How to Play Ceruledge in Pokemon Unite? – New Pokemon Skills, Lanes & More

Pokemon Unite ceruledge is a mighty all-rounder. Find out the best moves and lanes for this new Pokemon.

Makers of Pokemon Unite announced the arrival of new Pokemon. After Miraidon and Falinks, the next Pokemon will be Ceruledge. In Pokemon Unite, there are not many great All-Rounders. Ceruledge will be a mighty All-Rounder with some destructive skills. With new gameplay features and Pokemon, the makers have surprised fans.

Ceruledge plays as a Melee unit and will be a top-tier Pokemon for all game modes. Pokemon Unite has many carries and ceruledge will join this list as well.Skills and playing style of Ceruledge have been revealed and players can utilize this beast once it’s fully released in the game. Here’s all about Pokemon Unite Ceruledge build, moves, lanes and more.

Pokemon Unite Ceruledge Build

Pokemon Unite ceruledge

Ceruledge has some insane skills and you can utilize the battle items to enhance its build. Here are the top moves for Ceruledge in Pokemon Unite,

  • Lava Plume – Targets that are hit by Lava Plume will receive increased damage and this will be active till the battle ends
  • Flame Charge – Dashes forward and throws fireballs and inflicts heavy damage
  • Phantom Force – Ceruledge becomes stronger and immune to all attacks. The Phantom Force doubles all attacks and makes your units stronger 
  • Psycho Cut – Slashes forward and hits targets. Opposing Pokemon hit by Psycho Cut will slow down 
  • Bitter Blade – Basic Attack will be boosted and the Pokemon deals damage in half circle

Best Held Items for Ceruledge in Pokemon Unite

  • Score Shield – With this move, Ceruledge can score goals as the targets will receive a shield for a short time. Score Shield also increases HP for the unit
  • Rocky Helmet – Ceruledge deals heavy damage and it will increase once the Pokemon is hit by an attack

Best Battle Items for Ceruledge in Pokemon Unite 

  • Goal-Getter – Ceruledge’s main weakness is poor scoring rate and this battle item doubles its scoring rate throughout the combat
  • Full Heal – Ceruledge becomes immune to attacks 
  • Slow Smoke – Releases smoke cloud effects and enemies will not be able to move

Pokemon Unite Ceruledge – Jungle, Gameplay Tips & More

Bitter Blade by Ceruledge
Bitter Blade by Ceruledge

Ceruledge is another all-rounder that can increase your chances of winning in ranked matches. Finding the best lane for every Pokemon is important. Before the match starts, you can swap the map path for your units. Ceruledge is an all-rounder and you can use it in both Jungle and Bottom Lanes. You can utilize Ceruledge as an attacker primarily.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite Ceruledge build, moves, jungle and battle items. With these jungler tips, you can dominate the mid lane in Pokemon Unite.


What’s the Release Date for Ceruledge?

Makers of Pokemon Unite are yet to confirm the release date for Ceruledge Pokemon. Ceruledge will make its debut in June or July 2024 and an official confirmation is awaited.

How to Get Pokemon Unite Battle Items?

You can unlock Battle Items by increasing trainer ranks. In Pokemon Unite, new battle items are unlocked as you increase trainer rank levels. Also, some battle items can be unlocked through special events in the game.

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