We have brought you the Dark Souls 3 guide. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, this guide will surely help you. 

Dark Souls 3 has undoubtedly been played the most by players all around the world of all the games made by the famed developer FromSoftware. This is because the third game in the series is the series’ climactic conclusion, complete with properly world-shattering mythology disclosures, a large arsenal of weaponry, a veritable library of spells, and the most spectacular boss encounters to date.

With so many distinct construction possibilities, there is the possibility for an unlimited amount of playthroughs, since each run will be diverse, unique, and tough in its way. It is ideal to explore, learn, and invent in whichever way one wishes to get the most out of one’s Dark Souls 3 experiences. 

Nothing is simple in the world of Dark Souls 3, and although exploring and experimenting will help you figure out the myriad mechanisms that create the game, it will also lead to many untimely deaths. Whether you’re a Dark Souls veteran or a beginner to the series, read on for helpful tips on how to get started in the latest installment.

Dark Souls 3 Guide: Souls

When you beat foes, they may occasionally drop Soul items, which you can utilize to obtain more Souls by activating them from your inventory. These vary from a meager 50 Souls from a Fading Soul or 200 Souls from a Deserted Corpse Soul to big objects providing thousands of Souls. Unlike Souls obtained by fighting opponents, these objects remain with you after death. So you can’t lose them until you activate them, so wait until you’re back at Firelink Shrine and ready to spend them before adding them to your Soul count.

You’ll get Boss Soul items from bosses after you start defeating them. Even though they will award many Souls. Instead, store them since you’ll be able to exchange them for rare boss weapons and equipment later.

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Do not fear dying

Dark Souls 3 Guide
Dark Souls 3 (Image credit: Steam)

In Dark Souls III, you will perish. Maybe it’s because you ran into something you weren’t expecting. It might be that your abilities aren’t up to grade. Other times, it’ll be because an opponent sneaked up behind you or his blade pierced a wall in an unexpected method. These things happen in Dark Souls, and they’re a part of the game. When you resurrect after a death, you begin at your last bonfire, which serves as a safe haven in Dark Souls. 

Consider these to be your home grounds, and each moves away from them as a stride into the unknown. You may immediately move between bonfires or replenish your health-restoring Estus Flasks if you return and rest, but bear in mind that most opponents you’ve slain will respawn anytime you do.

You will lose your souls if you die

When you locate a new campfire and go out to see what’s beyond it for the first time, you’re not necessarily aiming to make progress; instead, you’re trying to fill in the map in your brain and learn about what you’ll encounter. Yes, if you die, you lose all the souls you’ve earned through fighting foes, which serve as both cash and a method to improve your character’s stats. 

You will, however, always be able to gather more. Because there are an infinite amount of foes and souls, even if you drop them all and subsequently lose them after dying once, you may return to the same area and reclaim them; however, if you die again, the souls are lost permanently. However, you’ll be acquiring more in the near future. Don’t get too worked up over the defeat. Concentrate on what you can take away from the event.

Dark Souls 3 Guide: Estus

Dark Souls 3 Guide
Dark Souls 3 (Image credit: Steam)

Your character now gets two flasks that may be used for recovery for the first time in the Dark Souls series. The new Ashen Estus Flask recovers FP for special skills and spells, while the Estus Flask restores HP for your health. The Ashen Estus Flask may be located by the fountain immediately at the start of the game, and if you don’t pick it up, you won’t be able to recover. 

You won’t be able to improve either sort of flask, so make sure you have one on hand. Visit Blacksmith Andre once you’ve arrived at Firelink Shrine, and you’ll be offered the choice to Allot Estus. You can redistribute your total number of flask uses between Estus and Ashen Estus here, allowing you to tailor their distribution to your preferred play style. Bring any Estus Shards you discover on your travels to Andre and choose the Reinforce Estus Flask option to get extra flask usage.

Dark Souls 3 Guide: Healing

You may purchase a Talisman and the Heal Aid Miracle from the Shrine Handmaid at Firelink Shrine, then equip it using the Attune Spell option at any bonfire. To utilize the Talisman, you’ll need a minimum Faith level of 10, so collect the appropriate upgrades from the Fire Keeper to meet this requirement. 

Once you’ve satisfied all the requirements, you can equip the Talisman as a weapon and use it to restore a portion of your HP for the cost of FP. You should be able to use the Talisman at least three times before needing to replenish your FP, making it more effective at restoring HP than the Estus Flask – albeit not as easy to use during the fight! To acquire the most HP between bonfire rests, strike a balance between utilizing the Talisman and the Estus Flask.

Dark Souls 3 Guide: Rolling is very helpful

rolling helps
Dark Souls 3 (Image credit: Steam)

You may use the right stick to lock on to the adversary in front of you during the action, and flick the stick left and right to switch between adversaries if there are more than one. Try to combine this lock with sidesteps or rolls to get behind your opponent as they strike, then conduct a regular attack from behind to complete a backstab for significantly more damage. All adversaries have typical attack patterns, so wait and observe their movements to determine the optimal time to strike.

You have a brief period of invulnerability when doing a roll, so practice this skill in combat and improve your timing, since this is especially beneficial during boss fights. Remember that if your Weight Ratio is less than 70%, you’ll roll quicker and further. Any weapons equipped in the 1-3 slots of each hand count towards this weight, but goods held in your inventory do not. To lower this ratio, equip only the weapons you need right now. You’ll be considerably more maneuverable.

Surroundings can be helpful in combat

Surroundings in game
Dark Souls 3 (Image credit: Steam)

You’ll very certainly come up against adversaries far more strong than you are capable of dealing with, and engaging them in straight combat will almost always result in your untimely demise. In certain instances, you may occasionally utilize the surroundings to your advantage and avoid fighting entirely. Once you’ve grabbed the enemy’s attention, maintain a safe distance and lead them to the brink of a steep drop.

If they get close to the precipice, stand between them and it before attacking in your direction, then roll out of the way at the last moment. They would be doomed with a whack to the head if they haven’t already fallen. You may either claim the reward immediately after an enemy has died, or you may return to the area and search for the reward at the bonfire.

Dark Souls 3 Guide: Levelling up

It’s wonderful to improve your numbers. A little more Endurance can allow you to make a last-second dodge, while a health increase might allow you to resist an extra strike or two at a crucial time. But don’t brood over it. Level increases in Dark Souls III are rather gradual, so utilize levels to get the stats required to equip the gear you choose.

Keep in mind that the more you level up, the more expensive each successive level will be. For example, our Dark Souls III character is level 193, which means that level 194 takes 280,785 souls. Visit Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth in Cathedral of the Deep to “re-spec” or reallocate characteristics.

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