Here is the list of the top 10 Twitch Streamers of 2021. While aspiring gamers and entertainers battle for the title of most popular Twitch star, established celebrities have already amassed millions of followers.

You don’t have to become an esports pro to make money playing video games. Streaming and creating content are now rivaling the monopoly that television stations have over distributing content. They have evolved in ways no one could have imagined. Along with YouTube and other streaming services, Twitch is a leading source of online media consumption.

The streaming market has continued to grow rapidly in 2021. Particularly with the increasing competition from YouTube and Facebook Gaming. Livestream content continues to be the most popular on Twitch. As soon as they hit the “go live” button, streamers with millions of followers usually attract tens of thousands of viewers. Some streamers have been around for decades and others are just getting started.

Though Twitch is home to a plethora of channels, some stand out for the quality of their content and the number of viewers they attract. You may make some money through streaming if these two elements are in place. The figures are compelling enough to persuade anyone to give it a try.

Here is the list of Top 10 Twitch Streamers of 2021

10. HasanAbi 

HasanAbi (Image credit: Hasanabi Twitter)

HasanAbi began his career in online media with The Young Turks and has always been focused on making a difference with his thoughts. His Pop-Crunch series was essential in the channel’s success, and he moved to streaming in 2018.

Hasan is most well-known for his political commentary broadcasts, in which he expresses his thoughts on current events. During the 2020 presidential election, his Twitch feed outperformed major news sites, which is unheard of for a Twitch stream. He frequently teams up with other well-known broadcasters to play games he likes. HasanAbi is said to have made moreover $2,810,480 from Twitch in the last two years, and he may surely climb the ranks in 2021 if he continues up to his current pace.

9. TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman (Image credit: TimTheTatman Instagram)

You need certain personality traits to become a successful Twitch streamer. To have a successful career, you need to entertain the masses as well as be good at the game you choose. Some players attempt to achieve this, but TimTheTatman is gifted at backing himself into corners in nearly every game he plays.

Despite him being a regular on the platform for quite a while, he had a spectacular year in 2020. Fall Guys’ release skyrocketed the streamer’s popularity, and not being able to win the platform-based battle royale made him an internet icon.

Tim’s lockout from the World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion was another painful moment in 2020, but he made an estimated $3,290,133 by broadcasting on Twitch. Tim just departed Twitch for YouTube Gaming, therefore he may not be included in future lists of the best Twitch streams.


top streamers
NICKMERCS (image credit: NICKMERCS Instagram)

Since the beginning of Call of Duty and Fortnite, Nick “NICKMERCS‘” Kolcheff has been a household name in the gaming community. Despite having a decent-sized following coming over from YouTube, Nick has consistently streamed for over four years.

In December 2020, he was the second-most subscribed channel on Twitch with his fun-to-watch squad matches and high-quality gameplay. Twitch has generated $1,373,397 of its total earnings in the past three years. The growth of Nick’s channel is largely due to his subscriber base in addition to all the donations he receives during his streams.

7. AuronPlay

top  streamers
AuronPlay (Image credit: AuronPlay Instagram)

AuronPlay, who started as a YouTuber, has made streaming a habit in late 2019. Before starting to stream, the Spanish content producer already had a following of his own, since he mostly concentrated on hilarious commentary videos in which he reacted to other popular videos.

His Twitch games of choice allow him to showcase his humorous ability to the fullest, and the numbers prove that whatever he’s doing is working. Auron’s most popular games to broadcast are GTA V, Minecraft, and Among Us, with an average of 82,333 viewers when he plays one of these games. In 2020, Auron allegedly made $3,053,341 through Twitch, with advertisements accounting for half of his earnings.

This indicates that, despite having over 8,000 monthly members, it was his massive audience base that did the most of the heavy lifting in terms of his overall revenues in 2019. Given that the majority of viewers employ ad-blocking software, Auron is one of the more unusual entries on our list, generating more than $600,000.

