Halo Infinite Campaign Guide – Top 10 Tips and Tricks

Our Halo Infinite Campaign Guide will assist you in better understanding the game. We’ve included the tips and techniques in this guide for your convenience.

The Halo Infinite campaign has finally arrived, and word on the street is that it’s really darn fantastic. This is 343 Industries’ most ambitious Halo game to date. It incorporates many of the old characteristics that gamers have come to like, while still including enough new features to make the gameplay seem fresh. We have a Halo Infinite Campaign Guide to help you get the most out of your time in the Halo Infinite campaign, whether it’s your first time as the Master Chief or not. Below is a guide with all the tips and tricks to help you.

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Halo Infinite Campaign Guide for Grappleshot

The Grappleshot enhances Halo’s fighting style of weapons, grenades, and melee magnificently, whether you call it the Holy Trinity or the Golden Triangle. The tool, which is one of the Master Chief’s new pieces of gear, can fire a grappling hook that may be utilized to grab onto an adversary and reel him in for some close battle. 

You may also utilize it to get out of dangerous situations by hiding behind cover or climbing a cliff away from the enemy’s sights. Weapons on the ground or in the air can also be picked up and equipped right away.

Halo Infinite Campaign Guide
Halo Infinite Campaign (Image credit: Steam)


In Halo Infinite, you should spend your Spartan Cores on it first. Don’t worry about gaining the initial shield buff – the extra 15% won’t help you much straight away. The initial upgrade gives it an electrical charge, which it may use to stun adversaries. So, even if you’re not entirely prepared for a close encounter, you may still cause some havoc before retreating. The Grappleshot’s second improvement cuts the recharge time in half, making it significantly more useful.

Halo Infinite Campaign Guide for Grenades

There are four different types of grenades in Halo Infinite. Three of them have previously appeared in Halo, but there is one that is brand new. As previously stated, grenades are an important aspect of Halo warfare. It’s an art to master them, therefore here are some pointers for when you start your Halo Infinite adventure.

halo infinite (Image credit: Steam)

Frag Grenade

The M9 frag grenade is a classic frag grenade. In Halo, you usually start with a few frag grenades in your inventory. They’re ideal for destroying smaller foes like Jackals while also softening up some bigger lads in the campaign. While using the grenades, take advantage of your surroundings, as they can rebound easily. 

You may bounce them off walls to get them around corners, or you can hurl them at an angle off the ground, so they land square in your target’s face. They may also be bounced up and downstairs and on-ramps. Have fun with it.

Plasma Grenade

The plasma grenade isn’t the most powerful weapon, but it has its uses. They cling to most foes and only bounce off of Jackal shields. This is an excellent technique to do a lot of damage, but stay away from them when they go off. Plasma grenades, on the other hand, aren’t like M9s; they’ll bounce around like a three-day-old water balloon. Use these to push foes out of cover, as they will dive away before the impending explosion.

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Spike Grenade

The spike grenade, which is a cross between a frag and a plasma grenade, can adhere to foes and is an art to use. The difference in stickiness between it and the plasma grenades is because it is coated in spikes. They may be used to stick to adversaries, walls, ceilings, and floors. They send a burst of white-hot spikes that ricochet for a brief period after they detonate. These are splendid for cleaning up tiny spaces.

Dynamo Grenade

In Halo Infinite, the Dynamo grenade has quickly become one of my favorites. It emits an electrical charge when thrown, startling anything in its path. Grunts are bursting like popcorn as a result of the devastation. These, on the other hand, are most effective against protected opponents. Most opponents will try to avoid grenades by diving. The Dynamo, on the other hand, is unconcerned. 

The Dynamo couldn’t care less. Its electrical arcs inflict damage over time, causing foes to be injured even before they attempt to flee. However, it is most effective against foes who have shields, such as Elites and higher-ranking Brutes. Their shields will be short-circuited by the dynamo, stunning them and preventing them from moving. They’re also capable of immobilizing cars.

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Halo Infinite Campaign Guide for weapons to use on vehicles?

Halo Infinite Campaign Guide
Halo Infinite (Image credit: Steam)

Vehicles in Halo Infinite are difficult to control, but here are some helpful hints. Electrical weapons like the Disrupter, Dynamo grenade, and Shock Rifle may cripple vehicles for long enough to grapple on them. Other weapons, on the other hand, may take out any unwanted Ghost or Banshee. 

The SPNKr rocket launcher is a no-brainer, but you must trust your aim. The Hydra, which carries six rockets and can latch onto vehicles, is also an option. You might also wish to bring a Skewer, a new weapon in the game. The Skewer, I assume, is a sniper rifle among the Brutes. It can shred most cars by firing a spear from a vast distance.

Halo Infinite Campaign Guide for Recruiting Marines

In Halo Infinite, the UNSC’s proud infantry has returned, and they’re eager to fight alongside you. After retaking a FOB, you will be given a small team of marines that will fight with you in fights. There are two methods to gain their attention: stand close to them until they notice you, or ping the ground near them. A little blue circle will appear above their heads after they’ve joined the Chief. Get aboard a vehicle like a Warthog or Razorback and blast the horn if you want them to ride along with you. They’re going to get the message.

Use an Assault Rifle in a medium-range situation

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite (Image credit: Steam)

More of a headshot rifle than an assault weapon. With global zoom and a medium-range, you can obtain a lot of headshots. If you like rocket launchers, though, go for a direct strike. When opposed to other games, splash/area damage won’t be especially useful in this one.

Frag grenades don’t detonate right away

The M9 traditional frag grenade will not just explode on impact. You may make use of this feature by bouncing it off of walls, stairwells, and ramps. And, if you make the most use of your surroundings, you’ll be able to take out numerous foes at once.

Missions from the Campaign Story are not re-playable

This suggestion might also be viewed as a warning. That’s because the narrative mode has several items, such as Spartan Cores and Audio Logs. However, after completing specific objectives, certain regions become inaccessible. As a result, once you start moving forward, there is no going back. So be careful to gather whatever you can if you believe it may be useful later on in the game.

Keep an eye out for snipers

By checking for glints in the distance, you can tell if a sniper is on your tail. When hunting for snipers, the hue of the glint is crucial. It will assist you in determining the weapon with which they will assault you. Shock rifles are blue, skewers are yellow, and stalker rifles are dark red. If you’re in a car and notice a yellow or blue shine, you should get out of there right away. Skewers can destroy your car, and shock rifles can disable it.

A right weapon with a Grappleshot

Using the Grappleshot to zip up to an unprepared enemy is fun, but not so much if you’re not prepared. A double-edged sword awaits those who try to get close to their enemies in this manner. Although you can do a great deal of damage with melee, your enemy can do the same. If you intend to break social distance rules, make sure you have a close-quarters weapon at your disposal. Any uncomfortably close argument can be ended by a Bulldog shotgun, Energy Sword, or Gravity Hammer.

The difficulty cannot be changed mid-game

If you believe the game is becoming too easy or too challenging and wish to modify the difficulty, it is OK. However, in Campaign mode, you are unable to do so while in-game. You may, however, modify the difficulty by exiting the game. Instead of continuing, go to the main menu and choose to load the game. Here you can change the difficulty level.

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