6 Best Lumbering Pals in Palworld

Do you want to find the top-tier pals with Lumbering skills in Palworld? Pals with the Lumbering skill boost the wood production rate. 

Palworld is an open-world monster-taming adventure. A unique survival game where players travel with Pals and craft resources to survive on the Palpagos island. In Palworld, players have to utilize the technology tree feature to unlock new resources and equipment. To manage bases, you have to recruit pals and progress in the campaign.

At higher rank levels, you can unlock more resources from the tech tree. Every Pal has different roles as these creatures have different work suitability as well. Some Pals can be used at ranches, some work in fire camps and some are good for transportation. Lumbering is another essential job and pals with this work suitability can be used at the logging site to craft wood. Here’s all about Palworld Lumbering and the best pals for this job.

Palworld Lumbering Pals

Palworld Lumbering Pals
Wumpo pal

Pals with Lumbering skill can increase the production rate at the logging site. Wood is a primary resource in Palworld and you have to utilize these pals to chop down trees and generate wood. Here are 6 best pals in Palworld with the Lumbering skills,


This Ice-type Pal is an ideal option for Lumbering. Wumpo will be effective in mid and last stages of the game. In Palworld, players can catch Wumpo in Wildlife Sanctuary 2. Wumpo can be ridden and this pal is also well-suited for transportation, cooling and handiwork. With multiple skills, Wumpo is an ideal pick for Lumbering and other works in bases.


The advantage of Necromus Pal is it can manage Lumbering and Mining at the same time. Necromus is a Dark-type pal with the level 2 Lumbering skill. To catch a Necromus, you also have to defeat Paladius. Necromus is a mount pal that boosts your jump rate while mounted.


The Grass and Dragon Pal spawns near the Rayne Syndicate Tower. Dinossom is one of the best starting pals for Lumbering. This Pal is also good for Plantation and other works in bases. Dinossom is not aggressive and you can tame it with a melee weapon.


Warsect is a top-tier unit. Players can find Warsect wandering in the Wildlife Sanctuary 2 and Goblin’s Turf. Warsect is a Ground and Grass Pal and can craft wood and other structures. Apart from Lumbering, the Pal is skilful in transportation, handiwork and planting.


Bushi is one of the strongest Pals. It’s the top-rated pal for Lumbering. Bushi is a fire-type pal and it also grants the kindling skill. Players can utilize Bushi for Gathering, Handiwork and Transporting. Bushi spawns regularly in the southeast of the Bamboo forest.


The Bipedal tiger looks menacing. After taming one, you can use it at the base for Lumbering, Cooling and Handiwork. With the level 2 Lumbering, this Ice-type Pal will be a strong addition to your party. Cryolinx is found near the Genetic Research Tower and also in areas where mountains are located.

These are the best pals with the Lumbering skills. Also, you can complete the evil boss raid against the Bellanoir Libero Pal. The upcoming Palworld Dating Simulator game trailer has been revealed,


Can Pals with Lumbering Skill Manage other Jobs?

Yes, pals in Palworld have two or more work suitability. Some Pals can manage both Lumbering and Kindling at the same time.

What’s the Use of Lumbering in Palworld?

To craft wood and manage other works at the logging site, you have to recruit Pals with the Lumbering skill.

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