How to Defeat Plyusch in Atomic Heart

Facing difficulties to take down the Atomic Heart Plyusch boss? Do not worry because the guide below is going to help you.

If you’re playing Atomic Heart, you’ll notice that there aren’t many boss battles early on in the game. This means that when you do encounter Plyusch, a monstrous creature, it can catch you off guard. As you search for Claire’s arm, you’ll receive a clue that it might be located in a place that’s red, warm, and made of polymer. The perfect fit for this description is the Plyusch, a polymeric muscle blob implanted with a dog’s brain that hasn’t been properly secured.

The Plyusch is incredibly agile and can move at a fast pace. It primarily stands on two legs and attacks with its long-reaching arms. The creature is resistant to gunfire and shock, but it’s vulnerable to fire and melee attacks. So how are you going to beat this boss? The guide below will help you in defeating Atomic Heart Plyusch.


How to beat Atomic Heart Plyusch

When facing off against the Plyusch in Atomic Heart, it’s important to choose the right weapons. The Zvezdochka, Fox, Snowball, and Swede are all viable options, but keep in mind that the Plyusch is a fast-moving enemy, so you’ll want to select weapons that can be swung quickly. While the Fox and Snowball can be effective due to their speed, they may lack power. As a result, the Swede, a classic weapon, is a solid choice.

The Atomic Heart Plyusch has three different attacks, two of which are powerful strikes. The first power attack is signaled by two circles on its arms. This means that the Plyusch will dash toward you and lash out with its tendrils. For its special attack, a large circle will appear. This move is incredibly dangerous and can be lethal. If you fail to dodge it, the Plyusch will grab you and attempt to devour you. You’ll have to complete a series of quick-time events to avoid this fate. If you fail, it’s an automatic game over.

Taking down the Plyusch in Atomic Heart requires a strategic approach, and you should be prepared for a prolonged battle. If you haven’t already done so, head to the Character upgrade menu and purchase Second Wind. This ability grants you an extra dodge charge, which can prove to be invaluable. Additionally, consider taking Morning Exercise to boost your movement speed.

Make sure to stock up on neuromed capsules and, if possible, Adrenaline Capsules. These items will not only restore your health, but also speed up your dodge recovery time for up to two minutes. By using these items wisely, you’ll be able to keep yourself alive while maintaining your mobility during the fight.

Mass Telekinesis won’t work 

It’s important to note that Mass Telekinesis won’t work on this enemy. It will remain rooted to the ground, so don’t waste your time with this ability. While Atomic Heart Plyusch boss is resistant to shock, using it can be a powerful tactic. Shock can interrupt the Plyusch’s attacks and even stun it temporarily, allowing you to land hits or avoid a lethal attack.

During the fight, the Atomic Heart Plyusch boss will move quickly in a straight line when it lunges at you. To reduce the amount of damage you take, always dodge to the side. Once you’ve dodged an attack successfully, turn around and focus your attacks on the Plyusch’s back. Its missed lunges are the best opportunity to deal damage but don’t get too greedy or you’ll risk getting hit.


Ultimately, this fight requires careful management of your dodge and shock abilities, as well as timing your attacks and anticipating the boss’s movements. By following these tips and whittling down its health bar, you’ll be able to emerge victorious against the Atomic Heart Plyusch boss.

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