma Shell. This item can be obtained by farming mobs in the Waking Shore or by purchasing it from the Auction House. It can cost between 1,000 to 10,000 gold depending on the realm’s current market prices.

For players who choose to farm the item, the best location to do so is near the Obsidian Sanctum to the South. Specifically the river of lava. Although various mobs on the Dragon Isles have a chance of dropping the Empty Magma Shell, Lavaslurpers and Basalt Shell mobs along this river have the highest likelihood of dropping it. However, the odds of obtaining the item from these creatures are roughly 1 in 100. It requires players to spend a significant amount of time farming in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Obtaining the Magmashell Mount

After obtaining the Empty Magma Shell item, the next step in acquiring the WoW Dragonflight Magmashell snail mount is to travel North to Scalecracker Keep. It is located on the northern edge of the map. At the top of the mountain where the Keep is situated, there is a large pool of lava to the East of the map image around coordinates 71 and 25. At the bottom of the pool, players can find the Empowered Snail NPC, which is the key to obtaining the mount.

To initiate the process of obtaining the mount, players must interact with the Empowered Snail while having the Empty Magma Shell in their inventory. This interaction will activate a spell called ‘Embiggening Snail,’ which lasts for 20 seconds. However, due to the damage caused by the lava, players often die before completing the spell. Therefore, to successfully obtain the Magmashell mount, players must find a way to heal themselves reliably. This can be achieved by having a healer accompany them or by casting a Heal-over-time spell before jumping into the pool, such as the Preservation tree spell from World of Warcraft’s new class, the Evoker.


Everlasting Horn of Lavaswimming

Aside from the challenging method of acquiring the WoW Dragonflight Magmashell snail mount, players can also obtain it by acquiring the Everlasting Horn of Lavaswimming item. This alternative method allows players to avoid any damage caused by lava pools on the Dragon Isles’ Overworld for 10 minutes, which makes it much easier to complete the ‘Embiggening Snail’ spell without dying.

However, the Everlasting Horn of Lavaswimming is a item that can only be obtained through event rewards. Recently, it has also become available as a possible drop from the Dragonbane Keep Reward Chests. Once players have the item in their inventory, they can use it to swim through the lava pool to reach the Empowered Snail NPC at the bottom of the pool. Completing the ‘Embiggening Snail’ spell successfully will reward players with the fiery Magmashell mount.

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