The Destiny 2 Braytech Osprey is a Void Rocket Launcher, exclusive to Vanguard Nightfalls. Its versatile pool of perks makes it a challenging weapon in PvE and PvP encounters. 

The Braytech Osprey, a Void Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2, holds a special place in the hearts of Guardians. Exclusive to Vanguard Nightfalls, this returning weapon boasts an array of unique perks that make it highly desired. This guide will get into the details of obtaining the Destiny 2 Braytech Osprey and discuss the coveted God Rolls that can make it even more challenging in your arsenal.

Braytech Osprey stats
Braytech Osprey stats
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How to unlcok the Destiny 2 Braytech Osprey

To acquire the Destiny 2 Braytech Osprey, Guardians must complete Vanguard Nightfall activities. Although it can be obtained at any difficulty, the chances of getting this weapon increase with higher challenges. The featured Nightfall changes each week, and players must patiently wait for the PsiOps Battleground: Moon to be in the rotation.

It’s worth noting that during this waiting period, other exceptional weapons can be acquired from Vanguard activities. The Hung Jury Scout Rifle in Destiny 2 is one such example, offering its own unique advantages to discerning Guardians. However, those up for the challenge can acquire the Adept Braytech Osprey from the Grand Master PsiOps Battleground.

Vanguard Engrams and Commander Zavala

Once a Destiny 2 Braytech Osprey drops, additional copies can be focused on Commander Zavala in The Tower. Crafting Nightfall weapons is impossible, making understanding how to obtain a desired God Roll is crucial. Guardians need one Vanguard Engram, 25 Legendary Shards, and 20,000 Glimmer to focus on this weapon. These vendor-specific Engrams can be earned by gaining ranks with Commander Zavala, achieved through completing Vanguard Strikes or Nightfall activities.

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The Destiny 2 Braytech Osprey God Roll for PvE

Certain perks and attributes can significantly enhance its effectiveness in the Destiny 2 Braytech Osprey God Roll for PvE encounters. Here are two recommended setups:

God Roll 1:

  • Barrel: Quick Launch
  • Magazine: Impact Casing
  • Trait 1: Cluster Bomb
  • Trait 2: Destabilizing Rounds

God Roll 1 maximizes the weapon’s blast radius and defeats multiple targets. Cluster Bomb creates a wider explosion, effectively clearing groups of enemies. Additionally, Destabilizing Rounds applies Explosive to any surviving enemies. The Quick Launch barrel and Impact Casing enhance the weapon’s velocity, handling, and stability, making it ideal for dealing with crowded enemies.

God Roll 2:

  • Barrel: Quick Launch
  • Magazine: Impact Casing
  • Trait 1: Envious Assassin
  • Trait 2: Bipod

God Roll 2 is a future-oriented option that holds potential once Bungie reworks the Bipod trait. Currently, Bipod increases ammo and reserves but decreases damage, blast radius, and reload speed. However, if Bungie buffs Bipod enough, combining it with Envious Assassin will become a fantastic choice. An envious Assassin overflows the magazine from reserves upon rapidly defeating enemies with another weapon. Guardians are advised to keep this God Roll of the Destiny 2 Braytech Osprey in their vault for a future update.

Braytech Osprey
Braytech Osprey
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Guardians must complete Vanguard Nightfall activities to obtain this weapon, with higher difficulties offering better chances. Focusing on the Braytech Osprey through Vanguard Engrams with Commander Zavala can help get desired God Rolls.

Guardians can maximize the Braytech Osprey’s potential with the recommended God Rolls for PvE encounters. Whether it’s the explosive power of Cluster Bomb and Destabilizing Rounds or the future possibility of Envious Assassin and Bipod, these setups offer different strategies for tackling various enemies.

Patience is key when waiting for the PsiOps Battleground:

  1. Moon Nightfall rotation.
  2. Keep honing your skills, gather the necessary resources, and aim to acquire the Braytech Osprey to enhance your Guardian’s arsenal.
  3. May its power guide you through the challenges that await in the world of Destiny 2.

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