The Pokemon We Never Got: Scrapped Pokemon Designs

Which are the best Pokemon Scrapped designs? Will scrapped Pokemon characters be launched again? Scroll down and find everything.

Pokemon games have Pokemon inspired by anime, comics, and other games as well. The Pokédex in Pokemon has more than 1000 species and this is a remarkable achievement. Before a Pokemon game gets released, developers work on various factors like designs, features and locations. Designing Pokemon and incorporating them into games will be a challenging task. Though there are thousands of Pokemon, there are still some Pokemon that never made their way to games.

What’s surprising is some Pokemon didn’t launch because their designs were never approved. These Pokemon designs were scrapped even before the game’s launch and some were scrapped during development. Pokemon scrapped designs include Pokemon from all generations and regions. There are also many original Pokemon that never got launched in games. Here are all fan favorite Pokemon designs that were scrapped.

Top 7 Pokemon Scrapped Designs

The reasons for Pokemon designs getting will be surprising, fun, and strange. These Pokemon designs could have become fans’ favorite over the years, only if they were launched in games,


Pokemon Cactus

Cactus Pokemon design was inspired by plants and the makers designed it for generation 1 games. Furthermore, the Cactus resembles an ant with 4 cactus balls on its body. It’s also said that the cactus design was re-used for the Pokemon Cacturne.


Pikachu is fans’ favorite for decades. It has a couple of evolutionary forms as well. Gorochu was scrapped for a weird reason and this Pokemon was planned as an evolution for Raichu. As per Japanese media, Gorochu Pokemon design was unreleased due to limited cartridge space. A Pokemon getting scrapped for these types of reasons is strange.


The two-legged rotund Pokemon was designed as the pre-evolution form of Tangela, but was unreleased for some reasons. Monja is a mono type grass Pokemon and this vine Pokemon resembles an octopus. Monja would have become of the best Pokemon designs, if the Pokemon was added main games 


A beta version of Octillery was tested for Pokemon Gold and Silver. During the demo test, Octillery was launched as a water and steel type Pokemon. Octillery also had the original octopus design and fans are still waiting for its launch which will never happen. Even Beta Octillery 2 was discovered as an evolution form of Octillery during the day.


The sleepy cat type Pokemon was designed for Gen 1 and 2. Konya was a part of the Meowth family and it will sleep for 14 hours a day. The Gold and Silver demo trailer leaks featured Konya Pokemon, but it was never launched to the main game.


The story of Turban Pokemon might be a shocker. It was planned for a debut in Pokemon Gold and Silver. But the water type Pokemon never made to the Pokedex. Turban Pokemon design was actually based on Slowbro’s tail. Turban would have become a fan favorite original Pokemon, but makers had other ideas as its design never got approved.


Pokemon Scrapped designs
Pokemon Wolfman

Wolfman is another design that belongs to the lost Pokemon character designs list. Wolfman is an Ice-type Pokemon that has an evolution form at level 35 called the Warwolf. Sources say that the poor design of Wolfman was the actual reason for the Pokemon not making its debut.

These 7 unused Pokemon characters and designs would have made a huge impact and become a sensational release. Some of these scrapped Pokemon designs are actually liked by fans when compared to active Pokemon designs.


Are Scrapped Pokemon Designs still part of the games?

Pokemon character designs that were scrapped are either unused or remodeled into another character. Some unusued Pokemon designs have been designed with new forms and are added to Pokedex.

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