We have brought you the Evil Dead The Game guide, with some of the best tips and tricks that you will need to progress in the game.

Some of you might be aware of the “Evil Dead” name. It is one of the most popular horror survival games you can play. The Evil Dead franchise has games and movies for you, this is the reason it is popular among horror lovers. The game features multiple maps, a level-up system, and locations based on the Evil Dead film series. 

Therefore, you will have a great time playing in those locations that you saw in the movies. There are more than 25 weapons you can play with. If you are a beginner, then you are in the right place. We have the Evil Dead The Game guide that will give you some of the best tips to help you out in the game.

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Evil Dead The Game guide: Boss Demons

So, we are directly jumping on the boss demons at first. This is because those are very important and often beginners face trouble while facing them. The majority of the boss demons further in the game is very difficult to defeat. Therefore, it is always recommended to play with friends and fight along in order to beat the boss demon. 

You can use all your power and everything in your hand to defeat him. Never underestimate their power, as they can kill you very easily. If you feel you cannot defeat them alone, then the best option is to run away from that fight. 

Demon in Evil Dead The Game
Demon in Evil Dead The Game (YouTube)

Evil Dead The Game guide: Avoid detection

Always try to avoid detection. The demon can see when you are scared and if you start a car and make any loud noise, the demon can detect you, and it will be big trouble for you then. Always make sure that you stay silent and let the demon struggle to find you. This will make it more interesting and also a little easy for you to survive. Even shooting will make loud noises, so that will also be a problem as you will be detected very easily. Therefore, try to use everything very carefully.

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Evil Dead The Game guide: Level up

By finding Pink F bottles during a match, players can enhance their characters. However, they can also permanently enhance them by visiting the Collection section of the game menu between matches. Regularly doing this will improve basic stats, but it will also grant new powers and abilities to make use of, as some of them are very useful.

Manage your fear 

As we said above, if you do not manage your fear, you will easily get detected. The demons can also possess anyone who has a high fear. Therefore, it is a major issue if you are not able to manage your fear properly. How will you do it? If you rest at light sources or even create any light sources, then you will be able to manage your fear. You will just need to avoid darkness. 

Do not run unnecessarily 

Running without any rushing will cause you trouble. This is a horror survival game, so if you run for no reason, then you might attract some enemies towards you. There will be more noise, and it can attract a group of enemies that you will have to face later. Therefore, unless there is a proper reason, we recommend you not to run. 

Evil Dead The Game gameplay
Evil Dead The Game gameplay (YouTube)

Collect weapons and items

In this game, speed is so important because the enemies are getting stronger and stronger and will eventually overpower the players. Therefore, if you don’t collect some better weapons in time, then it will be very difficult for you to survive in the game. In the buildings along your route, look for better weapons and consumables.

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Torch is a great help

The torch can do more than simply provide light and aid in the control of your fears. With the use of a torch, you can find certain hidden things. There are certain things that you can’t see in the dark. Only if you shine a light on them will you notice them. As a result, if you don’t want to miss anything important, you’ll need to utilize the torch where you think you’ll discover something.

Grey area on the map

The grey area on the map is a bit confusing. Checking a key location on a map piece actually means searching the gray area around that location on the map. For example, if you’re told to find monsters in a small shack, they might be there – or they might be in the square mile of demon-infested woodland around it. Be sure to examine every building, shed, and structure within the area.

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Stay together

The more you play together, the less likely you are to be overwhelmed by the demon and its shenanigans. A single-player is more likely to die and lose the game for their team if they get detected by the demon. Moreover, if they get detected and the demon notices it, the probability of them surviving is zero.

Learn to Dodge

Dodging is always as important as other things in any action game or survival game.  Rather than blatantly alerting the demon player of your presence by using your firearm, you can preserve your health and have excellent melee combat with the help of dodging. It always helps you to dodge and quickly deal some damage to the enemy. So, learning this ability is a must for you.

Evil Dead The Game gameplay
EvilDead The Game (YouTube)

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