Dave the Diver Yellow Shipwreck is a challenging but rewarding location to explore. If you’re looking for a challenge and some valuable loot, then be sure to check it out.

Are you playing Dave the Diver and searching for the unavailable Yellow Shipwreck? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll help you locate Dave the Diver Yellow Shipwreck in the first chapter, “Duff’s Pink Delivery.” Keep reading to find out how to find this hidden treasure.

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Dave the Diver Yellow Shipwreck Location

The Yellow Shipwreck can be found in the Blue Hole, which houses the Pink Delivery Box containing the coveted figure of Leahs-chan. To begin your search, dive directly beneath the starting point, approximately 150 meters deep. Be sure to upgrade your Diver Suit adequately to reach this depth.

As part of two connected quests, Dave embarks on a mission to retrieve the Pink Delivery Box, which contains the precious Leahs-chan figure. The Dave the Diver Yellow Shipwreck, where you’ll discover the box, is located just beneath the starting point of your dive. The ship and the box rest at a depth of around 100 meters, so make sure your Diver Suit is suitably upgraded to handle the pressure. Upgrading your other equipment at this point in the game is also a good idea.

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If you need help finding the Yellow Shipwreck, remember it is west of the Stalactite Limestone Cave. Watch for a vibrant Yellow Shipwreck accompanied by the Pink Delivery Box you’re after. Unfortunately, your quest is momentarily interrupted as a colossal tentacle snatches the box away. In response, Duff insists that you resurface, so he can assist you in gaining entry into the Shipwreck.

Continuing the Quest

To proceed with the quest:

  1. Return to the surface, where Duff will provide you with a Gas Cutter.
  2. With this new tool, dive back into the Blue Hole and go to the Shipwreck.
  3. Prepare for a mini-game where you must keep the mouse steady within a circle to cut the ship open correctly. Once you’ve completed the task, you can enter the Shipwreck, triggering an epic boss fight that concludes this chapter.
  4. Get ready to face off against a massive squid, so ensure you’re well-prepared for the battle.

Follow these directions precisely, and you’ll uncover the secrets of the Dave the Diver Yellow Shipwreck in a thrilling underwater adventure. Retrieve the Pink Delivery Box and emerge victorious in your battle against the colossal squid. 

Use These Tips Before You Start the Quest

  • Dave the Diver Yellow Shipwreck is around 150 meters, so players must have a Diver Suit that is upgraded enough to withstand the pressure at that depth. If their Diver Suit is not upgraded enough, they will start to take damage and eventually die.
  • The Yellow Shipwreck is home to several enemies, including sharks and jellyfish. If players are not careful, these enemies can quickly kill them. It is essential to bring a good supply of health potions in case they get injured.
  • Dave the Diver Yellow Shipwreck is challenging, and players are likely to die a few times while exploring it. It is crucial to save the game regularly so they can maintain progress if they die.
  • The sonar is a valuable tool that can help players find objects underwater. It is beneficial in finding the Yellow Shipwreck, as it is a relatively small area.
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Things to keep in mind

  • To find the Yellow Shipwreck, you’ll need to head to the starting point of your dive and then swim straight down. Once you reach a depth of around 150 meters, you should see the Shipwreck before you. The box will be located inside the Shipwreck, near the front.
  • Dave the Diver Yellow Shipwreck is a relatively small area but home to several enemies, including sharks and jellyfish. Be careful when exploring the area, and make sure you have a good supply of health potions.
  • Once you find the Pink Delivery Box, you must take it back to Duff’s Sushi Shack to complete the quest. Completing the quest will reward you with a Deep Sea Headlamp, allowing you to see better in the dark.

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