Twitch Star Amouranth just bought a 7-11 store worth $10 million

Amouranth, a Twitch star, just bought a 7-11 store for $10 million. At least a quarter of the action now belongs to her.

Amouranth’s ascent to stardom as a cosplayer turned Twitch broadcaster and developer of material has netted her a lot, and she’s been putting her money into several businesses to boost her earnings.

She stated she acquired a petrol station earlier in November and aggressively battled back against accounts that attempted to persuade her the purchase was merely a “dream.” Following that, she devised a plan with fellow streamer Ludwig to make her adult toy. Amouranth made her greatest purchase to date, a 7-11 store, after revealing her retirement intentions. Earlier this month, she bought a Circle K gas station, her first gas station purchase. A variety of gas stations now make up Amouranth’s portfolio. According to her tweet, she now owns about one-fourth of a 7-Eleven.

Twitch star Amouranth bought 7-11 for $10 million

One of the most well-known corner businesses in the world is 7-11. Siragusa now has a piece of the action, at least a quarter of it.

The Instagram beauty disclosed her purchase in a social media post, boasting about how large the property was, how close it was to a major highway, and how much money it was making. Because it’s a syndicate, I only own about a fifth of it! She said, Huge site, adjacent to a major highway and the downtown metro region!

As for why she did it, it’s all about the money. To make matters crazier, she’s teasing not only that hefty purchase but also a major car-themed announcement, pointing out how other influencers have been buying super automobiles.

No one buys a petrol station to appear elegant or flex, she added, unlike a Vineyard or a sports team, the latter of which has shown to be a fantastic investment in the long run. A gas station selection is purely based on figures. Amouranth stated Slurpees were on her bill to celebrate, but it’s unlikely you can just stroll into any 7-Eleven and put it on her bill. Still, this was a significant buy, and we can only speculate on her future plans.

Amouranth teases a purchase of OTK

To add to the intrigue, Amouranth joked about maybe purchasing the content development firm One True King in the future. While it’s probable she was joking, considering her popularity and wealth, anything is conceivable, especially if the Twitch sensation continues to develop at such a rapid pace.

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