Botez Sisters defending Slavery has put them in a bad situation.

Alexandra and Andrea Botez, Twitch stars, have been criticized online for supposedly “defending slavery” in Dubai during a recent Q&A session.

The Botez sisters, called Twitch’s “chess queens,” are presently on a world tour, competing against players from all over the world. The two sisters first traveled to Paris, then to England, and last to Norway. Their Twitch Q&A session just wrapped up in Dubai, where the Botez sisters are currently. In Dubai, foreign workers are forced into sub-human conditions by means of what is known as “modern slavery.” The sisters have been accused of defending that system.

Who are the Botez Sisters?

Botez Sisters defending Slavery
Botez Sisters (Image credit: Alexandra Botez Instagram)

As chess has grown in popularity on Twitch, so has the popularity of some of the game’s more charismatic professional players, such as sisters Alexandra and Andrea Botez, who have joined esports group Envy as content makers.

Alexandra and Andrea are hilarious, entertaining, and complete chess savages. The Botez sisters feel like real individuals who only want to help the chess community expand, despite the fact that the chess community has been chastised for its snobbish gatekeeping against casuals. Alexandra, the oldest of the two, is just 25 years old but is already a formidable force in the chess world. With the Woman FIDE Master title and countless titles to her credit dating back to her stint with the National Canadian Team as a 15-year-old.

Botez Sisters defending Slavery

When the Botez sisters were questioned about their thoughts on the hostility that surrounds Dubai in developed nations, they were in the middle of a Q&A session. Due to the presence of around 250,000 migrant laborers who, according to the WHO, are forced to live in inhumane conditions under rigid contract requirements, Dubai has come under fire.

The video was posted on the popular Reddit forum “LivestreamFail,” but it was shortly removed. Because of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar, the reality of modern-day slavery has gotten a lot of attention. Alexandra Botez answered in a highly divisive manner, despite the fact that the sisters did not endorse slavery in general. Instead, they charged developed nations with blaming Dubai over issues that had previously occurred in their own countries.

Botez Sisters defending Slavery: What did they reply?

Alexandra Botez stated that they are now in Dubai and would not be saying anything specific about the nation. The only thing that irritates her is when individuals from the first world or developed countries slam poor countries for doing things that those rich countries did as well. According to her, it’s just a little bit of stupidity. “That’s not to mean we agree with it,” she said.

As a result, Alexandra Botez only spoke out against people from first-world countries who condemn underdeveloped countries, as the footage also implies. Slavery was abolished in the United States in 1865, thus it is not a recent occurrence that people do not have the right to speak out against. So, while Alexandra Botez made some plainly tone-deaf remarks, she did not endorse slavery per see.

Check their reply here.

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