Following the public breakup of streamers and former power couple Mizkif and his GF, Maya Higa, there is more turmoil in the Twitch community.

Several of YouTube and Twitch’s biggest creators have romantic or platonic relationships. These connections lead to lucrative and enjoyable collaborations that benefit both fans and producers. Relationships between creators, however, may occasionally lead to disagreements that transcend various channels. 

One of the most recent confrontations on Twitch involves Maya and Mizkif, two prominent members of the streaming network who dated for a few years. A disagreement over Emiru, a third streamer, is testing their new status as friends even though Twitch generates money for animal charities. 

Mizkif is a more typical Twitch broadcaster that broadcasts a wide range of material and frequently interacts with fellow members of One True King Network, a gaming organization created by Mizkif, Asmongold, and other prominent Twitch personalities. Maya expressed her dissatisfaction with Mizkif’s new tight connection with Emiru, which she mistook for Mizkif wanting to replace her following the couple’s separation.

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Mizkif GF History

Mizkif GF
Mizkif (Image Credit: Official Instagram of Mizkif)

In August 2019, Mizkif and his GF, Maya confirmed their relationship in a YouTube video. The couple began dating sometime in the summer of 2019. As soon as Maya and Mizkif began streaming together on Twitch, their dynamic captured viewers’ attention and many YouTube compilations of their charming moments together appeared. After it seemed like the relationship would last, Mizkif announced their breakup on Twitter in September 2021. Despite some hard feelings, the Twitch streamers simply decided to part ways, and a major Twitch relationship came to a peaceful conclusion.

A few months later, when Emiru moved into Mizkif’s content house, a League of Legends streamer with half a million followers and a reputation for sharp cosplay, things began to change. Similar to OfflineTV, One True King has its own content creators house. Moving in with One True King Network made sense considering Emiru was a collaborator. Maya feels that she is compared to Emiru as a result of Mizkif and Emiru moving in together, so she publicly expressed her concern about the new relationship.

Maya said she felt Mizkif was replacing her during a Twitch stream with other content creators. Her hobbies, personality, and Asian heritage have many similarities to those of Emiru. As a result, many Twitch members expressed their displeasure with the move of Emiru and Mizkif to OTK. In turn, Mizkif has criticized other Twitch streamers for commenting on his private relationship with Maya, causing the conversation to become broader in scope about how online communities react to personal conflict.

What caused Mizkif and his GF Maya to break up?

Mizkif GF
Maya Higa (Image credit: Official Instagram of Maya Higa)

During a Twitlonger post on Mizkif’s Twitter page on September 15th, Mizkif and Maya revealed the breakup was mutual. In their post, the couple said that they had mutually decided that this was the best thing for them in their current lives. Furthermore, they claimed that recent events, cheating, or drama did not influence their decision.

They stated that they were supporting one another at this difficult time. They asked their supporters to do the same for them. The Twitch stars also took a break from streaming for a few weeks to contemplate what had happened and take care of themselves.

Mizkif criticizes QTCinderella for causing a stir

Mizkif criticized QTCinderella for talking about Emiru going into the OTK home and describing the decision as “f**ked up” in what appeared to be a highly ironic occurrence. He said that her moving into the house signified nothing and that QT’s decision to speak about it was ridiculous.


Maya has now informed her followers that she wants Emiru to be happy at OTK’s content home and that she doesn’t want anybody else to be upset as a result of her own sentiments. Meanwhile, Mizkif has informed his audience that he and Maya have no grudges against each other. Mizkif and Maya appear to have put their differences aside, which may help the surrounding drama come to a close, but the drama is a complex beast. 

Other Twitch broadcasters may continue to dispute Mizkif and Maya’s condition, whether Mizkif and Maya want it or not. The whole ordeal serves as a useful reminder that living in the spotlight is complicated not only by spectators but also by other artists.

This was all about the Mizkif GF Drama.

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