Are you looking for the Final Fantasy XIV Suzusaurus Minion? The guide below will give you all the information you need.

Final Fantasy XIV features numerous minions, each with its own unique characteristics. While many of these minions are obtainable through normal in-game activities, the rare Suzusaurus is available to members of a Free Company. To acquire this minion, players must participate in Subaquatic voyages introduced during the Stormblood expansion.

Due to the limited availability of these underwater submarine activities, the Suzusaurus is highly popular. Players can get a high price on the open market. Players who are looking to earn extra Gil in Final Fantasy XIV can consider selling this minion to other players who are willing to pay for it. This provides an opportunity for wealthier players to acquire the Suzusaurus without investing as much time or effort. However, the guide below will help you get the Final Fantasy XIV Suzusaurus Minion.


How to get the Final Fantasy XIV Suzusaurus Minion

In order to get the Final Fantasy XIV Suzusaurus Minion, you will need to understand everything about Free Companies. Final Fantasy XIV subscribers can join guilds called Free Companies. The unlimited free trial option is locked for those on the free trial. The official Community Finder is the best way for players to find a Free Company. There are a variety of filter options available, including servers, goals, active hours, languages, and members. 

The leader’s mission statement will appear on the individual Free Company page, along with a number of recruitment slots and images of the current members. In Final Fantasy XIV, players will have the option of creating their own Free Company to skip the application process. The leader’s profile can be viewed at the bottom of the recruitment page and he or she can be reached in-game to join.

In order to join a Grand Company, one must first reach level 25 in a combat job and progress the main story far enough. A leader must then seek the approval of at least three other players to sign the application and become founding members of the Grand Company. Next, the leader must speak to their OIC admin at the Grand Company’s headquarters. Once a minimum of four people have been recorded, the leader must pay the OIC 15,000 Gil in order to open a new Free Company.

Buy House

Once a Free Company is formed, its members must collectively buy a house. As a way to prevent monopolies, Final Fantasy XIV houses are distributed according to specific schedules. The cost of each lot varies, but it can range from 1.5-40 million Gil, depending on the size and location.

Free Company members can pool together this amount, but the leader must purchase the house within a set period of time after the lottery or forfeit the house. After building a house, players will need to visit the basement workshop. High-level crafters will then need to use various materials to create Submersibles, with more successful missions per level.

Additionally, the Free Company must pay credits to obtain Cerium Tanks from the Resident Caretaker in the housing ward. Final Fantasy XIV submarines will begin at rank one but will progress through each voyage as they go. Finally, at rank 104, players will have the chance to obtain the Final Fantasy XIV Suzusaurus Minion by visiting the Bloodbreak sector.



Patch 6.3 introduced several new rewards for completing Subaquatic Voyages at higher levels. One such reward is the Final Fantasy XIV Suzusaurus minion. However, the location where this minion can be found is still unknown. It is believed that players must have a submarine level of at least 50 to access this location.

Although the Suzusaurus is a tradeable and sellable item, it remains quite expensive, with prices ranging in the millions of Gil. In fact, it is almost as costly as purchasing a Free Company house and acquiring the minion through that means. As a result, it may be more worthwhile to attempt to obtain the Suzusaurus through Subaquatic Voyages with your Free Company, rather than spending a large amount of Gil to purchase it from the Market Board.

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