Maximizing loot and experience points (XP) is a top priority for players. This is why we have made the Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon Tier List.

The Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon can be very difficult and without knowing which are the toughest ones, you might end up losing. Not just difficulty, but even the rewards and many other things matter when it comes to the nightmare dungeons. 

This is why we have made the Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon tier list. This tier list will rank the nightmare dungeons from best to worst. Furthermore, this ranking will help you to understand which nightmare dungeon you should try out as soon as possible. Maximizing loot and experience points (XP) is a top priority for players, and finding the most efficient ways to achieve this is crucial. 


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Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon Tier List

S Tier

The dungeons in this tier offer exceptional benefits, making them the cream of the crop when it comes to farming efficiency. These dungeons feature straightforward map layouts, high mob density, a multitude of elite packs that yield generous amounts of XP, and a lack of Rescue Prisoners objectives that tend to consume valuable time. Additionally, these dungeons do not include Intermission content, which locks players in a room without providing loot or XP.

Dungeon NameInformation
Champion’s DemiseSimple layout with good density. Lots of elite packs and 1-2 shrines
Guulrahn CanalsVery light map with high density. Beware of poison if you have high sigils
Blind BurrowsHigh density of spiders. Only 1 objective with a boss (kill 3 guards). Map is a circle, explore offshoots as well
Raethwind WildsLots of elite packs. High density. Long path to the boss
MaulwoodSimple objectives, quick completion. Mobs are relatively easy

A Tier

The dungeons in the A tier of the Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon tier list also provide substantial rewards. However, it might have slight drawbacks compared to the S tier. They maintain favorable map layouts and high mob density, ensuring a steady flow of loot and XP. However, some of these dungeons can include the occasional Rescue Prisoners objective or contain mobs that are slightly more challenging to defeat.

Dungeon NameInformation
AldurwoodElites near each guard and on the way to the boss. Not as high density as S Tier dungeons
Crusader’s CitadelExtremely high number of elite packs. Presence of Intermission. Abundance of loot
Serpent’s LairSimple dungeon with collecting Animus and killing Eyes objective. Elite spawns with extra mobs. A bit far from the waypoint
Abandoned MineworksSimple layout with good density. Rescue Prisoners objective may take time. Backtracking can be problematic if not familiar with the map

B Tier

Dungeons in the B tier of the Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon tier list still offer decent farming opportunities. But, they may not provide the same level of efficiency as the higher-ranked dungeons. These dungeons may have more intricate map layouts or slightly lower mob density, impacting the loot and XP gain. While they are worth exploring, you may find more success focusing on the higher tiers.

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Dungeon NameInformation
WitchwaterLower elite density. Rescue Prisoners objective
Whispering PinesGood option, but with Intermission. Not many elite packs
Earthen WoundGood density but the dungeon is too big
Kor Dragan BarracksQuite a few elites. Dungeon is also too big
Nightmare dungeon gameplay
Nightmare dungeon gameplay

C Tier

Lastly, we have the C tier dungeons in our Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon tier list. These are generally less lucrative compared to the higher-ranked options. These dungeons may have complex layouts, sparse mob populations, or objectives that impede efficiency. While they can still be valuable for variety or specific objectives, it is recommended to prioritize dungeons from the higher tiers for optimal loot and XP gains.

Dungeon NameInformation
Demon’s WakeOnly the second part has good density. Difficult navigation
Prison of CaldeumInconsistent density. Presence of Intermission. Poor navigation
Feral’s DenLarge number of spiders is the only redeeming factor
Maugan WorksPresence of Intermission and Rescue Prisoners objective. Few elite packs
Sunken RuinsGood density if map is well-studied. May take a lot of time
Shivta RuinsLow density. Presence of Intermission. Poor map layout

Remember, the Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon tier list is based on various factors such as map layout simplicity, mob density, elite packs, and the absence of time-consuming objectives. Choosing the right dungeon for farming can significantly impact your overall progress and success in Diablo 4.

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