Are there fan created Pokemon moves? Which are the best Pokemon fan-made skills? Scroll down and find everything.

In Pokemon games, skills are important to win battles. Every Pokemon will be able to use umpteen moves for raids and PvP battles. Special moves grant an advantage to your Pokemon and will increase the chances of winning battles. There are more than 1000 moves for Pokemon including all generations and regions. Apart from these, there are numerous fan created Pokemon moves. Also, you can check out these canceled Pokemon games.

Some Pokemon moves have been actually inspired by fans and the rest have been scrapped just like unreleased designs. But over the years, fans keep sharing their moves on social media and these have been impressive. Here are the top 7 fan created Pokemon moves that will actually be better than the available moves.

7 Best Fan Created Pokemon Moves 

Fan created Pokemon moves

Be it fan made Pokemon designs, games, or moves, everything will be special. Here are some of the best fan created moves in Pokemon games,

  • Sediment Smack – This is one of the best fan created Pokemon moves that’s highly recommended for Rock, Bug and Steel Pokemon. Sediment Smack is a physical skill with great accuracy. Pokémon with this move can smack targets using a rocky palm.
  • Vertigo – Vertigo is a scrapped moveset for Psychic-type Pokemon. This special skill disturbs enemies with heavy attacks. Pokemon with the vertigo skill can confuse targets which will also make them lose their balance. Vertigo could have been the top-ranked skill for psychic units, but the skill never made its way to the game.
  • Enchanted Blade – This skill would have become the best move for fairy-type Pokemon. Enchanted Blade casts a spell on class and blade to attack enemies. Pokemon with the enchanted blade skill will never miss their attacks
  • Germinate – This is another top-tier skill that has been scrapped by the Pokemon makers. Germinate is a Grass-type physical moveset with excellent power and accuracy. Pokemon that uses Germinate can shoot sprout and destroy nearby targets
  • Heartburn – This moveset is ideal for fire-type Pokèmon as it boosts their moves and damage stats for a long time. Heartburn ability was welcomed by fans, but it couldn’t get a launch in the Pokemon franchise. Heartburn was added in some games as an event-exclusive skill and players were able to use its powers during special raids
  • Tainted Love – Poison-type Pokemon can use Tainted Love to infatuate the targets. It also poisons enemies and reduces their speed. Tainted Love would have been the primary moveset for Pokemon with poison element 
  • Burning Thunder – The Burning Thunder is an electric-type move found by a hard-core Pokemon fan. It’s a special move that unleashes electricity at a high temperature on targets. Burning Thunder also burns enemies for a short time.

These are the top 7 fan created moves and special skills for Pokemon games. All 7 Pokemon skills were launched by fans over the years. A hard-core Pokemon fan’s design, story and moves will be better than the original ones. In future, developers of Pokemon games might add moves that are designed by fans.


Will fan created Pokemon moves be launched in games?

Many skills in the Pokemon universe are actually inspired by creation of fans. The trend has changed and more fan-made moves in Pokemon games will be launched as well.

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