Lost Ark Luterra Castle Mokoko Seed Locations

We have brought you the Lost Ark Luterra Castle Mokoko Seed Locations guide that will help you find out all the Mokoko seeds you are looking for.

In Lost Ark, you will come across Luterra Castle, the second big and active city. In addition to the core mechanics and game modes, you’ll also meet a lot of merchants here, as well as learn more about Strongholds and PvP. It may be tempting to get distracted by all of the juicy content in this city, but beware because there are many Mokoko seeds scattered throughout it. So, if you’re looking for Mokoko seeds, you’ve come to the perfect site. We’ll go through the Lost Ark Luterra Castle Mokoko Seed locations in this guide.

luterra castle Mokoko seeds locations
Luterra castle Mokoko seeds locations (YouTube)
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About Luterra Castle

There is a cathedral, a palace, two arenas, and more in Luterra Castle. The castle is a large zone in Lost Ark. This area has a variety of terrain that makes finding its Mokoko Seeds a bit challenging. There are also a few secret paths that players will have to discover if they want to gather them all. 

It is worth pointing out that players may not be able to find these Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds in the positions that are described below. Many of the Castle Seeds of Luterra are completely hidden from view by their surrounding environment. By the time players reach Luterra Castle, they will be familiar with this phenomenon, however, it is significantly harder to find Seeds due to it.

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Luterra Castle Mokoko Seed Locations

After you visit Prideholme, you’ll see Luterra Castle, a city where you can find 10 seeds. You can find five of the seeds behind secret passageways. If you run west from the door on the west side of the area, you will find three of them in the Luterra Palace. To reach all of the seeds, you will have to travel in the dark. There are two seeds hidden behind a wall in the Kadan Cathedral. 

You won’t be able to see the door in the dark, so you’ll have to run across the walls to watch. After some time, you will see one vanish, and it will reveal two seeds. It is located in the cathedral’s basement, which is not visible on the map. You can reach this location by heading west and looking for the entrance at the bottom of the stairs. The entrance is located at the end of the basement’s walkway. Those looking for other seeds can easily find them here.

Lost Ark Luterra Castle Mokoko Seed Locations
Mokoko seeds location (YouTube)

Keep In Mind

Keep in mind that you can also visit Mokoko Village and purchase a product at Totoma after collecting the Luterra Castle Mokoko Seeds. Although 10 is simply not enough to purchase anything at that vendor, it is possible if the player has already stockpiled some of these currencies. Seeds can be found all over Arkesia, and players who are diligent in their search should be able to find them rather quickly.

So, this is how you will get the Luterra Castles Mokoko Seed locations. The process is not so difficult. You will just need to follow the guide properly, and once you do it, you will find all the Mokoko seeds easily without any trouble. 

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