6. Shroud

Twitch streamers
Shroud (Image credit: Shroud Instagram)

Former pro player Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek developed a reputation as the ‘human aimbot’ after earning a name for himself with his insane aim in CS:GO and subsequently PUBG. Shortly after Ninja, he moved to Mixer, but he has now returned to his own site, where he has grown a significant following.

Playing so many games was beneficial since it attracted new viewers who were just interested in one title. It’s also one of the ways he’s managed to maintain his popularity. He reached a significant milestone in early 2019. On Twitch, he had amassed a following of over 100,000 people.

5. Ludwig

top 10 Twitch streamers
Ludwig (Image credit: Ludwig Instagram

Ludwig has been a well-known figure in the Super Smash Bros. community for some time, but his popularity grew as he became Twitch’s most subscribed Livestream. He was able to keep his status for 51 days, making history in the process.

When it came to his salary at the end of the year, becoming the most subscribed channel on the network undoubtedly helped. In comparison to the other names on the list, Ludwig is likely to owe the majority of his revenues to his subscriber base, whilst others may have depended more on advertisements. Ludwig has made roughly $3,290,777 in the last two years. Ludwig is always in the top twitch streamers list, but he moved to YouTube recently, so he might not appear on the list next year.

4. Pokimane

Top 10 Twitch
Pokimane (Image credit: Pokimane Instagram)

Pokimane is by far the most popular female streamer, and she serves as a role model for many others. Streaming a variety of games is something she does on Offline TV. Her main focus is League of Legends, which she began with before going on to Fortnite. Pokimane was the most popular female Twitch streamer in 2020.

Because of her account’s popularity on Twitch, she was named Best Twitch Streamer of the Year by the Shorty Awards in 2017. According to the Shorty Awards, she became famous for gaming and commentating on League of Legends, a popular video game. She is the only girl in the top twitch streamers list.

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3. Tfue

Top Twitch streamer
Tfue (Image credit: Tfue Instagram)

Tfue is one of the most well-known battle royale gamers. Though Tfue’s adventure began with Fortnite, he has also dabbled with other games such as Warzone. However, his meteoric ascension to become one of Twitch’s most popular streams was no fluke. When it comes to shooter and battle royale games, he’s a natural, and fans appreciate seeing skilled players.

Tfue’s competitive gaming adventure even got him to the Fortnite World Cup, but after the tournament in 2019, he shifted his concentration to broadcasting. Given how competitive Fortnite can be at the highest levels, broadcasting may provide a more consistent source of cash for participants. Tfue made $5,295,582 on Twitch in the previous three years via a combination of subs, ad money, and cheers.

2. xQcOW

top 10 Twitch streamers
xQc (Image credit: xQc Twitch)

Ninja and Shroud’s departure from Twitch left the top spot up for grabs on the platform. Since his days as a professional Overwatch player, XQcOW has been streaming on Twitch since 2017.

The rise of Among Us and the release of Fall Guys gave xQc’s stream the boost it needed, bringing his average viewership up from 20,000 to more than 50,000. He has earned $8,454,427 off the platform in the last three years, making him the most subscribed channel on the platform.

1. Ninja

top 10 Twitch streamers
Ninja (Image credit: Ninja Instagram)

Ninja, like Tfue, is no longer committed to Fortnite, but it was the game that propelled him to previously unheard-of levels of Twitch fame. He’s a former Halo pro who now plays a number of large games and has recaptured his status as Twitch’s most popular streamer.

Despite his channel’s statistics plummeting, he has nearly doubled second place and has recently crossed the 17 million follower threshold, so it doesn’t appear he’ll be losing it very soon. When he went to Mixer, he abandoned his exclusive agreement with Twitch but returned once the platform was defunct.

While he continues to lead in terms of popularity and followers, streamer Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Aghren has surpassed Ninja’s record of 269,154 subs at one time. His overall viewership may have decreased in 2021, but he still leads the pack in terms of followers by a wide margin. He is still among the top twitch streamers of this year.

So that was our top 10 Twitch streamers of 2021.

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