Which Legend you choose is determined by your skill level and other factors. Here are the Top 5 Characters in Apex Legends Season 12.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games, with new characters and material added on a regular basis. The eleventh season, which included Ash from Titanfall 2 as a new character, is now complete, and the twelfth season, “Defiance”, is in the works. Now that the game’s twelfth season is approaching, there has been a lot of advertising for Apex Legends. In the season 12 premiere teaser, the Mad Maggie Legend was teased.

Season 12 of Apex Legends begins on February 8. The third year of Apex Legends was a transformative one. Along with new weapons and characters, Arenas were introduced. The team at Respawn isn’t easygoing for Year 4, as they have added a bunch of new content to Season 12. A brand-new LTM called “Control” will also be added to Apex Legends Season 12. Apex Legends Season 12 will finally bring the rumored team-based mode that has been rumored since Arenas.

Below are the top 5 characters in Apex Legends season 12 Defiance that you should have an eye on.

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Top 5 Characters in Apex Legends: Mad Maggie

Top 5 Characters in Apex Legends
Mad Maggie (Image credit: Apex Legends)

Many would want to try this legend. Mad Maggie becomes a playable character in Apex Legends Season 12. Her specialty is playing aggressively. She is a close-range fighter similar to Octane and Revenant, whose abilities allow her to push enemy squads and engage them in combat. Maggie is the second playable character with a special ability that makes her especially proficient with specific weapons in Apex Legends. Holding a shotgun increases Maggie’s speed when she is running.

Considering her kit revolves so heavily around speed and relentless pursuit of enemies, Mad Maggie appears to be similar to Octane. If you’re trying to hunt down players in close quarters, Maggie’s passive ability can be incredibly useful. She can finish them off before they can revive their teammates or collect their banner.

The tactical ability of Maggie makes her a valuable member of the squad as she can drill through Gibraltar’s shields. Gibraltar’s shield can now be balanced in this way without being nerfed to death. Lastly, she has a weak Ultimate Ability that essentially acts as a giant grenade that releases speed-boosting pads.

Top 5 Characters in Apex Legends: Wraith

Top 5 Characters in Apex Legends
Wraith (Image credit: Apex Legends)

A perk of playing Apex Legends is that the interdimensional skirmisher Wraith looks really cool and is arguably one of its most popular characters. Despite her small hitbox, Wraith has incredibly valuable mobility skills. Wraith’s toolkit allows her to engage in aggressive plays while also providing easy ways to disengage if necessary.

Into the Void is one of her tactical abilities, and it makes you invulnerable to damage while leaving a bright trail behind. Activating this skill takes a second, and if used without caution won’t get you very far. Instead of escaping using Into the Void, it is better to engage in combat and get yourself in a good position to deal with the situation.

Dimensional Rift, your portal ability, is one of the greatest in the game. It provides a bunch of strategic options. It may be used to resurrect a fallen comrade, equip up a freshly resurrected teammate, or flee for upcoming fights while shooting them. While Wraith is difficult, she is suggested for novices since her toolkit enables various getaways when you are in a bad situation.

Top 5 Characters in Apex Legends: Bloodhound

Top 5 Characters in Apex Legends
Bloodhound (Image credit: Apex Legends)

Despite consistently being one of the most popular legends in Apex, Bloodhound continues to hold a high pick rate. You can see if nearby enemies have passed through in the last 90 seconds using their passive ability. You and your squad mates will see all enemies and traps within a 125 degree cone when you activate Eye of the Allfather when you identify a building suspected of harboring hostiles. Having activated it, you will also inform your squad mates of your findings.

Activating Beast of the Hunt speeds up your movement and gives you a red focus on your target, so you can see them through smoke and gas. You extend Beast of the Hunt’s duration for up to fifteen seconds after killing an enemy. 

Bloodhound is not different from all the best predators when it comes to slipping out by using their ultimate to run. Bloodhound, being a Recon character, can also use survey beacons to locate the next ring, since they are a Recon character. You can see that Bloodhound has become a formidable character thanks to a series of buffs.

Top 5 Characters in Apex Legends: Gibraltar

Gibraltar (Image credit: Apex Legends)

Over the past few seasons, Gibraltar’s play rate has decreased slightly, despite his longstanding popularity in Apex Legends. However, he is one of the most popular esports picks for Apex Legends teams. Gibraltar can soak up bullets quite literally. In addition to his Gun Shield, he also has a Dome of Protection that has the ability to block bullets from himself and his teammates. With Fortified, he is able to take 15% less damage than normal legends.

In addition, when your healing process is still underway or you are waiting for a care package to arrive, his Defensive Bombardment can buy you a little time by discouraging any teams from trying to push you. Considering Wraith is currently the most popular game in the game, having a bubble to cover a portal or jump pad can make ranked play much more interesting. 

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Top 5 Characters in Apex Legends: Valkyrie

Valkyrie (Image credit: Apex Legends)

Valkyrie was nerfed after only one week because Respawn was well aware that she may be an issue when she was released in Season 9. While Apex Legends has a variety of heroes with outstanding traversal skills, only Valkyrie has the ability to fly over the map. 

Valkyrie is in a class of her own since she has the capacity to gain access to regions that are shut off to the rest of the world. To get the most out of Valkyrie, players must have a thorough awareness of each map in order to detect possible possibilities.

It might be the best passive ability in the game to have VTOL Jets. While hovering in the air, you cannot fire weapons or throw grenades, and you have a seven-second flight limit. When you use this ability as an additional jump, or to reveal distant enemies briefly, these limitations aren’t a problem. When used to flank enemies, VTOL jets can be deadly.

In Valkyrie’s ultimate ability, she and her teammates can redeploy to a new location. If your squad is short on resources or hasn’t found a lot of game-changing loot on the ground, it is a godsend to have the option to jet off to a completely different spot. You can escape dangerous situations with Skyward Dive even if your squad has little hope of surviving.

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