Ludwig banned on YouTube just after switching from Twitch

Ludwig Ahgren’s Livestream was banned only a few days after he shifted to only broadcasting on YouTube, according to him.

It felt like a great triumph for both Ludwig and YouTube when prominent streamer Ludwig Ahgren revealed that he had acquired an exclusive agreement with YouTube and would be shifting his immensely popular streams over to the site. However, only a few days after Ludwig made the switch, the collaboration is already having issues since Ludwig’s YouTube account has been suspended.

Why was Ludwig banned on YouTube?

Ludwig’s YouTube account was banned just 72 hours after he joined. Ludwig’s account was suspended in the middle of his broadcast on Dec. 2. His account is still accessible, but he can no longer go live as a result of the ban. Ludwig joked about his suspension on Twitter, writing “you could say the switch has been going well” over an image of his stream being down.

At the time of Ludwig’s suspension, more than 20,000 people were watching, and he saw more than 600,000 viewers during his first stream. His YouTube channel has already gained more than two million subscribers. Ludwig watched YouTube videos and commented on them, and he interacted with the comments his viewers left for him during the time of his suspension.

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Ludwig’s account was suspended due to “policy violations”. However, the particular violations were first unclear. Many fans believe Ludwig broke YouTube’s DMCA regulations by playing multiple Cocomelon and Pinkfong videos, including the extremely popular “Baby Shark.” The copyright holder is protected by DMCA laws from having their content presented in a place that is not under their control.

Ludwig banned
Ludwig (Credit: Official Instagram of Ludwig)

Ludwig’s Response

Ludwig has responded to this idea by stating that this is exactly why he was banned.

“I was prohibited from streaming after only two days on YouTube,” he added. “I was trying to find the top fifty finest old YouTube videos when it happened.” I ended up listening to a few seconds of ‘Baby Shark’ along the way, which I won’t dare to listen to ever again.” “In four years on Twitch, I never got banned,” he concluded.

Ludwig didn’t say when his ban will expire, but it appears that he’ll have to be much more cautious about the sorts of content he distributes in his streams in the future.

Ludwig will have to alter the sorts of films he creates to suit the regulations of his new platform. His partnership with YouTube may have sounded like a profitable plan when he first started, but he will have to adjust the types of videos he makes to match the laws of his new platform. Ludwig won’t be banned indefinitely, but his videos may have to change in the future due to this early restriction.

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