The Secret Scizor Buff You Need to Dominate in Pokémon Unite

There is a secret buff with Pokémon Unite Scizor that will help you to dominate the battles. Find out what it is and how it works.

In the world of Pokémon games, Pokémon Unite continues to surprise players with its deep strategy depth and changing gameplay. There are a lot of Pokémon to choose from, but Scizor has recently become more popular because it has a new ability. Scizor fans are now ready to take over the stage like never before thanks to a small but important change.

Pokémon Unite Scizor Secret

In the world of Pokémon Unite, items have a big effect on how well a Pokémon fights. One of these items, the Muscle Band, has had a small change that has shocked everyone in the community. Before, the Muscle Band’s extra damage effect would only happen once during a regular attack or enhanced attack. With the most recent change, Pokémon that have multiple hits or increased strikes have been moved into groups that count toward single-hit item procs.

This change gives some Pokémon, especially those with fast strikes or powers that hit more than once, a lot of new options. For example, Pokémon Unite Scizor Technician now counts as two hits, and Pokémon with stronger moves, like Buzzwole and Rapid Strike Style Urshifu, can use the Muscle Band effect more than once. The effect is used three times in Azumarill’s Play Rough, which makes it even stronger.

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The Removal of Internal Cooldown

The removal of the internal slowdown for Muscle Band is one of the most important changes that came with the buff. This change not only makes fast-attacking Pokémon like Cinderace, Razor Leaf Decidueye, and Dragapult more powerful, but it also changes the meta landscape. However, not all Pokémon gain equally from this change. For example, Charizard is weakened by the change’s side effects, which weren’t meant to happen.

Understanding Muscle Band Mechanics

To fully understand how powerful the Muscle Band is, you need to look into how it works. Muscle Band damage is based on the target’s full HP minus their missing HP, while Garchomp’s auto strikes work the other way around based on missing HP. Because of this, Muscle Band is very strong against targets with high health; it does bursts of damage that get weaker as the target’s health drops.

Here is a list of the charm charges and area-of-effect (AOE) procs for each move:

Pokémon Unite Scizor MoveCharm ChargeAOE Proc
Auto Attack9Yes
Double Hit Auto18Yes

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Pokémon Attacks and Muscle Band Bonus Damage

PokémonAttack TypeNumber of HitsMuscle Band Bonus Damage Activation
CharizardNormal Attack1Once
Urshifu (Rapid Style)Boosted Attack1Twice
Scyther/ScizorTechnician (2 hits)2Twice
BuzzwoleBoosted Attack1Twice
AzumarillPlay RoughN/AThrice

Deciphering Bonus Damage

To use the Muscle Band to its fullest ability with Pokémon Unite Scizor, you need to fully understand how its extra damage is calculated. Trainers have found out interesting things about how this powerful item works by putting it through a lot of tests.

Machamp with a level 30 Muscle Band was matched up against four different Pokémon. This was done in a controlled setting to figure out how to calculate extra damage. The results showed some interesting things:

  • Consistency in bonus damage across Pokémon with identical HP and Defense stats suggested a hidden variable influencing the bonus damage.
  • Discrepancies in bonus damage output between Pokémon with similar HP but differing Defense stats shed light on the impact of Defense on bonus damage calculations.

The Defense Stat Conundrum

Trainers have carefully studied and found that the extra damage from the Muscle Band is closely connected to the Defense stat. It works in a way that is opposite to what you might expect. As a result, Pokémon with better Defense stats will take less bonus damage. Pokémon with lower Defense numbers will fully gain from the Muscle Band’s power.

Muscle Band Damage Test Results

Test ScenarioExpected DamageActual Damage (High Defense)Actual Damage (Low Defense)
Identical HP & Defense Stats (Level 15)~155101101
Identical HP, Different Defense Stats~189120175

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Trainers must be flexible and open to the small details of game changes as Pokémon Unite continues to change. With its modest but important effects, the Pokémon Unite Scizor buff marks the start of a new age of strategic depth and tactical creativity.

Get ready to give Pokémon Unite Scizor its full power and use the Muscle Band to its fullest. Take over the fight with skill and ability, and your name will go down in Pokémon Unite history. Evolution is a natural part of the world of Pokémon, which is always getting some nerfs and buffs

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