We brought you a Shenmue 3 Trophy Guide in detail so that you would not have to face trouble in unlocking them.

This trophy guide is divided into phases based on when you obtain the few story-related awards. You play normally until you achieve the next story-related trophy, then you pause and focus on certain subquests. What is a subquest? A subquest is when you go to a certain individual and accomplish a minor chore for them; they’re always extremely brief and simple to complete. 

Subquests are similar to missable trophies in that they may only be completed at specific moments in the game, and you must finish all subquests in one play to get the trophy Good Karma. Only a few subquests can be active at the same time. If you go too far in the plot, the previous subquests will be removed when the newer ones are unlocked.

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Shenmue 3 Trophy Guide: Stage 1: Bailu Village 

You will be situated in Shenhua’s hometown throughout the first stage of the game, gathering clues to assist in the search for her father. As you advance through the tale here, more villages will become open to you, and the entire town will be explorable by the conclusion.

There are several trophies you must earn in this stage, which will be unlocked in the following order:

  • Babysitter
  • Verdant Bridge’s Secret
  • Fat Cat 
  • Gon

Good Karma is the one trophy you must keep an eye on during this level (and throughout the game). This is required for finishing all subquests in a single game. Each subquest has a limited time frame in which it may be completed, making it easy to overlook them, thus keeping this trophy open in a separate tab.

Shenmue 3 Trophy Guide
Shenmue 3 (Image credit: Steam)

If you have any free time during the plot, it’s a good idea to work on these extra trophies (you don’t have to get them at this stage):

  • Extraordinary Angler (once you have unlocked the recommended fishing spot, which will happen as part of Bronze Good Karma).
  • Chopping Master (to earn money after fishing rentals are closed for the day).
  • Wild Wild Plant Hoarder (for something to do after fishing rentals close, once you have achieved the above trophy).

You may also want to spend some time practicing at Martial Hall to ensure that you are sufficiently leveled to continue through the plot bouts when they come. The precise level required will depend on the difficulty level you choose and your skill with the fighting mechanics.

Shenmue 3 Trophy Guide: Stage 1: Stage 2: Bailu Village 

This section discusses the trophies you must get and the acts you must complete to obtain later trophies before leaving Bailu Village. There is no way to return here once you leave (except via New Game +), so don’t go until you obtain all the trophies listed below. When you are ready to depart, you will be notified and asked to confirm your decision. Before you do anything, be sure you’ve completed all the steps below. First, ensure that you have acquired the following two trophies:

  • Wild Wild Plant Hoarder
  • Rumored Rodman

As much as possible, you should complete all Bailu subquests for Good Karma. If you have missed any subquests prior to this point, you will have to try this trophy again on a second playthrough if you have missed any.

In the Panda Market, proceed to Hi-Tech Land Panda. You can find information on which machines you need a high score on, as well as how to achieve these high scores, by visiting High-Score Master. To play this arcade, make sure you have all the required scores on each machine.

Bailu is the best place to spend most of your time when fishing for Angler Extraordinaire. Therefore, it is recommended that you catch all the fish for Niaowu now and leave 100-200 for Niaowu.

Finally, make sure you have the following goods, which will be required later on to gain Technique Master:

  • Magnification Glass (Prize Exchange, Panda Market)
  • Radio Red (Kong Mei Goods, Panda Market)

To unlock Scenic Point and Bailu Village, head to the bell tower after completing the previous steps.

Shenmue 3 Trophy Guide: Stage 3: Niaowu

Shenmue 3 Trophy Guide
Shenmue 3 (Image credit: Steam)

This part will focus on the beginning of the tale in Niaowu, before you have access to the majority of the town. For the time being, it is advised that you concentrate on plot advancement because you will not have access to the finest means for gaining money and other resources. The trophies you need to obtain in this level, like in Stage 1, are all unmissable and will unlock in the following order:

  • Dan
  • Inseparable

Keep Good Karma open in a separate tab so you don’t miss any of the subquests. You should also make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to get a rare skill book in Niaowu at this level, as it will be necessary for Gold Technique Master. Working one forklift shift for Hong Dejing in the Ferry Terminal is required, followed by a meeting with him to get the skill book. On the same day as the second subquest in Niaowu, this will be accessible. For further information, see Gold Technique Master.

