Are legendary poison Pokemon stronger? How many poison-type legendary species are available in the Pokedex? Scroll down and find everything.

The Pokemon universe has thousands of Pokemon in different elements. A Pokemon’s story and history can be surprising and shocking. Be it the facts of Goodra or the history of Umbreon, these propel us to play Pokemon games. There are many legendary Pokemon in each type. But finding a poison-type legendary Pokemon is very rare. The poison-type Pokemon can stun targets with their moves and win battles easily.

The legendary Poison Pokemon are considered Ultra Beasts as they arrive from Ultra Space via Ultra Worms. As of now, there are only 4 Legendary Poison Pokemon in the Pokedex. These poison type Pokemon are stronger than the regular Pokemon. Here are the top 4 powerful Poison legendary Pokemon.

Top 4 Legendary Poison Pokemon

Poison legendary Pokemon
Pokemon Nihilego


Nihilego, the Ultra Beast looks like a jellyfish and resembles a humanoid. Pokemon Nihilego has tentacles all over its body. The parasite Pokémon has powers of Rock and Poison elements. Nihilego is a gen 7 Pokemon and is known by its code word UB-01 Symbiont.  Nihilego is not a powerful attacker and its defense is not great as well. But the Pokemon excels in Sp. Atk and Sp. Def with high speed. With the Beast Boost skill, you can double the stats for Nihilego whenever it knocks out any targets.


Naganadel is another ultra beast that first appeared in the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Pokemon Naganadel is a good pick for PvP raids and it evolves from Poipole. Naganadel holds litres of poison liquid and spits them on targets to negate their attacks. Acid and Dragon Pulse are the best moves for Naganadel. These skills of Naganadel deal extra damage and reduce the defense for opposing Pokemon.


The appearance of Eternatus is uncanny as this Poison and Dragon Pokemon looks strange with its appearance. Eternatus is one of the best Poison type Pokemon. The legendary creature uses the core on its chest to absorb energy from the galar region. The draconic alien uses the Pressure skill during the battle. Eternatus is a gigantic Pokemon and an all-rounder that can be used in ranged battles.


Poipole is a normal poison type ultra beast from the Generation 7. Poipole’s heads contain poisonous venom and it just sprays on opponents whenever they land near the Pokemon. Poipole is a defender and has the special talent to understand a human’s speech. The Venoshock skill can be used to double the damage after applying poison effects on targets. Venom Drench is another skill that’s used to slow down an enemy’s attack and speed by one stage after poisoning them.


Does Legendary Pokemon Evolve?

Yes, legendary Pokemon can evolve just like the normal creatures. These Pokemon also have multiple evolutions.

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