Pokimane reveals she ‘regrets streaming on Twitch’

Twitch star Pokimane has shockingly revealed that she regrets streaming on the Twitch platform.

Many people like Twitch broadcasting. Pokimane is one of these streamers. The Twitch star is a prominent female streamer on the Amazon-owned site. She has, however, said that her time as a Twitch streamer was one of her biggest regrets. Why is this the case?

Pokimane admitted in her most recent broadcast that she regrets becoming a Twitch influencer, adding, “I don’t know myself anymore.” Pokimane believes that streaming is costing her her youth and early 20s, as she hasn’t traveled much or explored as a normal 20-year-old should.

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Pokimane regrets streaming on Twitch

The strange thing is that she just woke up one day and got this overwhelming emotion. Pokimane grew up streaming and began when she was 17 years old. And she never gave herself permission to live a regular life. She regrets that at 25 years of age, she hadn’t accomplished anything she set out to do.

“You’re meant to discover yourself, the world, everything in your twenties, and I felt like I’d been stuck.” That sort of thing. “F**k, when am I going to get to live my life?”, Pokimane said. The Twitch community attempted to cheer up an obviously lost and depressed Pokimane, but she proceeded with her honest diatribe. She also informed her admirers of her plans to take more vacations and travel in the coming months.

Pokimane also claimed to have “lost contact with everything that made her feel wonderful.” When I glanced at my closet, I said, “Yuck!” and threw everything away. It was just like that for everything. I took a step back and had to decide where I wanted to be emotionally and psychologically. This is why I’ve been streaming less and doing more stuff with people, attempting to figure out who I am.

Pokimane on Twitch

Pokimane (Image credit: Pokimane on Twitch)

The star has been a staple of Twitch broadcasting in recent years, and she is the platform’s third-most viewed female content producer.

The 25-year-old sensation burst onto the scene in the mid-2010s and rose to prominence via broadcasting League of Legends and Fortnite. Her fame continued to climb on the purple platform as she approached 2020 when she solidified her future with a lucrative multi-year contract to remain solely on the website.

Her victories, however, are also Imane’s greatest regrets. According to the Twitch broadcaster, devoting the previous eight years of her life to her business has left her “confused” and unsure of who she truly is.

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