Shenmue 3 Trophy Guide: Stage 4: Niaowu

Shenmue 3 Trophy Guide
Shenmue 3 (Image credit: Steam)

Once you’ve unlocked the main regions of Niaowu, you’ll have access to a much faster way to make money, ensuring that you’ll have enough for all the prizes that require it. You’ll need to go a little farther in the tale past the two trophies above until you reach Senary Road.

The first stage is to collect a big sum of money using the approach explained in City Magnate. The trophy is merely 10,000 yuan, but you’ll need 50,000 to unlock King of Gamblers. Because this approach will necessitate a huge amount of purchases, you should first unlock Regular Shopper (if you haven’t previously), Super Shopper, and Shopkeeper.

After you’ve unlocked all of the above, it’s a good idea to start collecting skill books. While you won’t be able to get them all at this time, you will have enough money to get a lot of them. This will assist you in leveling up and making tale battles simpler.

Shenmue 3 Trophy Guide: Stage 5: Niaowu

Now that you’ve accumulated enough money and skill books to help you level up, it’s time to return to the tale in Niaowu. The trophies you need to achieve in this level, like the ones in Stages 1 and 3, are all unmissable and will unlock in the following order:

  • Yi
  • VIP
  • Jie

As with the previous levels, keep Good Karma open in a separate tab to avoid missing any subquests. If you have time during this stage, it is advised that you practice in Wu Shen Hall (turn right out of the Niaowu Hotel) or work on the prizes in Stage 6.

Shenmue 3 Trophy Guide: Stage 6: Niaowu

Shenmue 3 (Image credit: Steam)

This section discusses the prizes you must obtain before proceeding to the Castle area. There is no way to return to the main town of Niaowu after you leave (except via New Game +), thus you should not leave until you have obtained all the trophies listed below. When you are ready to depart, you will be notified and asked to confirm your decision. Before you do anything, be sure you’ve completed all the steps below.

You will not be able to acquire the trophy at this level (unless you are playing New Game+ and have already gotten all capsule toys in the Castle region on a prior session). However, 29/30 capsule toy sets should be acquired at this point.

Those interested in obtaining DLC trophies will now have access to all the Story Quest DLC. It is advised that you either build a different save or take the time now to complete the Story Quest and Big Merry Cruise DLC trophies. Finally, make sure you’ve adequately leveled up your kung fu, and that you’ve loaded up on food and Snake Powers in preparation for the final confrontations.

It is important to note that after you confirm your readiness to go, you will be informed that the boat will be ready the next morning. As a result, you may want to leave a tiny bit of work to perform to cover the waiting period. If you want to do this, you must be careful to just allow enough time to finish what has to be done in the time available, since you will automatically move on the next morning.

Shenmue 3 Trophy Guide: Stage 7: Old Castle

This is the game’s last phase, and it’s quite simple and linear in advancement as you make your way through the Castle. There are several moments along the journey to the summit where you can no longer turn back. Keeping this in mind, you should complete the trophies in the following order:

  • Old Castle
  • Capsule Hero
  • Niaowu

After you’ve accomplished the above tasks, you should also get Shenmue Hero. If you find that you’ve missed any trophies, you’ll need to replay the tale on New Game+. This is because when you start New Game+, you have the option of starting from the beginning in Bailu or skipping right to Niaowu.

old castle
Shenmue 3 (Image credit: Steam)

Keep in mind

Good Karma is the most essential prize to watch out for in this game. This is for finishing all subquests and is very likely to be overlooked for three reasons. To begin, each subquest has a time restriction within which it may be performed, and it must be finished within that time frame. Second, unlike many other elements of the game, your progress on subquests does not transfer over to NG+. 

Third, you can fail subquests if you do not satisfy the necessary prerequisites or chat to the quest provider too frequently. For these reasons, it’s best to open this trophy in a separate tab and keep track of when the next subquest becomes available.

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