Demon’s Souls Weapons Guide – Best Weapons in the Game

We have brought you a Demon’s Souls Weapons Guide. Read carefully about the weapons so that you can use them to their full power.

The greatest Demon’s Souls weapons significantly alter your survival experience. There are several attributes that, depending on your character build, may make weapons either awesome or worthless. In many situations, the ‘best weapon’ is totally dependent on where you’ve invested your points, with attack values that level up with magic, strength, defense, and so on. A fantastic weapon for a high magic character will be rendered ineffective in the hands of a strength tank.

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Demon’s Souls Weapons Guide: Bastard Sword

Demon's Souls Weapons Guide
Bastard Sword (Image credit:

For novices, the Bastard Sword is an excellent choice. The weapon does equivalent damage (at first), but it is shorter and simpler to manage. In terms of weight and speed, we consider this a mid-tier weapon, making it a good pick for learning the intricacies of the game’s various attack animations.

The hefty, two-handed R2 assault of the Bastard Sword is its finest feature. This overhead swing is great for tiny passageways – and it does a lot of harm. It may also be improved to greatly scale with strength, although it can also be charmed to favor faith or magic. If you like the damage output of the Halberd but prefer something simpler to hold, the Bastard Sword is a good choice.

Demon’s Souls Weapons Guide: Claymore

Demon's Souls Weapons Guide
Claymore (Image credit:

The Claymore is yet another excellent Strength-based weapon for those seeking harsh, yet reasonably quick assaults. The Dregling Merchant sells the weapon for 6,000 souls. Based on the plot, he travels between worlds 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3. Another alternative for those wishing to rescue a few souls is to combat the Blue Eye Knights that wander throughout the early game. This foe can drop a free Claymore, which is uncommon on the treasure table.

Demon’s Souls Weapons Guide: Great Club

Demon's Souls Weapons Guide
Great Club (Image credit:

The Great Club is a massive hammer that can inflict massive amounts of damage. The strikes are sluggish, but they have the potential to shatter guards and deplete stamina. The Great Club demands a lot of Strength to use, but it has some amazing scaling. The Great Club may be found in World 2-1; look for the crystal lizard scampering around the lowest level. 

A Steel Shield will be at one end of the hall, and the Great Club will be at the other. From 5-1, you can also get an additional Great Club. There will be several foes in the Leechmonger boss area, one of which holds the Great Club. Last but not least, the Great Club is an uncommon drop from the Giant Depraved One opponent.

Demon’s Souls Weapons Guide: Uchigatana

Demon's Souls Weapons Guide
Uchigatana (Image credit:

In the game, the Uchigatana is one of the first katanas available. In comparison with other weapons of its type, it deals less damage, but the one wielding it does not take any damage. According to players’ preferences, they should also consider the Sharp, Mercury, and Crescent upgrades. In area 4-1, you can find the weapon after beating the Vanguard. You can also access the area by following the underground secret passage through an illusionary wall. In addition to dropping from Black Skeleton enemies, the Uchigatana is also available.

Demon’s Souls Weapons Guide: Falchion

Demon's Souls Weapons Guide
Falchion (Image credit:

The Falchion is one of the most powerful cured swords. The basic +10 may be quite effective, but you might want to try Tearing for even more bleed, or Mercury for a bleed-poison combo. Wanderer classes begin with a weapon, providing them with a significant edge. 

Grave Robber Blige, who will sell the weapon for 1,500 souls, may be relied on by other characters. In 4-1, players must first free Mary J. Blige, who is imprisoned. This is unlocked using a copper key discovered in the tower to the right of the first fog door. He’ll then go to 4-2 to sell his stuff.

Demon’s Souls Weapons Guide: Compound Longbow

Demon's Souls Weapons Guide
Compound Longbow (Image credit:

There are few ranged weapons as versatile as the Compound Longbow. If the bow is being used as an emergency weapon, players should consider the Sticky upgrade path, or straight base +10. The use of bows is often seen as a circumstantial weapon, but a full archery build can also be deadly. It is still advisable for players to have a backup ranged attack in case distance overpowers power in certain situations.

Demon’s Souls Weapons Guide: Kilij

Demon's Souls Weapons Guide
Kilij (Image credit:

Another excellent curved sword choice is the Kilij. It deals somewhat more damage than the Falchion and has a slightly longer strike motion. For its upgrading pathways, players should presumably select Tearing, Mercury, or Sharp. The Kilij may be located in Area 4-1, which is guarded by the Vanguard. 

After beating this boss, proceed to the slightly right side of the arena, where the weapon is located close to a well. Another method is to face the Golden Skeleton adversary right outside the boss fight, albeit it may be rather powerful and does not always drop the Kilij when defeated.

Demon’s Souls Weapons Guide: Estoc

Demon's Souls Weapons Guide
Estoc (Image credit:

The Estoc is a lethal piercing thrusting weapon. It may deal considerably more damage when used for backstabs or riposte counters, making it an excellent choice for players that favor accuracy over overwhelming force. If choosing the critical route, consider the Fatal upgrade path, as Sharp offers superior base damage and scaling.

Players need to go to area 3-1 to obtain the true weapon. Go all the way to the first floor and search for a corpse wearing Fluted Armor and wielding a Kite Shield. Destroy the neighboring coffins to reveal a secret route. This will take you to a location where the Estoc is housed within a chest.

Demon’s Souls Weapons Guide: Dragon Bone Smasher

Demon's Souls Weapons Guide
Dragon Bone Smasher (Image credit:

There are only a few swords that are as hulking as the Dragon Bone Smasher. Consequently, shields, catalysts, talismans, and off-hand weapons will not be possible to use. Although this weapon lacks defensive ability or versatility, the sheer power should make up for it. Despite having some extra fire resistance, it is only a straight base +5 upgrade path. 

Only during Pure White Tendency may you find the Dragon Bone Smasher. Start at the start and head straight forward until you come across a crystal lizard. If you turn left from here, you’ll find the sword within a short distance.

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