7 Canceled Pokemon Games You Never Knew About

Are there any canceled Pokemon games? Why were Pokemon games shelved? Find out everything.

The Pokemon franchise is one of the highest grossing video games of all-time. With more than 100 games, Pokemon has been the favorite for kids and youngsters. In the Pokemon series, you can find action, adventure, RPG and card-battler games. With unique features and thousands of Pokemon, the franchise has ruled the gaming industry.

Some Pokemon games are inspired by anime and some are designed based on real-life locations and events. Though there were hundreds of Pokemon games, some games were shelved. Not only games, some Pokemon designs were scrapped and still they are favorite for fans. Many Pokemon games are yet to release as they have been unreleased for years due to some reasons. Here are 7 Pokemon games that were canceled.

7 Canceled Pokemon Games 

Plenty of Pokemon games have been canceled since the anime launched. But these 7 Pokemon games would have created history by making record sales on platforms.

Canceled Pokemon Games

Pokemon Pink

Pokemon Pink would have been one of the best releases in the 1990s, but the game was canceled as similar games like Pokemon Red, Green, Blue and Yellow were released. The makers of Pokemon Pink wanted the game to be a companion to Yellow. But they dropped the plan and focused on Pokemon Silver and White games.

Pokemon Picross 

Pokemon Picross from GBC was planned as a puzzle-based game. Pokemon Picross had an initial release date in 1997 and the makers couldn’t release the game because of personal reasons. Pokemon Picross had more than 200 puzzles and all Gen 1 Pokemon were connected to a puzzle. The goal in this nenogram puzzle game is to use hammer and chisel and unravel the solution by punching all squares in each grid.

Pokemon Stars

The hype for Pokemon Stars was phenomenal, but the game was canceled even without an official confirmation. Pokemon Stars was planned as a remastered version of Pokemon Sun and Moon. In Pokemon Stars, Lilie is set for another adventure in Alola to save Lusamine from Ultra Beasts.

Meowth’s Party

A musical Pokemon game that only had a tech demo version was never released. In Meowth’s Party, Meowth along with James and Jessie will perform, sing and groove to musical tunes. The dance between Meowth and other Pokémon were praised highly by critics who saw it. Meowth with his Guitar was loved by all sets of fans. Meowth is an iconic character in the Pokemon anime series and a part of Team Rocket. In Meowth’s Party, the ending theme song is inspired from the anime.

Pokemon Pinball DS

Though there are many Pokemon games based on Pinball, the Pinball DS would have been an incredible game. Pokemon Pinball DS would have been inspired by Pearl and Silver. Pokemon Pinball DS was planned for a release in 2006, but it was shelved. The reason for Pokemon Pinball DS being unreleased is still a mystery.

Pokemon Z

Pokemon Z is another costly miss for the makers. Since the release of Pokemon X and Y, the Z version had a great buzz and hype, but the makers didn’t work on the same. Pokemon Z was planned as a 3D game with upgraded features and Pokemon from Generation 6. In Pokemon Z, there were many Pocket Monsters including both Wild and Legendary.

Pokemon Grey

Pokemon Grey or Pokemon Gray was planned as a sequel to Pokémon Black and White. But, Game Freak had dropped the plans and launched Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 games as the planned concept was not ideal for Pokemon Gray. Pokémon Gray/Grey was focused on Gen 5 units.


Will Canceled Pokemon Games Release?

Some unreleased Pokemon games will be released, but canceled games will not be launched as features and content of these shelved games are added to other Pokemon games.

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