Is Venom Drench the best poison skill in Pokemon games? Can you use Venom Drench for boss raids? Find out everything.

To win challenges in Pokemon games, you have to use the best moves and battle items. The Pokedex has 1000s of Pokemon and every pokemon can use a plethora of movesets. Just like Pokemon, these movesets have different elements. A poison moveset is highly recommended in raids. Venom Drench is one of the best poison-type moves in the Pokemon franchise.

Venom Drench has been available since launch of Generation 6 Pokemon games. This poison-type moveset grants multiple buffs and will be ideal for ranked battles. Venom Drench is a move and it can also be used as a status effect on targets. A poision type skill is effective against offensive units in the game. Here’s all about Pokemon Venom Drench moveset and its uses.

Pokemon Venom Drench Skill – Everything You Need to Know


Muk in battle

Venom Drench is available in Sword and Shield and other Pokemon games as well. This poison-type skill can be used by poison Pokemon and other units as well. Here’s how the skill works,

  • Once you use the Venom Drench, the targets will be drenched in poisonous liquid. The poison effects will drain the opposing Pokemon’s speed and make them vulnerable 
  • The move will also reduce the Attack, Sp. Atk, and Movement Speed of Pokemon that are poisoned

Venom Drench grants these powers to your units. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the move can’t be used again if it’s forgotten. But the move will be available in other Pokemon games.

How to Get Venom Drench Skill in Pokemon Games?

In Pokemon games, trainers can unlock movesets by leveling up their Pokemon. Also, you can learn them through evolution and technical records. Venom Drench is available to Pokemon at different levels and it can be unlocked through the TR method as well.

Which Pokemon can use Venom Drench?

A Poison-type Pokemon primarily uses the Venom Drench skill. The move can be used by Ground, Fire and Water type Pokemon as well. Ariados and Muk are the two strongest units to use Venom Drench. Dual-type Pokemon like Salandit and Nihilego also use this ability. 

Is Venom Drench good for Raids?

Yes, the Venom Drench skill is ideal for raids, PvP battles and ranked leagues in Pokemon games. Venom Drench affects the target pokemon slowly and reduces their main stats and this will be an advantage for your units. It grants multiple buffs to your Pokemon and is highly recommended for every raid.

That’s everything you need to know about Venom Drench Pokemon. These best Pokemon with their abilities will help you dominate the meta.


Why Venom Drench is a good skill?

Venom Drench is a poison-type move that also grants a couple of buffs to your units and this makes it one of the best skills. It will reduce stats of opposing Pokemon and makes them vulnerable for a short time.

What’s the Strategy to Win Pokemon Boss Raids?

Using a legendary Pokemon is important. Also, you have to utilize the strongest skills and battle items for Pokemon. Hidden abilities can be used as well. Pokemon with high stats and CP will be a great pick to defeat bosses in raids. You have to counter the opposing Pokemon with elements that they are vulnerable to to get an advantage.

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